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    I really like this frontend. I was able to get it up with logo artwork within minutes. I'm familiar with GameEX, so i'm ahead of the game a bit, but still simple for a newcomer. My only gripe is that Pinball FX2 is getting increasingly frustrating to setup. I've spent 4 days searching for answers and trying different things, only for it to still load to the table selection screen. For this continuing reason, I give it 3 stars for now. Pinball FX2 is my main interest. It has the best physics of any other pinball sim, and has some really good tables. Excalibur, World War Hulk and South Park are some of the top I must have.
  1. IN case anyone else is looking to do the same; The line you need to set to False is about 1/6th of the way down in the gameex.ini. Enablepopupdescriptions=True now= Enablepopupdescriptions=False Looks so much cleaner now with the (wrong) info gone. If anyone has a mameinfo.dat for 175, i'd be interested
  2. yeah my first post didna show up in the list. It was all but gone so i assumed It didna post. somehow I ended up in a diffeent section I guess?! got me on how that happened. I never double post. Been on BB's since 1987, so my mistake . Ill try that now. Its the only thing making my setup look like complete shite
  3. I've used search feature and couldn't find much pertaining to my issue. I have also perused the wizard extensively and nothing. Besides buggering up my new setup, I have HS themed videos now and the info gets in the way, 90% of it is wrong anyway. Finding a dat for .175 has become increasingly annoying; I end up at the same dead link no matter where I look for it. I just want all the in-menu, text-based, game information, gone with no trace. I am running Arcade Edition. not that it matters for this issue, but I am on Win7, GameEx arcade, and MAME 175 with command line 175 MAME
  4. I did a few searches and came up empty, but I'd like to get rid of the game information, in-menu, that pops up when you are on a title. For starters the information is wrong on about 90% of my games. I searched high and low for a dat file for .175 but all links are dead, and this is the MAME set I want to use, as it has maximum compatibility with the games I play. This is fine with me as I want the game info gone anyway. I have recently added all the Hyperspin themed videos, and the information just gets in the way. I feel that the videos do fine on their own, without some bland text buggering up my screen. i've been through the wizard and saw nothing I can change to get rid of it.
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