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    great universal front end database gives some issues but nothing unsolvable
  1. mamemad

    gotlieb 300

    watch out for gottlieb 300 if you put it in game manager gottlieb"300" from list it crashes and wipes out your future pinball games list this it when you put the description entry in from the list if it had " " watch it maybe its my set up but ive had to restart the games list manager if i dont remeber to alter the description hope this saves someone else the problem other than that pinball x is great
  2. can pinball x open future pinball in different physics modes some tables work in physics 2.7 others wont or do you open the others in other games?-
  3. mamemad


    playing in desktop but transfering into cabinet using game pad at moment thanks
  4. mamemad


    yes that s it thanks for reply
  5. mamemad


    has anyone setup bingogameroom in pinballx the issue is that bingogameroom keys are fixed .the tables are great ive got it to load but cannot controll games ? should i confiqure pinball x to follow bingogameroom keys and alter future /visual pinball settings?
  6. everytime i load gottlieb 300 into game manager visual pinball it crashes the database and pinball x will not start only once i reinstall any visual pinball game into game manager does it work mame and future pinball are not affected but pinballx will not open without a vp table
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