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  1. vogliadicane

    Pinball FX2 BG videos "classic"

    hmmm, @Mltshiba these images are surely nice, but I actually would like to see them in your own seperate thread. This one is dedicated to my backglass VIDEOS, so that's, what people expect to find here. Anyways, also to make your work get to be found much easier, I think a seperate thread would be worth it.
  2. vogliadicane

    BackGlass Pinball FX3 Jurassic Parck

    lol, actually I am not upset, but I just wanted to clarify, what's true and what is a wrong assumption. so: no, I didn't quit making those videos. There are some left from FX2 (e.g. Guardians of the Galaxy, Fear Itself...), which I definitely will do (sometime). For future releases I add the neutral logo. (Starting a new FX3 thread is a good idea). On the other hand: with DOFlinx, it is possible now to use real dB2Ses for FX2 and 3. Isn't this, what most people want and use nowadays or am I wrong? 2 thinks you must know: - FX3 does not run well on my 4k system, so I will definitely more prioritize tables, which are still there for FX2. - I don't think, all the effort to rebuild and reencode is worth, just to change a "2" to a "3". Sorry. Fair enough, that you reminded me about your message, I should have replied, telling you what I state here. For the link to my OneDrive folder. I would prefer, to link to the original thread, just to avoid feeding a culture of "here is everything you need" link, without respecting the authors (in this case yes: me) and without understanding the circumstances, why it is like this and why it is not the way the "greedy grabber" ( ) would like it and what it is all about. They sould readi the original thread or this one. All together: no I'm not pissed at all and thank you for the appreciation.
  3. vogliadicane

    BackGlass Pinball FX3 Jurassic Parck

    what BS are you talking about? I still do make them, only that if there are new ones they will have a neutral FX logo. And please do me a favour: Do NOT post my onedrive link, but the one of the thread. It is not meant as a source to grab what you need. People should at least first read about me the person and know, who f*ucking made all this work. Maybe you would have got, that these are still in work, if you would have taken the time to read the thread...
  4. vogliadicane

    Pinball FX2 BG videos "classic"

    there is no seperate layer in the AI files for the logo, unfortunately. As Draco mentioned, they are oftenly part of the original images. Actually I don't think it is worth all the effort to remove, make a new background in PS , reimport to AI and rerender, just to change a 2 to a 3. I don't think it is important enough, sorry.
  5. vogliadicane

    Pinball FX2 BG videos "classic"

    The image is the one I posted some page before this one. And for the re-releases we had some discussion before... well I still have the AI files, so it is basically possible, but a HUGE load of work. The minor part is to replace the logo, but then I have to render them to big uncompressed avi files and then convert them to mp4. Given there is a grill and noGrill version for each plus some special editions it is really a lot of work. We already discussed, if there is a way to just overlay the new logo to the mp4s without losing quality, which would be a lot easier, but there was no real solution. That part I don‘t know anything about tech details.
  6. vogliadicane

    Pinball FX2 BG videos "classic"

    I meant, I wansn't allowed to add one more screenshot (gif)
  7. vogliadicane

    Pinball FX2 BG videos "classic"

    MARVEL Thor: no Grill with Grill --- HQ --- lol, I wasn't allowed to upload one more gif (limit 7,81 MB)... maybe tomorrow as a contributor, really? lol Edit: ok, today i was allowed again...
  8. vogliadicane

    Pinball FX2 BG videos "classic"

    So after a long time, I'm back again Starwars Rebels: no Grill with Grill --- HQ ---
  9. isn't this the one by me?
  10. vogliadicane

    Pinball FX2 BG videos "classic"

    @Ginsonic not bad, really. I'll change it a bit to make it neutral, because I agree with MikujanGurejwitch Edit: what do you think about this one (made from the original)?
  11. vogliadicane

    Pinball FX2 BG videos "classic"

    actually I only for these Backglass videos, so I don't know, too. It would make things much easier this way, so does anybody know more?
  12. vogliadicane

    Pinball FX2 BG videos "classic"

    not sure, if I understand right. Do you mean YOU could add the PBFX3 logo? Edit: I think I got you now. You mean - no matter who - basically take the video file as it is and just add the new logo (maybe covering the old one). Good idea. Does that work with compressed formats without making them more lossy?
  13. vogliadicane

    Pinball FX2 BG videos "classic"

    lol day one after release and you point out it doesn't fit anymore But nice to see that people still appreciate these. I will see, it is really a lot of work and I don't have the logo in each PS file in a seperate layer. But I'm sure, I'll find some solution - sooner or later. But now let me first install PBFX3 myself, I didn't, yet Edit: much worse is, that my Cab decals are now outdated, too - 2 months after I applied it. There is also a PBFX2 logo on it
  14. vogliadicane

    B2S Works With Visual Pinball, but Not PinballX

    maybe this problem: Read first and last page,it is enough
  15. vogliadicane

    "Allow game launch?" Steam Issue Starting Tables

    cool, had this problem also. Tonight planned to fix this (yes run as admin and stuff like this lol) and now here I find the 3 clicks solution! Great, thanks all involved