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  1. Oqqalz is updating his plugin for the UltraStik. He created a new map using the method you mentioned. I tested the new beta which adds this other diagonal map. I validated this using MAME .116 with Qbert and Congo Bongo. This worked just fine. I would anticipate that he is going to post the updated plugin soon (I don't have the ETA). I went into each games controls and used Up=J1upper right, Down=J1 lower left, Left=J1 upper left, Right=J1 lower right. Works great!
  2. Done. Asked for 3 functions 1. Pop-Up require contol (current) 2. Pop-Up time based no control 3. Pop-Up allow menu to have control and refresh (the best one for this) Link to Feature Request: http://www.gameex.info/forums/index.php?s=...ost&p=28518
  3. Thank you for clarifying about the .um file... the comments in the .ini are not very clear on this. Another point to note is that when I have debug mode running, I highlight Qbert in GameEx so the dialog box pops up in the lower right, but it shows joy4way. I select Qbert, the map is not loaded (normal from your documentation). When I exit Qbert and GameEx appears, for a split second, I see the dialog in the lower right show djoy4way... or the other map I created. Is it possible to set the personality of the dialog box so one does not have to hit a key to make it go away?? Can you maintain the controls for the GameEx screen and any game you have highlighted, the dialog just shows the map, but does not require or use any interaction??
  4. Oqqalz, I just tried using a new 4-way-diag map (NW, NE, SE, SW) and it did not work. I am not sure if in the PlugInUltraStik.ini file I should use only the name of the map or [mapname].um... so I tried both. In both cases, I started Qbert and went into the game controls. When I tried to set 'P1 Up', it only allows "J1 Y Axis +" (or a similar 1 axis trigger). When I had the map working with the UltraStick (not using plugin)... it let me set it to "J1 X Axis - and J1 Y Axis +" which gave me true diagonals. NOTE... a few days ago when I was playing with the UltraStik maps (native)... I noticed that if I renamed the map, it did not work. I did not troubleshoot this any farther and just used the native filenames. Could there be an issue with sending the maps to the joystick?? -Al Y
  5. I will check. I know that when I used the native 4-Way-Diag, I was able to go into the controls on Qbert & Congo Bongo and set the 4 directions to something like... Up = Joystick X + and Joystick Y - Down = Joystick X - and Joystick Y + Left = Joystick X - and Joystick Y - Right = Joystick X + and Joystick Y + I was able to get a true 4-Way-Diag with a straight mounted joystick when setting the map with the GameEx "ShellBeforeStart" function. I will try the text editor now....
  6. Oqqalz, There has been mention of MAME being the culprit. It might be possible to check the MAME version using the variable set in the GameEx config and have the plugin act accordingly. I am using GameEx 8.88 and MAME .116. I am available this evening if you would like me to do any validation / testing. Thank you. -Al Y.
  7. Tom, I would vote to include this as an included plugin. I am sure Oqqalz can get this issue worked out, but this would save everyone with the Ultimarc UltraStik 360 a LOT of work. This means that 2 UltraStik joysticks can now take the place of 6+ joysticks by dynamically loading the appropriate map for each game before they start, and then resetting the joystick to a proper 4-way for GameEx navigation. This is VERY nice! -Al Y
  8. I do not know if this is being worked. This is a different issue from the ShellOnExit I mentioned. If I did something incorrect, please let me know. Thank you. -Alan Y.
  9. Tom, Great product! On the issue... I used the "Cancel" function of MAME to exit back to GameEx from Q-Bert (4-way diag). I used the "ShellOnExit" to set the joystick map to a 4-Way for menu navigation. I would immediately exit GameEx and launch UltraMap to validate the current loaded map and it was never set to what I had listed for "ShellOnExit". I did check the paths, command line, etc., both in the Config GUI and the GameEx.ini file, but a second set of eyes would be good. Thank you.
  10. Headkaze, Thank you for the link. I downloaded the plugin and it was a SNAP to install. I am having some issues with my diagonal maps which I noted to the author at the link you provided. I am in a quandary right now.... Choice A -- Manually setup GameEx and call pre-execution / post-execution scripts to establish proper maps on joysticks.... There were two little issues with GameEx that I posted (one here) that is preventing me from accomplishing this 100%. Choice B -- Use UltraStik Plugin (preferred method) Here I am not able to use diagonal maps properly (posted this as well). I am almost there and would appreciate any assistance (I believe all reported issues are being worked) or advice you could provide. If "Sit Tight... there will be fixes..." is the answer... I am happy with this as well. Thanks. -Alan Y.
  11. I downloaded it and I am looking into it. I will close this thread out with my results... hopefully very successful! Thanks! -Alan Y.
  12. Brian, "ShellBeforeLaunch" and "ShellOnExit" are GameEx functions. They are used to launch commands before MAME starts and after MAME exits. 2nd Screen of the Advanced MAME setup section. I use these to flash a map to my joystick. This allows me to dynamically set my joystick to 2-way(up/down), 2-way(left/right), 4-way, 4-way diagonals, 8-way, analog, etc. for each game I start.... so I do not need a dozen physical joysticks. I have actually mapped the MAME "Cancel" function to Joystick1 Button8. This works just fine. -Alan Y.
  13. I am using GameEx ver. 8.88 When using the [CONTROL] function of "ShellBeforeLaunch", I am getting an incorrect code. I am trying to launch the games 1941, 1942, 1943 which are all "8-way" joysticks. When I launch the game and set an incorrect map for my joystick, the errorlog (debuging technique) shows a control code of '4'. This sets the joystick map to a 4-way. The 8-Way control code should be '3' based on the data in the controlmap.csv file. I also checked the controls.ini file and all of these games are set to "8-way". Please advise. Thank you. -Alan Y.
  14. I have GameEx ver. 8.88 When a MAME game is selected, I use "ShellBeforeLaunch" to flash my Ultimarc UltraStik 360 Joystick to the appropriate mode using the [CONTROL] function of GameEx to call the correct map. This seems to be working GREAT! Then, when I exit MAME by the only way I can (MAME Cancel Function called with [Esc]) I am promptly returned to GameEx. I have the option "ShellOnExit" set to flash my joystick back to a 4-Way mode. "ShellOnExit" never gets called. I have verified this by putting a bad joystick map in place and checking the errorlog and also checking the current joystick map after a MAME and GameEx exit. The joystick map is always set to the last game I played. Please advise. Thank you. -Alan Y.
  15. No sir. I saved off the original. Thanks. -Alan Y.
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