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  1. In my head I was guessing DX ... great work as always.
  2. Thanks for looking into it for me. I went back through all the steps and I don't think I compiled the remap correctly, did the compile ensuring Esc was in the ahk file and it's closing out with 1 press. Also, finally figured out how to use a coordinate finder and the dmd is now sized correctly as well. This is working flawlessly with the provided files and instructions thank you!
  3. Didn't realize the image didn't come through.
  4. My exit button is mapped to escape as well. I confirmed I have pinballx running as admin too, the game isn't, haven't tried that yet. 1 time it worked pressing only once, the others the first press makes the playfield black and then the 2nd press makes the backglass image go away. Here's a pic of the dmd. I have my settings in the game how you showed in your example too.
  5. I've got this rolling with 2 issues. First the dmd looks like double size when displaying on my pin2dmd. Trying to figure out the right position on my 4k screen, which I'm sure is my issue. The other is I have to press ESC twice to completely close out and get back to pinballx. Any help is appreciated!
  6. What issue did you have with rotating the screen?
  7. This may be far fetched. Is there a way to add a bezel while Zaccaria is loaded around the backglass images? Kind of like the mame stuff works?
  8. I'm hoping the higher res backglass means they are finally "HD" or at least will fill the backblass screen now.
  9. Did everyone see Zaccaria's update this morning? Higher RES Backglasses!! I haven't been able to try this out yet, but will be looking at it tonight for sure!
  10. Wow gents, this is amazing!! I feel like now there's only a handful of the tables and the remakes/retros left before there's a full set out there! Coming from someone with no real ability with photoshop, I greatly appreciate this!
  11. Is there a way to make this delay a few seconds longer? Works great for vpx - but other systems take a little longer to load. If this is posted somewhere else, I apologize.
  12. It's the "play" option after the logo screen where the ball selection and player selection is. Maybe it's a global option that you can turn off in Zaccaria itself that I'm unaware of?
  13. Hey GAH1068. Quick question with the script. Is there a way to bypass the 1 option click after Zaccaria starts?
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