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  1. Pinballfx3 this launches twice

    I'm assuming your running this with no internet connection. Last I heard Zen was going to look into an update to where it only looks for an internet connetion once and then you can opt out. Also it has been recommended that PBX should be run using the steam version. Also how are you exiting the game, with the PBX exit button or are you doing it through the FX 3 options.
  2. Next version

    Nice @Tom Speirs startup sound works now, i think you updated it to where it only plays when a table sound is not available so they both don't overlap...cool beans good to have this back
  3. Next version

    Startup sound get fixed in 2.62 i can test that
  4. Startup Sound Just Quit Playing

    any update on this one @Tom Speirs
  5. Pinballx stops in the middle of game

    well first post your ini and log Files, not the contents. 2nd, does the game quit outside of PBX. Sometimes if it quits and goes back to the menu, something is wrong with setup of the table. Play the game outside of PBX and see if it quits on you.
  6. [ RESOLVED ] earn some cash?

    @Outhere Just look up Zeb's boards, i got my shaker and gear motor setup from him, works good. @simbamame +1 on Doflinx advice. You gotta read the documentation and use the forums, DOFLINX is not a setup and done software, it will take tweaks and timing scripts in some cases to get it to work with certain tables, especially with FP, FX3 is fairly easy unless you get into PUP and DMDEXT. For now as suggested just get it setup and understand what you did to set it up, you will need to know to maintain it as DOFLINX and other 3rd party softwares change often.
  7. [ RESOLVED ] earn some cash?

    I'm running the nonUSB relay, 16 channel. @simbamame do you have an ledwiz or pacled64?
  8. [ RESOLVED ] earn some cash?

    This ^ You definately need to point dof to your table xml that the tool generated. You only need the shaker one on port. We need to see your hardware setup. In my case, the led wiz controls the sainsmart relay, which triggers my solenoids shaker etc. Your not doing anything fancy. Per zebs site, he gives you a pre-cofigured DOF files to use, have you tried to use those and then point your DOF config setup to those files. @Outhere, I thought the cabinet file was for addressable leds only, as that sets up the the led lengths etc.
  9. [ RESOLVED ] earn some cash?

    ok start with vpx first fx2 2 and future pinball are for doflinx which is a whole different setup. Post screen shots of everything you have setup here. Also, Zeb also supplies you with a pre-configured DOF file suite, is this what your using?
  10. [ RESOLVED ] earn some cash?

    First off what table are you trying to use it with and are you sure it has shaker code in the table. Also post the 4 config files here.
  11. [ RESOLVED ] earn some cash?

    describe your setup, are you using a sainsmart relay module and an led wiz for your controls? also you need to create an account here. http://configtool.vpuniverse.com/login.php
  12. [ RESOLVED ] earn some cash?

    doflinx isn't needed for visual pinball, it was built for future pinball and fx2 and 3. You just need to configure the DOF config tool and down load the files to your DOF setup. This is all dependent on your setup and whay your using to trigger solenoids etc. You might try reading the forums over at vpforums and get free help before you pay someone. Also Zeb is also pretty helpful himself. I will tell you up front all you need to know to get it working is in the forums, go to the DOF threads and ask some questions. That's what i did anyway. You will have to get a general understanding of how this stuff works if somebody remotes in and just sets you up, you wont have a clue how to maintain it, and with DOF, DOFLINX, PUP, ETC, it gets even more involved.
  13. Topper Videos do not work for FX3 Tables

    Change your settings in FX3 from fullscreen to borderless windowed.
  14. "Allow game launch?" Steam Issue Starting Tables offline Pinball FX3

    Also looks like you have a VPCAB man, i think Brad had a few customized settings specifically for his cabs. You might go back to him and see what he's done in regards to updating your VPCAB. That's why some of your settings look really odd. You definately need to increase your load time for FX3 per @Outhere Also try running borderless window especially if you are running animated backglasses and make sure you have the hide backglass unchecked for each game in your game manager. [PinballFX3] Enabled=True WorkingPath=C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Pinball FX3 Executable=Pinball FX3.exe LaunchBeforeEnabled=True LaunchBeforeWorkingPath=C:\PinballX Parameters=-applaunch 442120 "-table_[TABLEFILE]" LaunchBeforeWaitForExit=False LaunchBeforeHideWindow=True Process=Pinball FX3.exe WaitFor=20 That looks all wrong, you need to point to Steam Setup it up like and you shouldn't have any issues with it loading the table correctly
  15. Why are you still on VP9? Have you looked into the vp10 converted versions of these games? This sounds like a focus issue more than anything. You might try a AHK script that will simulate a mouse click for your vp9 tables. Also try different versions of the table and see if it does the same. When i had a table did not show i just searched for a different version and used the one that worked with PBX.