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  1. Is there something I need to do to get Future Pinball to record properly? It seems like perhaps there needs to be a configurable recording delay available since it takes some of those tables awhile to load? Attached is what happened when I tried to record the first one. Here is my future pinball config. TheGooniesCAB(DOFLinx).mp4 PinballX.ini
  2. Strange, i'm still getting this, tried multiple browsers on my PC. Also disconnected my phone from wifi and tried the cellular network (different internet connection) and am also getting the same error.
  3. Pinball X website currently returning HTTP 500 error (www.pinballx.com)
  4. @Tom Speirs I created a program that will give the proper FFMpeg commands. Full source code is here: https://github.com/xantari/PinCabScreenConfigurator There are a some other features in it right now (see documentation at the above URL), but I wanted to give you this so you could implement the fix for the FFMpeg command generation in your code base. The main command you want to look at is the FFMPeg toolstrip command here: https://github.com/xantari/PinCabScreenConfigurator/blob/f51f0195e912c6696311fa12e5b2e98d01c40c88/PinCabScreenConfigurator/MainForm.cs#L136 You will want to take the DMD coordinates and screen configuration information from PinballX.ini and fill in the proper DisplayDetail object and it will do everything for you. This would purely use what the user configured in the PinballX.ini file. No PinMame, DMDExt, or anything else would interfer with the details. You just specify what is your displays (Playfield, DMD, Backglass, Apron, Topper) and it does the rest. A few other observations: 1. Only display the connected displays in the PinballX Settings program. Right now it displays display 1 through 5, even though I don't have a 4th and 5th display (see source code on how I populated the ListBox list for this) 2. The PinballX settings program just says "DIsplay 1", "Dispaly 2", etc. Look at my source code, you can show actual connected monitor EDID information and the windows display name. See how that is done in ListBox on MainForm 3. There is a screen validation function you could implement in your settings program to ensure no screens have negative offsets which would save a bunch of forum postings i'm sure, check the above source code on how that was done.
  5. I'm working on a sample program for you that doesn't use anything other then the coordinates defined in the pinball X setup window. I don't think we should be using anything outside of that since we need to define the X/Y and offset bounds inside of pinball X. This would make finding the proper coordinates much easier then going through pinmame (which I'm not sure how you would do).
  6. nothings changed with pinballx ini... It's all about calculating the proper X/Y offsets with FFMpeg as it doesn't know about display numbers, instead it calculates the visible desktop space by the arrangement of your monitors in windows. If I get time i'll create a diagram and program to show how it's properly calculated.
  7. Update. I manually ran what I told you was the correct FFMPEG command and it records the DMD perfectly. This definitely is a bug in pinball X. It doesn't calculate the window positions correctly based off of what is set in the pinball X configuration program. C:\Pinball\PinballX>FFMPEG.exe -f gdigrab -framerate 30 -offset_x 5798 -offset_y 300 -video_size 1880x500 -t 00:00:30 -i desktop -c:v h264_nvenc -an -qp 21 -pix_fmt yuv420p -movflags +faststart "C:\Pinball\PinballX\MEDIA\Visual Pinball\DMD Videos\Bad Cats.VPX.v1.0.mp4
  8. I'm not sure changing cables to another port is worth it since every other application works fine, even pinball X works fine and shows backglass, dmd, and playfield on proper monitors. What is wrong is the FFMPEG capture command isn't obeying any of the entries I put in the pinball x configuration command. It puts this in: 18:10:05.1 1/2/2020: FFMPEG.exe -f gdigrab -framerate 30 -offset_x 0 -offset_y 0 -video_size 512x128 -t 00:00:30 -i desktop -c:v h264_nvenc -an -qp 21 -pix_fmt yuv420p -movflags +faststart "C:\Pinball\PinballX\MEDIA\Visual Pinball\DMD Videos\Bad Cats.VPX.v1.0.mp4" This isn't obeying any of my settings as you can see. The -offset_x should not be 0. It should be 3840 (playfield X width) + 1920 (backglass X width) + 38 x (backglass offset) = 5798 for X offset The -offset_y should not be 0 as well. It should be 300 as I told pinball X config it should be and uses to properly display the video. Lastly, the video size should not be 512x128. It should be what I specified in the pinball x configuration program: 1880 x 500. I plan on trying pinup popper shortly to see how it captures videos.
  9. I am only able to get the playfield and backglass to record. My DMD (LCD screen) works fine with DMDExt, VPinMame, UltraDMD, and also playing DMD videos that I have previously recorded in PinballX using an older AHK method of recording from Carny_Priest. Was hoping to use the new feature of pinball x to make my life easier, but it seems the FFMPEG command being generated is not obeying the DMD settings I have specified in the PinballX Setup window. Everything works in my system except DMD recording. It instead records some random area of the screen I have no idea about (also attached). I've seen others have this same issue, but no solution. Can someone help? This is driving me nuts. Playfield is 3840x2160 (4K), the #3 screen is the backglass and is 1920x1080, #2 screen is DMD and is also 1920x1080. Bad Cats.VPX.v1.0.mp4 log.txt
  10. Ahh, so I have to add the videos to the game list manager so it shows up as another system I'm guessing. I'll try that.
  11. I put some videos in Promo and Tutorial Videos folders for pinball X How to play them in Pinball X? I don't see a menu option anywhere.
  12. Additionally, I find myself having to scroll through a list of games and files because the popup window only allows you to type one character to go to a start of a list. For example, if I want to go to the "S" to find star trek. I can only type S. Normally I would expect to be able to start to type "STA" and it would have jumped to the titles or files starting with STA. But that window doesn't work that way, instead if I typed "STA" it would bring me back to the "A"'s! Frustrating. What the select window really needs is a search box at the top of the window that immediately gains focus upon opening, and when you type "STA" it will dwindle the list down to just those titles or files that have "STA" in the filename or the game title (game title if using the second select button). This would be a big user experience improvement.
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