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  1. I just updated an old simulator, and made it compatible with arcade cabinets! www.madrigaldesign.it/sim/ Enjoy!
  2. some feedback by mame-cabinet owners would be great for me. games can be operated through: - splash screen: arrows up/down or mouse wheel (to select sound driver); "1" or enter or space to start game; "esc" to exit - game: "1"=Game A; "2"=Game B; 3="time"; 5="ACL"; F1="about the author"; F4="manual browser"; left/right/control etc. to play game - "about the author": "esc" to exit - "manual browser": left/right to browse pages; "esc" to exit Please someone tell me some feedback
  3. Hello, New release (39th game): - "Sleep Walker" (VTech, 1981, Time & Fun series) version "S4/1.00 final" Updates: - "Parachute" (Nintendo, 1981, Wide Screen series) version "S4/1.01 MAME cabinets compatible" - "Mickey Mouse" (Nintendo, 1984, Panorama Screen series) version "S4/1.01 MAME cabinets compatible" - "Caccia al Ladro/Heathcliff" (VTech, 1982, Mini Time & Fun series) version "S3/1.02 manual added" All the games marked "Standard 4" are now 100% compatible with MAME cabinets. They can be fully operated with keyboard and do not require mouse anymore. Diagonals-based-controlled games (controlled by keys Q/A/P/L) can now also be played with arrow keys (up+left, up+right, etc...) All games at: www.madrigaldesign.it/sim/ Thanks :-)
  4. This is very kind of you, thanks! But at this moment your games would be unuseful to me. I do have the Mickey & Donald game and no, I won't make the simulation for it because it's not my favourite game, so I prefer keeping other games on my schedule (I usually code the games I like first, then I consider other highly-requested games). I also have Green House. A simulator for that has been coded long ago (by another Italian programmer) but ti's just a beta-version, never finished. I don't have Monster Panic, but I doubt I'll include it in my schedule. You see, I dont have all the time in the world, and in this time I'm focusing my attention (and simulations) on VTech games - which are almost my favourite games. I decided that I'll simulate all the ones I have here, then I'll eventualyl switch back to some Nintendo games from the Tabletop and Panorama series (Popeye and Mario's Cement Factory).
  5. Guys, I'm about to release a new handhelds simulators, and I'll also update 2 "older" ones. The 3 games will be 100% compatible with any MAME cabinets, since they can be operated completely with keyboard (including browsing instructions manual and splash screens) :-) I'll release them next monday, nov 12th, 2007, so stay tuned! :-)
  6. I agree fully what Mighty wrote. Bingham is of course a "fan" of the MA frontend, but I see he's very gentle here, he thanked much for the effort of this community, and of course he keeps on being a "fan" of MA. Don't blame on him: each of us has the right to like a frontend or another... let's all be friends!
  7. I'm not familiar with the GameEx interface... I don't even have a MAMEcab, so it's no use for me. But today I've been asked to modify all of my simulators by a Southafrican gent, who's willing to play my games on his MAMEcab - and he probably uses GameEx. I pointed him to this thread, maybe he'll tell you his ideas I've been asked to add a few options to all 38 of my games, in order to use games with keyboard only, no mouse. I can't do that for my previously released games, because it's an *huge* job and I don't have so much time for my hobbies. But I promise that I'll add this feature to my forthcoming "Sleep Walker" game from the "VTech Time & Fun" series, and to any other game in the future. So you'll be able to start game with both keyboard and mouse. Take care and have fun! MADrigal
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