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  1. To my knowledge this still doesn't work directly out of pinballx without some kind of script.
  2. hawkeyez88

    Zaccaria Pinball launcher and media generator

    It's a display program - depending on how your cab is setup you'll need it to change the orientation. Every cab is different and everyone's setup is different - what you're asking for is nearly impossible.
  3. hawkeyez88

    Zaccaria Pinball launcher and media generator

    System is enabled in configuration settings. Shows in game manager like it loads the xml and all tables have enabled checked, open pinballx, table count hasn't changed and I don't see the added Zaccaria tables. [SETTINGS].log
  4. hawkeyez88

    Zaccaria Pinball launcher and media generator

    I'll check as soon as I get home - I'm going to feel pretty dumb if that's what I missed.
  5. hawkeyez88

    Zaccaria Pinball launcher and media generator

    Is my xml messed up? For some reason the system shows in game manager with the tables, but when I start pinballx I don't see anything.
  6. hawkeyez88

    Zaccaria Pinball launcher and media generator

    I have the launchzaccaria exe set to run as admin as well as the dc2 application. Thanks Carny!
  7. hawkeyez88

    Zaccaria Pinball launcher and media generator

    Here's my stripped down version - and the xml file that doesn't seem to load anything after launching pbx. LaunchZaccaria.ahk LaunchZaccaria.exe Zaccaria Pinball.xml
  8. hawkeyez88

    Zaccaria Pinball launcher and media generator

    I started working on this again. I'm getting further with the script - getting an error with dc2.exe unable to find or read from file - other weird part is when I have it enabled in pbx it doesn't seem to be adding the table names from the xml. Not sure who else is interested in this still, just thought I would play with it some more.
  9. hawkeyez88

    [RESOLVED] PinballX DMD

    Thanks Tom, these files worked! I can now see the pinballx video in attract mode. I'm seeing DMD display also for some of my vpx games, but the ones for PBFX3 are all distorted and look like it's playing 2 of them at a time. Am I understanding the PinMAME options correctly? That hide should be set to "no" and use in frontend should be set to yes for it to use the altcolor roms?
  10. hawkeyez88

    [RESOLVED] PinballX DMD

    Thanks Tom, I'll try these right when I get home tonight. I know for a fact I hadn't been moving the libusbk.dll file over. Not sure how I missed that in the documentation.
  11. hawkeyez88

    [RESOLVED] PinballX DMD

    I've done complete uninstalls and re-installs of everything 32 bit and 64 bit- Pinballx - gotten the latest pin2dmd dlls and placed them in the pinballx directory, ensured all dlls are unblocked, running as admin, etc. Still can't seem to get even at the least the no dmd video to display. I've seen multiple posts about this type of issue being solved by placing the files from the pin2dmd integration folders, tried that as well and still have a blank dmd in pinballx, fx2, fx3, vpx all work from launching inside of pinballx and display dmd results, even run pinball arcade outside of pinballx and have dmd results, just not sure what driver or dll i'm missing. [SETTINGS].log log.txt
  12. hawkeyez88

    Pinball FX2 Table Audio (opening callouts)

    So awesome, thank you!
  13. hawkeyez88

    [RESOLVED] PinballX DMD

    Ok, thanks.
  14. hawkeyez88

    [RESOLVED] PinballX DMD

    Hey Draco, Did I post this in the wrong forum? Still getting used to all of this. Thanks!
  15. hawkeyez88

    Pro Pinball Ultra

    Glad it helped someone!