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  1. hey guys... here is Sascha. I designed the V1 and V2 Shields for the Pin2DMD Setup. PinballSP just covered everything (but he makes a real good job and made it on one pcb with smd comp.). There is a new V3 Shield on the market right now. With WiFi functions, Seriell OUT (to trigger events over smart DMD function), REAL Pinball DMD Input Signal enhancer, GO-DMD function (check http://www.go.dmd.de ), flat design to hook directly to a P2.5 DMD 128x32 pixel (allmost the same size like an original DMD). and a nice discount for the next 7 Orders (and anyways cheaper as the german V3 Shield). The most parts on the Shield are bougth in the USA (everything except the PinHeaders, and GO-DMD Sensors). PCB is made in China, with a great Quality (sorry, but prototyping in the US is to expensive, I wish that the boards would be made here). here is the link to my Order Thread: http://vpuniverse.com/forums/forums/topic/2250-pin2dmd-order-thread-worldwide/ regards Sascha aka UncleSash FB: http://www.facebook.com/UncleSash <- check it out for some nice PCB stuff
    Best Pinball frontend for me!
  2. I need a real "Start Trek - next Generation"! then add the pin2DMD RGB DMD upgrade...

  3. 4 are gone.... 4 are left... hurry up.... before it is all gone! But I have still a lot of rev 2.0 in Stock!! So made your own Pin2DMD with a nice Shield! Pro look in your Cab!
  4. Hello Guys! I have a Special OFFER for the Pin2DMD Shield!!!! There are 8 rev 1.4 Shields left in Stock. The rev 1.4 is perfect for every VirtualPinball! The main difference to rev 2.0 is: rev 1.4 has NO integrated INPUT SIgnal Filter on the "real Pinball DMD Input", but can be attached with an add on card when needed! The rev 1.4 is a great DEAL for every Virtual Pinball! For real Pinball Machines I recommend teh rev 2.0 Shields! Both Shields are using the same Controller and you can change them out when ever you want (it is possible to Upgrade from a rev 1.4 Shield to rev 2.0 without the change of the Controller!!!!) The Shield PCB is professional made and has a very good Quality, I get only positive Feedbacks on my Boards. For Orders: Please contact me in the VPU Forum (my Name at VPU: UncleSash) or on my Facebook side! Here is my Offer for a rev 1.4 SHIELD: (price in the list is the allready reduced price) 4.00 USD each = SHIELD PCB rev 1.4 2.00 USD each = Set of 4 mounting Legs 2.00 USD each = mirco SD reader for rev 1.4 5.00 USD each = component Set for rev 1.4 (all parts that you need for the PCB!) 8.50 USD each = Soldering Service for rev 1.4 Total old reduced Totall: 21.50 USD Total in this Offer (for the last 8 Shields): !!!! 18.00 USD !!!! + Shipping!!!! (soldered rev 1.4 PCB ready to use) or !!!! 12.00 USD !!!! + Shipping!!!! (unsoldered rev 1.4 PCB, DIY Kit) You need a Controller Board to run it! This Offer is the Shield ONLY! The price for a Controller is: 25.50 USD each = Stm32F407 VGT6 "DISC1" Board I am not able to give a Discount on the Controllers, they are expensive and I have a plus on the Controller from just 0.50 USD and that is not a plus when I calculate all my Work! Shipping cost for inside US (48 lower states): NO Controller: 5.00 USD (USPS First Class Package, fits up to 2 Sets) with Controller: 7.00 USD (USPS priority small Box Flatrate, fits up to 2 Sets) Pick Up: 0.00 USD in Anderson, SC best regards from South Carolina Sascha
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