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  1. Yep, that (full screen windowed) seems to work fine. Thanks!
  2. I have 2 versions of MAME set up, one using Gameex's built in MAME support (which works well) and th other one using RocketLauncher (as a 'regular' Emulator). This is the one that uses D3D HLSL and has the issue when starting after the Video- Attract Mode (or at least, that's my understanding of the matter..;) No such problems when launched through RocketLauncher UI (or other Frontends). Thanks for the quick Reply! GameEx.ini log.txt
  3. I have the same problem, sadly the attached version did not fix it on my setup. Thanks for looking at it though!
  4. Having a key / button assignable to directly launch the jukebox and start playing music (without having to scroll through the menus) would be fantastic..!
  5. biric

    gameex jukobox start button

    Yes, of course. But I'm looking for a way to * not use the menus *. Just a button to start playing music from the main screen (after boot up).
  6. biric

    gameex jukobox start button

    Thanks for your Reply. I'm actually not sure if I get you right, but why would I add an internal 'part' of gameex as an 'emulator selection'? Is there even a seperate jukebox player executable? can this even be done? Would one not expect the keyboard input `Play/Pause Music' to launch the jukebox? When reading the frontend- commands aloud via LEDBlinky ('speak and blink gameex controls'- option) it actually says 'start or stop jukebox' for this keycode. So, for the customary report: not quite the success I was looking for yet. But again, thanks very much for your Reply.
  7. biric

    gameex jukobox start button

    Hi, everybody I am using gameex vor several years now and really like it. I have been able solve practically all my issues so far. That said, there’s one remaining: For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to start the jukebox with a button on my control panel. All other jukebox controls are fine once I started the jukebox in the menu (including play/stop). Also, if I configure gameex to start playing music after startup it does so as expected. I just don’t want it to pay music every time it starts. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance
  8. biric

    Gameex/LEDBlinky- Preview Issue

    hi there i seem to have troubles setting top my gameex/ledblinky system. i managed to get it working almost perfectly, but now i'm stuck at 'almost' which kind of drives me crazy. problem is the 'preview layout / control panel' function: it works perfectly on MAME games but not so on other systems (like commodore amiga / c64..): whenever i select a game it shows the correct led colors for the corresponding control panel and then reverts to the color- scheme of the frontend as intended. however, selecting non- MAME games previews all led's as 'off'. starting the game *will correctly load the default layout for that emulator*, so gameex seems to send the correct game/system info to ledblinky when starting a game, but not when previewing it. so, to me, it looks more like a gameex- issue than a ledblinky one, which is the reason why i post here. any help would be greatly appreciated. my system: windows 7 on a 'bootcamped' mac mini, gameex/ledblinky in their newest versions, a control panel with a howler arcade controller (which by the way works perfectly for me but is the reason why i can't use gameex's led- plugin as -in my understanding- it does not support that controller).