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  1. So some life-events have happened since this, but we should definitely talk if you are interested in some artwork to be printed. Feel free to PM me and we can work something out.
  2. naborneo

    Zinc Database?

    I wonder how GameEx knows which MAME Roms to send to the Zinc emulator once you set it up.... Theres gotta be a list somewhere for that.
  3. naborneo

    Zinc Database?

    Is there a Zinc database out there? There are built in Arcade databases for Atomiswave, model2 & model3. But I could not find one for Zinc and one have one or can point me to it? Thanks.
  4. Thought I'd do a quick tease since I've been MIA. Check out our new reusable material for your controller graphics and other uses.
  5. http://www.reverbnation.com/projectgenesis2/songs- downloads available http://www.youtube.com/user/ProjectGenesisMusic So I am completely bias in this, I've known this guy since grade school, but oh well, you'll have to take a look anyway. This is Project Genesis, where he takes classic(and some newer) game music and remixes them with real instruments and adds a little hardcore to it. It might not give you that feeling of being in an arcade, but it's still pretty cool. Anyway, enjoy.
  6. So we need some updates huh, I see: Game Boy Color (which Lighty already took care of) Wii PC Games (do people have just pc game, I load all mine into Steam, even the Origin and UPlay games) Japanese System (I'm not sure where to start here, you'll have to give some examples. I'll see what I can do with all this, in a timely fashion.
  7. Good job Lighty, I remember seeing a post about adding gameboy color, I'm guessing that was you, it came at a time when I was MIA from the world, but I'm trying to rejoin the community Way to go, doing my work for me
  8. Hey ty! I'm doing my best to get this up and going for the new year... I'll give you a quick update, I've been getting together with some of our material reps and trying to find the best quality material for "your" needs. One thing I'm really trying to find is an alternative to the classic vinyl wrap. This is what you will most likely see on cabinets, but as someone who does vinyl wrapping on a weekly basest, it's a pain to do it well and do it right. I don't want you guys to spend money on something that can so easily be messed up. (So to the point) I'm looking for a new adhesion material that lays much easier for someone that doesn't lay graphics for a living. So at the moment that's my first goal, is find the material and I'm gonna show you guys them. I want this to be as transparent as possible, I'll show you the pros and cons of all of it so you know what your getting yourself into. So I'm taking off the last two weeks of the year, which will give me plenty of time to get things organized... Hopefully with the holidays coming, this week will be slow and I can take some photos and do some test prints. As soon as I getting going though, I'll get some sneak-peak shots out to all the gameex fans here. Thanks for the interest Ty, can't wait to show you and the rest what we have in store!
  9. Hey Max, thanks for questions, lets see what we can do here: We will be doing all of the above; the way we're accomplishing this, is that we will have a Cost-Per-Square Foot. That's it. Depending on the material you want to use and the size you would like it to be, will determine what we print. Their won't be a bezel graphic or a side art, just pick your material and pick your general size. I'm sure you know this, but in the MAME options you can turn off the video bezels in the video settings. We will do our best to help you get your best graphic possible and help choice the right material for the job, as you said, you (and most people) don't know the in's and outs of the lingo, that's what I'm here to help with. One item(service) we will be adding as well, is a Designer Proof Service. We want you guys to be the real creative force here, but we will be adding a Service if you choose to have a designer personally go threw your graphic before printing to really check that everything will be just as you see it on your screen. Now this isn't to say we will just print a big white graphic if you send us a bad file and don't chose the "Service" add on, it's just their for the people that would benefit from the extra help. This can mean Marquee, yes. We have many material that can be use for a Marquee, such as; Backlit Film, this is a flexible white translucent plastic that can be printed on. We also have Clear Acrylic, this is an 1/8" thick piece of ridged material that is clear which may be printed to, Along with White Translucent Acrylic, which is the same without being completely clear. This is what you see most outdoor white signs you see are printed on. When we print large graphic like this, we love vector graphics. True vector graphics can be scales from the size of a quarter to the side of a building and never lose the quality of the print. These files are usually created in Adobe Illustrator. Now unfortunately, life it's that lucky, and things like photos can not become a vector graphic, so the next saving-grace resolution is 300dpi/ppi. At this resolution, you do not see pixels, this is what we'll call "Photo Quality". 