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  1. is that the reason for this? 10:07:19.8 12/8/2008: 0mb video memory available This problem has been plaguing me for awhile I've found that making a script to delay loading of GAMEEX serves as a work-around... But I've had problems getting Instantsheller to load GAMEEX directly. I always get the 0mb video memory and it quits out at startup.
  2. typically that style connector will support a break-out cable that looks like this or this ....and that will let you use component to feed in a HD signal, which should look much better.
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    console classix

    yeah i found the web site rather disappointing as well. can you share some details on this app with us tom ? i was very curious to see more of your work, especially in this consultant context.
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    Does anyone else have problems with the Auto-Update erroring out? If so, are you using an InstantSheller instance of GameEx?
  5. hey all .. thanks for the positive words when i first signed up on these forums i almost got myself kicked off of here so its quite a nice change hehehe thanks especially to HEADKAZE since you are THE F'N MAN with your plugin. and TOM, GAMEEX IS THE BEST BY FAR i really feel like gameex was a huge inspiration on this project ... it was just so clean, intuitive and functional. I sure do miss my cab .... i'll have to build another one i think my favorite part may have actually just been tweaking out gameex and the emu configs/loaders:)
  6. well, i finished my cab and finally updated the thread about it. http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=72753 anyways to make a long story short I couldn't have ended up with something half as nice if I didn't have GameEx.... and I just wanted to thank all of you community members, as well as the author Tom. I was also interviewed by NPR about the cab .. and mention GameEx .. so, be sure to check the MP3 & youtube out in the interview related post
  7. fwiw ive been using the at&t 'crystal' voice set with the lcd/led plugin speech stuff. works nicely. just.....its the US female voice... so no sexy british accent heh.
  8. yeah, i have been trying to find the MSAPI for that AT&T UK female voice btw i have noticed one bug with the speech, it does not honor the 'language/text' settings. (it always speaks the default names of the menus)
  9. is there any way to configure a button lighting profile for daphne? or any possibility of the plug in using the mame cp button data ? also i must say , this plugin has really come along nicely. its quite the masterpiece with the per-emu profiles and all the other extras. the speech/sample adds a nice ambiance , especially when you use at&t crystal voices. if only i could find a .uk female voice;)
  10. yes, xpadder is one way to overcome this problem. the only problem is that you lose analog input support for things like driving games (Daytona, for example). which is my primary reason for searching out an alternative solution maintaining the gamepad input. i wish they would just add keyboard input support to that nulldc controller winhook plugin.. all the other emus seem perfectly happy mixing gamepad+kb assignments in the controller config.
  11. Is t here any way to do this? i.e. I have one emulator in particular (NullDC) that won't let me mix input from the keyboard or a different gamepad device when I'm using the gamepad input plugin. so, I have to map one of the U360-controlled 7 arcade action buttons to start.... instead of mapping one of my IPAC inputs (1P/2P/3P/4P start keys) to start like all the other emus. kind of a pain since people hit start by accident while playing.... and really annoying sometimes since Dreamcast has a built in 'reboot' key sequence if u hit A,B,X,Y + start im wondering if there is some key2joy type app that can trigger the button #8 input on my U360 gamepad device.
  12. i thought i was the only one having this problem. sounds like it may get resolved in the next release . exciting:) standby is great on a cab.
  13. here is the output with 1 & 2 sticks connected C:\temp>setcontrols Detecting Ultrastiks... 1 Ultrastik found * Ultrastik #1 - Vendor ID:d209, Product ID:0501 Done. C:\temp>setcontrols Detecting Ultrastiks... 2 Ultrastiks found * Ultrastik #1 - Vendor ID:d209, Product ID:0501 * Ultrastik #2 - Vendor ID:d209, Product ID:0502 Done. C:\temp>VER Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6000] C:\temp> please -- if u release a new version of this plugin .... make the setcontrols.exe use 'analog' instead of 'mouse' for trackball/spinner games =) afaik , setcontrols.exe should be open source btw according to that gpl/lgpl but the plugin itself i dont think needs to be ('l'gpl library use of code) also it would help if it was since that will allow someone to make gpwiz49 support much easier using just that exe
  14. is there any way to make the cd ripper in gameex output MP3 instead of WMA? i have my windows media player set up to output MP3 when you use it to rip/encode ... but GX still makes .WMA .... wondering if there is any way around this ? im not really a fan of WMA to say the least.
  15. the problem seems to have been related to my disappearing jukebox/etc under the multimedia menu. i had deleted my second partition (that will be used only for MP3s/videos/photos) when i resized my emu/rom partition... after i recreated it and set up the folders both bugs stopped. kinda strange since the snap bug was only happening on the first load (windows shell) of gameex...killing & rerunning from task manager would fix the snaps (not the multimedia stuff though). heh too many variables . thanks
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