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  1. I applied the LAV codecs to the machine and it looks like that solved the problem. I am able to successfully scroll through the lists without locking up. I left the LAV codec at the default configuration. Are there any tweaks that need to be done? Or are the default settings sufficient?
  2. On the version before last I did manually download and install. I just downloaded 15.08 and installed over the top. It still locks up. I started GameEx, scrolled to Favorites. When I press the joystick down to start moving it locked up on the second favorite and threw up the GameEx error message screen. I went back in, chose MAME. It dislpays the games when I started scrolling down it went about 5 games then locked up. I'm not sure if I'm using LAV codecs. How can I tell?
  3. I am having some major stability issues with scrolling the game lists in GameEx. I can't find a version list online to give the exact version numbers, but I know exactly when the issues started. The issue I am facing is that when I try to scroll though any game list (Mame, NES, SNES, etc) GameEx completely locks up. Sometimes it will let me scroll until I find a game, sometimes it locks up after one or two games. Most of the time it takes a Ctrl+Alt+Delete to end the Gameex.exe process and restart. A few times I have actually received a GameEx error screen with output. I will attach the file to this post. The error message talks about corrupt memory and a DirectX error. I have throughly tested the equipment and cannot find any errors. dxdiag.exe show DirectX to have no issues. I've repaired .NET framework, updated all video drivers, ran Memtest against the RAM, and chkdsk against the hard drives. It seems that there was an update where it started showing icon files (.ico) next to the games and playing sounds. That's when I started noticing the lockups. I thought it was probably a bug in the update and I would wait for the next update. It updated again sometime in late October/November and the problem remained. There was another update around December 15th and it seems to be worse. I've thoroughly tested the computer and feel it is not the computer. I've also performed all of the suggestions in the GameEx error message. Hopefully someone can provide some help. Computer specs: Windows 7 Pro 64bit Intel Core i5 12gb ram NvidiaGeForce GTX 960 C: drive - SSD contains OS and GameEx D: drive - 7200RPM drive contains everything else (games, emulators, etc) Timeline of when issue started (I'll fill in versions if someone has them): 1. Last stable version --> Update (Noticed a few lockups. Icons and sounds started appearing beside game titles) --> Second Update (Lockups persist) (I think version 15.06) --> Third update mid-December to GameEx version 15.08 (Lockups persist) GameEx.ini gameex_error.txt
  4. The Arcade Ambience feature seems to be ok. I tried it and it is working. It starts the mp3 file automatically, plays during menu navigation, and then stops when a game is started. I was trying to see if I could only have the music play when the attract mode screensaver turns on and off, so that it was silent during the menu navigation screens. It seems like the program might not be able to do that. I'll use the arcade ambience setting for awhile and see how that goes.
  5. I did some more testing. I started GameEx and then navigated to the jukebox and started the music. The music file plays. I let the machine sit and after 4 minutes Attract/ScreenSave mode turns on and the music continues to play. I move the joystick to get out of screen saver mode, the music is still playing, I navigate to a game and choose "Play this game". Once I start to play the game the music fades and the game music/sounds starts. Once I exit the game and return to the previous screen the music playlist mp3 starts again. To me that sounds like it's probably working as designed. I guess what I'm looking for is to see if the playlist music will only play on the start and stop of attract/screensave mode.
  6. I'm not sure if something is wrong or if this doesn't work the way I envision it. I would like to set GameEx so that when the Attract/Screensave mode comes on it plays an mp3 file. I've read through the guide and tried various combinations to try to get this to work, but no luck. Attract mode currently comes on after the default 4 minutes and works fine. On the desktop of the computer I can play the mp3 file with no problems through windows media player. On the Attract/Screensaver screen in the setup file I have Screensaver Mode set to "Standard GameEx Screensaver" and Attract Audio Mode set to "Play GameEx Playlist audio and run MAME with no sound" On the Audio Settings screen for Jukebox mode I've tried both "Media Player Library" and "File Audio Tags" For windows media player I've put the mp3 file in the default "Music" folder and confirmed that media player sees it in the libray. For File Audio tags I've created a folder at D:\Music and placed the mp3 file in that folder and set the "Audio Files (if not media player" value correctly. In GameEx if I go to the Jukebox I can see the mp3 file in the playlist and play it. However, when I open GameEx and let it sit until the Screensaver kicks on, games start playing but no sound. There are quite a few options in the config, so I think I probably need to configure a value somewhere else. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
  7. I never heard anything back from Tom when I pm'd him. If anyone can track down this theme it would be very much appreciated.
  8. I know this thread is old.....but I really like this theme. I know this was an old Mamewah theme, but I'm not finding this theme in the list of available themes in my GameEx setup. Where do you obtain the "Arcade Theme"?
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