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  1. Sure Draco1962 but not for now, if you want contribute in set building i send you via PM
  2. cevo

    Annoying Bug

    Thanx for reply. In my setup is better to have kodi on top and launch pinballx from here. i try to swap monitors Nr. 2 and Nr.3 and seems work for now.. Tom: this is a good news :)
  3. cevo

    Annoying Bug

    Hello all, i have a bug in my machine, i have 3 monitor set up and i use my pinball as HTPC via Kodi software. This way monitor 2 and 3 are turned off via mechanical switch, when i turn on and fire up PinballX this monitor are all time swapped, in monitor 2 i see the topper video and DMD and in monitor 3 the B2S Server. Only reboot and startup with all monitors On Fix the situation. I hate reboot! Seems PX don't recognize correctly the system monitors setup.. all the other applications don't soffer this problem. My Specs: Monitor 1: Playfield 1920x1080 via HDMI on ATI R9 290x Monitor 2 Backglasses 1280x720 via DVI on ATI R9 290x Monitor 3 DMD 800x600 via VGA Motherboard Intel Graphics i5 SO: Win 10 PRO Win 7 Ultimate PinballX: All Version i have tested
  4. On my side screenshot feature is fixed with 3.07 updaqte THANX But, shots and video generated is 180° rotated this is fixable?
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