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  1. Is there a way to make this delay a few seconds longer? Works great for vpx - but other systems take a little longer to load. If this is posted somewhere else, I apologize.
  2. It's the "play" option after the logo screen where the ball selection and player selection is. Maybe it's a global option that you can turn off in Zaccaria itself that I'm unaware of?
  3. Hey GAH1068. Quick question with the script. Is there a way to bypass the 1 option click after Zaccaria starts?
  4. hawkeyez88

    Zaccaria Pinball launcher and media generator

    I 2nd that! Very nice work! Thank you and hope you all have safe and fun holidays .. hopefully playing a lot of pinball!
  5. hawkeyez88

    PBX Recorder

    Thanks Carny, I'll take a look.
  6. hawkeyez88

    MegaBalls Visual Pinball / Future Pinball / TPA

    Is it okay to request some of the tables that I have that there aren't balls for from you? TIA!
  7. hawkeyez88

    PBX Recorder

    Thanks Carny. Would you mind showing me where the port is for Zaccaria? I saw one of the posts last night but can't seem to find it again.
  8. hawkeyez88

    MegaBalls Visual Pinball / Future Pinball / TPA

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
  9. hawkeyez88

    PBX Recorder

    Just want to start by saying that I don't know how I didn't come across this or pay closer attention to how awesome and easy this was to create media. My question is this, does it only work for VPX tables? I tried using the create videos button next to the desired game for arcooda PBA - and it starts but it doesn't seem to record anything. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction here. Thanks!
  10. hawkeyez88

    MegaBalls Visual Pinball / Future Pinball / TPA

    These are amazing .. exactly what I've been looking for - are these on the FTP somewhere? I looked in your folder and can't seem to find these wheels.
  11. Those look great Draco. I wish I had half the talent you guys are displaying here!
  12. Wait which tables??? And yes please!!! WOW those look awesome!
  13. hawkeyez88

    Arcooda Direct Launch for PBX

    If you're running arcooda in steam, right click on it and check for updates. It should be automatic. Not sure if you got the standalone software from them or not though.
  14. Thanks for these video files Joyrider!
  15. hawkeyez88

    FX3 Toppers

    All of my topper videos work fine in pinballx, even while playing a vpx table the videos will play. However when I play an FX3 table the video is paused on whatever moment I started the table from PBX. PinballX.ini [SETTINGS].log log.txt