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  1. Hi. I'm using version 117. It works fine with games that only show one screen, but the star trek rom shows the game info screen and then another screen that says the "sound is not 100% perfect, blah, blah, blah...type OK..." Using -skip_gaminfo seems to only bypass one screen. Is there a way I can modify the ROM itself to get rid of the second screen in the star trek rom?
  2. Okay, got it working on another PC. Anyway, now I have an issue with the skip game information stuff. It works for games that only have the "ok" screen. But some games, like Star Trek, have two game info. screens. When the program goes to display these games it only skips one of the info screens and I end up with the OK screen again. Are there anyother commands I can use to get through all of the info screens?
  3. I'm having problems getting it running on my PC. I'm running Vista 32 bit. I have MAME 118s whic appears to be running fine. I instslled the screen saver, but when I click the button to generate the game list for the saver, I get the error that "mame.scr has stopped running." Vista tries to find a solution, but can't and then the program exits. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  4. Hi guys. First post. Is this screen saver supposed to work with Vista?
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