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  1. There's a setting "DMD Enabled" in the PinballX Display Settings. Maybe you have to disable that, but I'm not sure since I use a real DMD.
  2. Isn't there a file called "No DMD.*" or "No real DMD.*" in the "media\videos" folder? I think it's there, where you want to look for the file to delete/rename/move.
  3. Hello everybody I would like to request a feature improvement for the current PinballX. Firstly though, I've been using PinballX heavily (6 Systems, over 1500 Pinball Games) for more than a year now on my homemade cabinet. It's great. Thanks to the PinballX-Team once more. Secondly, a little explanation: With a lot of playtime on all different machines, my interest in Pinball grew more and more and into very different directions since I have access to the feeling of all those different machines. I also noticed that a surprisingly big portion of people – completely unfamiliar with pinball – find my cabinet a great thing, but quickly come up with a lot of questions about Pinball in general. They clearly share my interests, though, mine go deeper obviously. Among those interest are: The art, technical details, unique features, design, companies, construction, production, marketing, (flyers, commercials, etc.) and, overall, the History of Pinball machines. I figured that a virtual pinball cabinet (it's a computer at last) is the perfect "vessel" for those other interests in Pinball, other than playing the emulations. So, I want to turn my cabinet into a Pinball Encylopedia. As pinball is a very visual form of entertainment, pictures (and videos) are the obvious choice for media. PinballX allready has the feature to display a sereis of images from a source on a hard drive and does it in a very good way (aspect ratio, size, screen usage, etc). I mean the "Flyer Images" feature, of course. I noticed that the current version of PinballX allows up to 8 pictures to be shows for every enabled game (front, back, inside1-inside6). That's not enough for what I envision. Therefore, my feature request is to increase the number of pictures being able to display as flyer images into the range of dozens (32, 64, 128). This would allow to add more pictures of the following nature, with regards to above interests: - pictures of the outside of the machines mainly due to the impressive artwork (cabinet and backboxe sides) - more flyer images (multi language, bigger flyers with comics included or just more than 8 pages, variations of flyers) - high detail pictures of real playfields and whitewoods - other promotional material (press releases, magazine ads) - toy and art close-ups - Prototypes and early artwork - etc. - etc. I assume that this feature request is rather easy to implement and I'm looking forward for good news with the next few releases of PinballX. Thanks in advance. Fuzgi PS: I did try what has been suggested in another forums: Create more folders "Inside7" etc., but to my surprise that didn't work. PinballX (I am using 2.31) won't display anything above "Inside6". PPS: A feature to access the flyer display mode with one button press. (no menu and navigating to flyers, suggested before by me)
  4. Maybe you want to try to disable PinballX's online option in the settings. That could help, but be aware that you loose the ability to download media from the ftp with the game manager, untill you reenable onkine-mode. Regarding the loading of the game manager... How many tables are in you database(s)? Loading time obviously incrases with bigger xmls and more wheel logos to load.
  5. Great to hear! Now play some Indy or check out the wonderfull backglass art and pinball sound by just browsing your tables in PinballX :-))
  6. Another catch all bs suggestion: Update .Net Framework if it's not up to date. I had a bad 4.5.2 installation, which caused PinballX and also the B2S Server used in the frontend to hang themselves from time to time. The issue got fixed with an offline installation of .NET 4.6.2. Only now, PinballX crashes everytime I exit it and closing the application takes significantly longer (will address that soon, Tom). Anyway, as I said, probably just another bs suggestion. Do you have access to the event manager of your system? This is usually where I start looking for seemingly incomprehensible os-issues.
  7. Okay, here's a copy of a part of your PinballX.ini I see that you are using B2S in your frontend (with autoposition). That's good, because it makes your backglasses work for VP, even if your backglass settings are wrong. Your PinballFX2 backglasses are not being displayed because your backgalss monitor settings are probably wrong. Indeed, they look a bit weird: monitor=0 (are you sure you want this to be display 0? Never seen windows or a graphic card driver ennumerate like that) x=1920 (why such an x-offset?) y=0 width=1920 height=1980 (this one seems off too) I'd try this next: - Check windows "screen resolution" settings for display numbers - Enter the right number in PinballX settings (may be 0, but unlikely; 2 or 1 are quite probable) - Set the x-offset to 0 - Change height to 1080 - Report back Good luck! Major edit: Forgett about my comments about display number, becuase PinballX monitor numbers to not correspond with windows ennumeration. Value of 0 is correct if you use your backglass as primary monitor. With this in mind, the x-offset of 1920 you have there still makes no sense.
  8. Glad to help. If it's not working, send me a PM for further support, as i don't check this forum that often anymore now that my cabinet is setup properly. Time to play more. :-)
  9. PBFX2 does not natively support backglass videos (yet). But, you could place the videos here: PinballX/Media/Pinball FX2/Backglass Videos They will play when the Pinballx Frontend is running and the a FX2 game is selected. To show them during gameplay, uncheck the "Hide backglass" in your Game Manager and remove the static images from the PBFX2 directory in Steam. You may also need to turn off backglass-repositioning, if you use the cabinet mode in PBFX2. That way, PBFX2 has nothing to show by itself and PBX can keep showing the video when playing a FX2 game. Please be aware that the videos should be named accordung to the tablenames you find in the Game Manager. I hope that helps. I am doing it the same way in my cabinet and I like it a lot. :-)
  10. Bump. I have the same issue. Has thjs been solved?
  11. Hello Zeiram Could you post your pinballx.ini section for Pinball FX2 along with the pause script. I have the same problem and can't fix it with a delaying script as a lunch after to Pinball FX2. I also set up dmdext.exe as lunch before application. I might find a solution when seeing other setups that work. Would be nice! Thanks in advance. :-)
  12. Instant sheller removed my boot animation (lot of hours). I don't want to revert the other changes made by instant sheller, because I like it a lot. Great work on the application, btw! Please, developer(s) of instant sheller, tell me/us how exactly instant sheller removes the boot animation, so i can undo that part manually. I know it's not the "no gui boot" or "quietboot" (in boot loader) options. Edit: Found out that it's the "bootux" option in the Boot Loader options, changeable with the bcdedit utility. This thread can be closed.
  13. I do not like that. Instead of removing the "Information" option alltogether it may be better to be able to toggle it (with a respective option in the PinballX settings).
  14. Bump, because I have the same problem and could not find a solution yet. Please help!
  15. Just got myself Pinballx with a Lifetime Licence. I like this piece of software. Well done! Thank you very much. Still, I'd have the following requests: Frontend Controlls: - One button-press Flyer (for example "F") (working in frontend and during gameplay) automatically pausing the game. - One button-press Launch game / quick launch (without loosing other features, for example "L") - One button-press Information (for example "N") - Ability to switch between Information/Instructions/Flyer with just one button press (I, F, N) - Ability to launch game directly from Flyer, Information or Instruction screen with the suggested quick launch feature - Ability to jump only one step back in the menu (along with the current ability to jump back to the table selection, default "ESC" or "Return" (Example: Viewing Instructions and wanting to go back to the main menu OR being in a filter and wanting to go back to main menu) - Random / suggest game (Wheel of Furtune-style with animation, "R") Settings: - Tabs or dropdown to quickly jump to the different sections of the settings (Audio, Keys, Emulator setup, etc.) instead of clicking through the whole settings (easier than "custom") Game List Manager, FTP access and other goodies of the Lifetiime Licence to be tested soon. -fuzgi
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