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  1. Ok after shutting off the UAC I got past the configuring phase but now nothing.. I'm at mame 121, I compiled it myself omitting the ok screens but nothing runs.. Anyone have any suggestions? Whish the author would chime in here, how about releasing the source or updating it. Need help, just write!
  2. ok I've tried everything even copying the .scr to my desktop and running as administrator I still have a crash when generating the list. My request is can someone please post their list? What format is it in? Hopefully another text files that I can then manually create and run. TIA.. Joe
  3. I'm running 120b3 and when I attempt to generate a list the program crashes with a "not working" message. I also check the config.ini in the system32 directory and it does not get my saved changes. Where is the real file stored?
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