150dpi/ppi is our half way point, you "might" start seeing pixelation in your print, but not enough to really cause any issues. 72dpi/ppi is a last resort, This standard came up because it was the quality of most monitors at the time, if your using web graphics, their coming in at this resolution. The higher quality is always better, and I can't stress this enough, view your design at 100%, don't just look at is small so it's only the size of your screen. Realize that most modern monitors are 1920 pixels across, a 300dpi 36 inch width graphic has 10,800 pixels across, that's almost 6x the amount of pixels. What might look good on your screen, might look funny blown up. I would absolutely love to do this, and hadn't even thought of it, nothing helps me sell then showing what all of you have done with it. Thanks for the great idea. Right now we are in early talks of all of this, as soon as the store is complete and ready for testing I will send out another informing everyone, but my goal was to have the store up by the New Year, so as long as that stays on target, sooner rather then later. We have begun figuring out pricing for all of this, but have not decided on a final cost yet. I will say we will make it very competitive with other services out there. As I said above, we are just looking at material used (square feet). I'm not going to charge differently based on the side of a cabinet or the bezel, material is material, you pay for what you use. Go for it! That was something that I did for myself, but also for the users of the forum. I love what Tom and the rest of the Contributors have done with this great piece of software, it was the least I could do to give back. Thanks for the great questions, I hope these answers get you as excited for this as I am, and I hope this helps out other on the forum as well. As for a quick update: I'm attempting before the Thanksgiving break to print samples of all the different materials we are thinking of using. We'll do some nice photographs so you can get a better idea of all we're working on. I will have more updates soon, hopefully a big one about an added service, but I don't want to get anyone's hopes up yet, including my own. Take Care!
  10. Can't wait to see what your working on, I'm all for the clean look, but if there is something you think I can help with, let us know.
  11. That's awesome, they are fun, I'm guessing your talking about a vinyl cutter? We bought one recently as well, fun time. We also have two CNC routers for routing out material such as wood, plexiglass, acrylic, aluminum and PVC board.... But we're gonna start this new endeavor with just printing first
  12. Well I probably can't beat his prices, but thanks for the enthusiasm. I'm excited to start doing this, because we're a project base shop, we have never actually "sold" Printed Goods, we "rent" them to our clients. But we will work for a week straight and then nothing for two weeks, might as well fill the time with cool print jobs from interesting people.
  13. Hey everyone, it's been quite awhile, for people that recognize me!
 I just wanted to let everyone know here first, that the company I work for is letting me do non-project base printing with our equipment.
 What that means for you, is that we can now print custom graphics for you and your arcade cabinet project or other projects.
 Not only can we print the graphics but we can also cut them, so as long as you send us a vector file we can pre-cut all your art for you.
 We can do:
 Digital printed vinyl on Photo-Gloss, Matte, or Matt Textured
 Backlit Film
 Backlit frosted acrylic
 Clear Acrylic
 Banners... everyone needs a banner! 
 and so much more! (This is only the things I can think of specific to Arcade Cabinets)
 We have a 61" roll feed printer and a 64" flatbed printer up to 2" thickness material. So their is almost nothing we can't print on to. 
 Anyway the reason I'm posting this here FIRST, is I would love to get question and comments about all this. What you would like to see as far as availability and anything I haven't thought of yet.
 I will be giving away TWO(2) free print jobs as a test run for some lucky members here. To help show what's possible.
 Finally, this is all being said as long as Tom doesn't have an issue with any of the above, I don't want to step on any toes or violate a TOS that I missed.
 So let the questions fly, this community has been great to me in the past and I'd love to help out some of the members here and that is why I'm starting here first!

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