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  1. Any update on this Tom? Is this something you can account for in PinballX moving forward at some point? One of the things I did determine is that WaitFor= directive under PinballFX3 does seem to be ignored for any value below 11. I can set it from -1 to 11 and have the same results. (manually with a text editor) The results look the same also for anything above 11, but what I noticed if you increase above 11, it takes even longer after PBFX3 is loaded until it will catch the ESC and exit back to PinballX. Up until then when you hit ESC PBFX3 catches it and pauses the game. Based on how quickly my PBFX3 loads, I am guessing if I could set that directive and have it use it, to like 4 or 5 seconds I would be good. Thanks
  2. Yes, 3 screens, cabinet mode. Thanks!
  3. No, no loading screens at all. in \media\loading images I just have loading.png.old so it is disabled..
  4. Hello, Was previously running Windows 8.1 and the most current version of PinballX in my cabinet. Use primarily PBFX2 and PBFX3 at the moment. PBFX2 loaded and exited without issue very quickly. PBFX3 would take a long time to load. (compared to PBFX2) You would select a PBFX3 table and launch it, and the screens would blink and eventually when the main display would regain focus I would see the PBFX3 loading screen for whatever table I had chosen and then shortly after the table would come up and I would play. PBFX3 was obviously the hold up but it all worked pretty seamlessly. Today I updated this machine to Windows 10, I am back to PBFX2 working without issue very quickly. One thing I have noticed is that PBFX3 loads way quicker now under Win10, so the issue I am having is that when I launch a PBFX3 table from PinballX, the screens flicker a few times and within 5 seconds the PBFX3 specific backglass is up, and by 7 seconds the PBFX3 table is already up and loaded, but my main playscreen stays black for another 7 or so seconds before it finally pops up (while the DMD is running and the backglass is up) with the display halfway into the intro of the selected PBFX3 tables. Does not look very nice now. I am really happy that my load times for PBFX3 tables have increased so much when moving to Windows 10, but why is PinballX so slow to the draw with PBFX 3? I looked in my log.txt and it seems to take PinballX a pretty long time to see that PBFX is running when I know for a fact that after launch I see the DMD/backglass for the game load after like 5 seconds, so is running by then. I see it take anywhere from 16 seconds to 30. I have played around with the Wait for settings for PBFX3 in the GUI settings, the minimum I can select in the GUI is 11 seconds, I have also tried setting below that in the .ini manually and that does not make any difference. I am wondering if PinballX ignores anything less then 11, and defaults to 11. I need to be able to go lower if that is the case, because my system is really fast now on Win10. I think PBFX3 tables might be loading as quick or quicker than PBFX2, which I never had before under Windows 8.1 Anyone know how I can fix this? I have attached my files. Thanks! [SETTINGS].log log.txt PinballX.ini
  5. Really love your work, great job!! Was looking on the FTP site side of things because I was hoping to find all of your work in one place. I think I found all of your contributions on the web side of this though. It looks like Attack from mars, Jurassic World, Back to the Future, ET, Jaws, and Kiss. Is that right? Did you share a champion pub or medieval madness yet by any chance? Or are those still works in progress? I thought I saw an example/sample of your remake of that for an animated backglass somewhere else, maybe on Zens website?
  6. Looking forward to this, would be grateful for a guide. So I take it if we use TPA Arcooda Cabinet mode, any tables launched using this method still uses FreeCamMod, we just don't need cam files for each table that Arcooda Cabinet mode supports?
  7. Just finished configuring and testing PBFX3 with PinballX with my cabinet. Pretty nice, but one thing I noticed is when my kids exit a table in PBFX3 before completing a game the next time you start that table from PinballX PBFX3 asks you if you want to Continue last game, and gives a prompt for Continue or Start new game, but the flippers do not actually toggle through the available choices. (Odd for cabinet mode enabled that they would not make that based on flipper key vs arrow keys on keyboard) Anyone know if there is the ability to turn off that "feature" of it saving that you were in the middle of a game that ended early?
