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  1. do you have a dmdext taskkill file launching at table close> if not make a bat or ahk file and add that to your launch at close for fx3, dmdext has an issue closing completely out, force closing it might solve your probblem.
  2. rablack97

    DMD & FX3

    This has always been an issue when adding dmdext to a front end. The process doesn't close out, and when you reopen it again, NADA. just add this to a txt taskkill /F /IM dmdext.exe and change the extension to .bat use that file as your launch after...you can do the same with autohotkey, which is what i used i even added a slight pause then ran the taskill command again, to ensure it was closed out. If you want to avoid FX3 breaking your setup, just back up your fx3 folder in steam, or make the folder read only.
  3. Yeah man these guys do this in their spare time for the community. Regardless of how we feel we have to be respectful to their efforts, we've lost some great devs to other pieces of software in this hobby due to complaining and misuse of their gift. Tom listens and makes changes that make sense for his software. If he put everyone's changes in no way anyone could keep up with it all. I can honestly say I've used every function in PBX , I cannot say the same about popper there is so much you can do with it, and half of it I probably won't use. However you will spend more time in configuration and creating themes wheels and wheel bars making videos etc vs actually playing the tables. Both are fun to do....some folks want an easy way to play all their tables some folks want to ability to build the front end around the tables. Options and evolution of the hobby is what we as users need to help preserve so it will continue to grow.
  4. You have to understand the diferences between popper and PBX. Tom has done a great job of keeping the software user friendly, a good looking front end that is easy to setup. He's also done a great job of controlling certain functionalities to avoid bloat. Both have pros and cons. PBX is for the folks that want a predefined front end that works. It's not fair to compare the two as the intent was to give users options for front ends not to compete. Bashing someones software that you are getting for free, and have not spent one second developing is not cool. Maybe offer code, offer valid suggestions without the bashing. I use both and both have features the other does not have. So it's a users choice. I also have both running all emulators no issues Popper is for users that want ultimate flexibility and there is a learning curve, database and SQL knowledge is required if you want to take advantage of all of the features. So if you want to spend more time playing and have a nice front end PBX is the way to go. If you want to spent more time enhancing the bling around the emulators popper is an option. Be courteous to the devs without them we would have nothing...make a suggestion then make a choice based on your application. No one is forcing you to use either or.
  5. Starter tutorial for hiding windows 10 http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,153529.0.html
  6. post one of your videos that your trying to import.
  7. By chance what foler are you putting your videos in Also for fx2 and fx3 if you want videos to play during gameplay you have to be in borderless window mode in fx2/fx3 I don't use the topper folder / function at all. Game manager In vpx, go to backglass and hit s to bring up the settings make sure dmd is visible, place your videos in the DMD VIDEOS folder. see if that works.
  8. just a check that sometimes gets missed. are you using videos during table selection? Also if you want to see which is the culprit try rolling back the PBX versions until the issue stops or try a still image and see if that shows consistently. It could be your codecs or the video files your using for the DMD videos.
  9. did you unblock the dll's?
  10. I think the recommended setting for cabs is desktop programs.
  11. What version of windows are you on? Place it on your desktop and click it and remove the (1). If that doesn't work import it as suggested. here is the link. https://support.displaylink.com/knowledgebase/articles/736116-windows-display-properties-identify-numbers-are Try this file, might of been due to this line being missing Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 Monitor Persistence.reg
  12. The issue is your screen registry settings are hosed Monitor Persistence.reg use this file to clear your monitor registry settings, shutdown, unplug all monitors, plug in your playfield reboot, set that as your default screen, shutdown, plug in backglass, reboot, positiion that screen, next to playfied, shutdown , plug in 3rd screen reboot, position that next to back glass monitor. Once you do that you should be able to assign your screens correctly in your pbx settings manager.
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