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  1. Permanently set 3 screens

    Yeah I still have a dual power up, due to my mobo having the power efficiency mode, and i can't turn it off. The mobo keeps just enough power to not trigger the smart strip. I have a 5.1 sound system in my cab so the remote does come in handy for maint issues.
  2. Permanently set 3 screens

    Ewww that sounds ugly man.... That's always a rule of thumb when building a cab, is buy a tv the remembers the last power state on shut down, so your smart strip works to synchronize your PC with your screens at power up, as long as the tv's are on at power-up windows will remember what TV was set to which via the port. You can easily test this by turning on the tv, unplugging, and then plugging back in. Also instead of hacking your TV up, one of these would of worked just as well. coupled with one of these I have the eye mounted nicely in the cab, and can control my sound system, backglass, playfield and 3rd screen monitors. Every blue moon, the TV's lose power state, all i have to do is point to the eye and turn them all back on. This is also my volume control without having to open up the coin door. Get you one of these too if you can...pc plugs into blue, and tv's into green, red is for always on peripherals. Once the pc is turned on it turns on all devices plugged into green and when pc shuts down it powers down all devices plugged into green. You would just have to set your bios to ensure the PC is totally shutting down and not set to power saving idle state. One momentary switch wired to power on your mobo and now you have a one button all on solution.
  3. PBFX 3 No Internet Nag Screen

    Hello All, For those that play PBFX3 offline, there has been enough complaint to get the "Your not connected to the internet" nag screen toggled as an on off option pushed to the developers. Hopefully they can implement this soon, to streamline the offline table launches for PBFX3.
  4. [RESOLVED] Taskbar

    no worries, Ha says you, sounds like your just getting started with tables, walking back and forth to your cab will get old really quick Glad you got everything sorted.
  5. [RESOLVED] Taskbar

    that will probably be dirt slow.....get the neutrik pass thru so you don't have to take your cab apart just to transfer files. Look into a repeater, the AMplifi system works really well. The module plugs into an outlet, and repeats your signal from your home.
  6. [RESOLVED] Taskbar

    um install a neutrik pass thru man. Or If you have a network in your house, why not add a wifi card to you cab and access via the network with shared folders from your house PC?
  7. [RESOLVED] Taskbar

    You're right man, i see what your saying now, you wanted to know the specific app.....
  8. [RESOLVED] Taskbar

    He did here, although not sure why he needs it, no issues with TB on Win10
  9. [RESOLVED] Taskbar

    Im an autohotkey guy.... Download autohotkey. create a text file, put this in the txt file. ui +AlwaysOnTop -Caption +ToolWindow -border Gui Color, 0 Gui, Show, % "w" 6000 " h" 3000, Black Screen Sleep 16000 GUI Destroy exitapp save it, change the extension to .ahk, then right click and you will see compile script....this will create your .exe set this as a launch before in your pbx settings, this is what i use for VPX. The sleep command is how long you want the black screen to show, 16000 = 16 secs, you can adjust this based on how fast your tables load.
  10. total newb

    you might want to start with the individual emulators first, PBX is just the front end that launches the emulators cleanly. You must first get the tables to run outside of PBX before you use PBX to launch the tables. Install future pinball and VPX for starters, then get the table to launch first.
  11. [RESOLVED] Taskbar

    sounds like a focus issue, you could use script to black out the screen until the table loads, i use it for VPX as i rotate the table prior to game play. Does this happen on all emulators or one in particular, what OS are you using and what version of VPX are you on. Also, when asking for help, please post your PBX config file and your PBX log.
  12. PinballX Manager - Online Download

    it matches by the name, maybe remove (williams 1991) in the game manager and see if you get more matches.
  13. PinballX stopped working when exit

    The leds worked, he was just getting the error on exiting pbx. @Slashbot make sure you check and see if you have any other programs running in the background that you trully dont need. I used to get errors but it was due to a program i had running in the background once i removed the errror went away.
  14. PinballX stopped working when exit

    is this your first time installing DOF? can you run a table with DOF outside of PBX with no issues at exit of the table. whats in here? C:\Pinballx\scripts\Start PinballX.exe
  15. 9in pc monitor

    nice, i mainly went the model i posted due to the controls being in the front , so there was no need to take the screen apart to re-route. Good lookin screen though.