  8. I am very much interested in learning how to get tpa freecamera mod working and I was reading a post where you had gotten it working. Do you still have it working? Would you be willing to help me get it working on my cabinet? I am running Pinball X 2.41 and I have both FX2 and FX3 running smoothly on my 3 screen cab. I am trying to get TPA working with the camera mod so I can just have a fixed camera angle and backglass and dmd on the appropriate screens. Thanks 8018648900

  9. If you had a shortcut for pinballarcade11.exe created, you could right click on the properties for the shortcut, and in the target field you would change it from: Target: c:\games\pba\pinballarcade11.exe to: Target: c:\games\pba\pinballarcade11.exe skipwhatsnew I thought that worked at one point. I don't know, maybe once you run it once that way it always skips whatsnew moving forward?? I know that on my cab I don't ever get whatsnew, and I had an old shortcut with the skipwhatsnew in it, but don't launch it that way from pinballx, I only use that shortcut when testing outside of pinballx.
  10. I believe it was skipwhatsnew passed to the application like - pinballarcade11.exe skipwhatsnew
  11. TPAFreeCamMod won't work with DX9, If using with the DX9 verison it will never inject itself into the process. Pinball Arcade shows if it is DX9 or DX11 and the running version in the right hand lower corner of the screen for me during the logo launch screen.
  12. First, for any of you messing with VLC, there is a bug or something for some people where it won't save the screen it was last on unless you exit when the app (vlc) is NOT maximized. I was unable to get VLC to come up on my backglass screen by choosing the display device # in VLC, so I just moved VLC over to that screen and set everything else (DirectX Display device is set to Default) and made sure to have VLC windowed (not full screen) then closed it. Now it always launches on my backglass screen. Also many of my animated back glass files where .f4v, I just renamed them to .mp4 and they seem to all play OK. I tried that instead of adding the logic to account for .f4v besides .mp4 to the AHK. https://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?t=109113 Had a chance to play with this today. Nice, with the animated backglass while playing in PBA, pretty much as polished as you can get. Here is a copy of my AHK, I had to modify it slightly due to my naming convention for my files being based on the description field: Process, Close, pinballx.exe FileRead, xmldata, C:\PinballX\Databases\PBA\PBA.xml doc := ComObjCreate("MSXML2.DOMDocument.6.0") doc.async := false doc.loadXML(xmldata) table = //game[@name='%1%']/description Node := doc.selectSingleNode(table) description:= Node.text bgmp4 = C:\PinballX\Media\PBA\Backglass Videos\%description%.mp4 ;Change paths and extentions throughout to match your setup bgpng = C:\PinballX\Media\PBA\Backglass Images\%description%.png if FileExist(bgmp4) Run C:\apps\vlc\vlc.exe --loop "C:\PinballX\Media\PBA\Backglass Videos\%description%.mp4" if FileExist(bgpng) Run C:\apps\vlc\vlc.exe --loop "C:\PinballX\Media\PBA\Backglass Images\%description%.png" Run C:\games\PinBallArcade\mod\TPAFreeCamMod.exe -table %1% ~Escape:: Process, Close, PinballArcade11.exe Process, Close, vlc.exe IniWrite, %description%%1%System_4, C:\Pinballx\Config\PinballX.ini, Internal, lastselected ;change drive letter and system number, for me its 2 in Other Systems so _2 IniWrite, All Tables, C:\Pinballx\Config\PinballX.ini, Internal, filtername Run C:\Pinballx\PinballX.exe ExitAPP return
  13. Yeah, that sounds great. If you don't mind sharing that would be great. Yeah I already have most of my animated back glass working for PBA in PinballX, it sounds like I could just play those video files then while in PBA. It has bugged me a little that viewing the tables in PinballX for PBA actually looks better than what you get when you launch the PBA table. (due to the static images of FCM for backglass) Which in my case it does not even stretch the image on my 3rd monitor. So it looks a little off. That would be much nicer looking and feel more polished then.
  14. I would be interested in seeing that, are you saying for use when PBA is running? Instead of the static images we are limited to, with FCM?
  15. Yeah, totally my mistake. With the work around and this, PBA in PinballX works great now.
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