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  1. so....i have made progress....i can get the games to startup: crossy road.the xml error is no longer. I changed the folder structure and it worked for some reason. only thing is pinballX is still there.....when the game loads... onwards and upwards....
  2. sure did...yes and followed the links etc.....hence the frustration.... thanks for the pointer...
  3. no but sorta defeats the objective to have one system, and my kids use it so want it super easy....:-) i know if can be done as a TerryRed has done this....and a few others....hoping they will chime in and help
  4. thanks, yes this is what i have read and i have changed and tried all sorts.....frustrating. ive even build a vmware windows 10 build and put pinballX and Rocketlauncher on it with nothing else and same error. im sure its just s pointer somewhere to the XML. thanks for replying!
  5. Ok thanks both for replying... is there another way to launch PC games from PinballX? im looking at windows store games: crossy road disney crossy road these a great games for children and suite my pinball/arcade hybrid. thx brit
  6. Thx Draco, here you go.. log.txt PinballX.ini I reinstalled rocketlauncher: the correct path is D:\Files\Rocketlauncher...so the screen shot is incorrect.
  7. Ok, ive manged to work out everything with pinballX but for the life of me i cannot get rocket launcher and PinballX working for lauching PC games this is the error i get Cannot find \Databases\PC Games\PC Games.xml I have created a XML for rocketlauncher setup rocketlauncher and can run the games from the launcher (red rocket) button created game manager menu and populated pointed the rocketlauncher to a bat file as shortcut fails. What am i missing? pls help thx
  8. sure ill remove it. BTW 0.7 doesnt do DRM so thought it would be ok...Oculus has removed there restriction...
  9. Hi All, First off, im no programmer just a gadget junkie and old skool gamer..building for my daughters...who have helped with testing. I started to build a mame cab which turned into a pinball/mame cab which has now turned into a Mame/Pinball/VR cab. I have been using PinballX for everything and wondering is other VR vive users out there? I can get Mame/Future pinball (bam) and Pinball FX2 VR all working and this got me thinking how cool to have them all in a PinballX VR setup. I have Dolphin VR working also but not through Pinball X yet... :-) Any other want/need/think this would be cool? if so lets go behind Tom and team and see if something can be done? So in Short turn Pinball X into a VR front end for Pinball/Arcade..
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