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  1. I have updated from the 0.80 version but now if I launch the screensaver, or both entering the settings, they will appear only after 30 or 40 seconds. I reinstalled back the 0.80 version and it's fast again EDIT: I meant Mame Saver 0.91 at the title, if someone can edit
  2. Brian Hoffman: I was used to use ur patch for the mame screensaver purposes. Just to letting me know, instead of a patch availability I must now use that mame compiler? Not that I want to do a criticism, just need to be sure about the fact future standalone patches won't be released, thx
  3. Thanks would be appreciated, in the meanwhile I'll continue with 0.117
  4. I just downloaded the latest stable build (0.118) and when a game is launched the window is stuck in the "press ok" screen. I switched back to the mame 0.117 folder and the screen saver started to work again skipping the information popups. Again when i change back to the 0.118, it isn't skipping anymore. Each test was done in a new fresh folder. Have maybe some changes in the UI since 0.117u1 "changed the skipping system?". In the setting I have of course the -skip_gameinfo command, but I think it's skipping the rominfo window only, not the disclaimer. If i remember well the skip_disclaimer command has been recenty removed but the screensaver was able in any case to bypass that until this last version... Can someone test? Please help and forgive for a bad english
  5. It seems that installing windows xp has fixed the issue. Thanks for the help -.-
  6. I think I was wrong. Winamp has nothing to do about it; it seems that screen saver stop working for unknow reasons, i don't really know what affect that error; it just works sometimes after start, then nothing until reboot.
  7. Hi all and sorry for my english, I have installed the screensaver and it works ok after windows starts. But sometimes (apparently it seem when using Winamp), the screen saver stops itself after loading the game. It is strange because Winamp doesn't stop other screen savers after they start, and even if I close Winamp, the bug still persist unless I reboot! What is it?
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