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  1. thank you for all of your hard work ,. its truly appreciated. and more
  2. just tried it , its not working , do i need to download a script file or anything like that ? it just reboots to the start menu ,
  3. hi thanks for getting back to me ,and for the help , its funny i lost internet only , but on Sunday night , and my brother in law that lives in boca lost both but hes like 5 min away from me i was fine until he called me asking about the internet then 3 min later bam it went , how is your son is he ok , del ray isnt far from here at all , alot of places here still dont have power but it looks like the power company is working fast on it ,
  4. Hello all hope all is well , iam trying to get pinballx to start once the computer is powered on , tried using instant sheller for windows 7 and i tried using the snap-on council in windows 8 settings like i used to with other gaming programs , like hyper spin , i tried scheduler but its not working , can anyone please help me with this issue please , iam using windows 8 pro, PinballX.ini log.txt
  5. yeah i noticed that , it will grab the back glass tho for pinballfx2 , now i need to find epic quest table image for some reason the one i have looks blurry lol , god if its not one thing its the other , and woman of power wheel docklets
  6. hello all is there a video or a detailed step by step on how to make wheel dock-lets or wheel art anywhere , would be awesome if pinball x would make it from reading the xml file name lol , cant wish to much tho lol , thanks in advance . PinballX.ini log.txt
  7. 8. i beleive got it working , i had to refresh it so it can turn couldnt just turn it and save and i had to use the rotation withing windows 8 menu its self weird but it works , is there a video or a step by step guide one how to make wheel docklets using gimp ? some where , or should i open up another thread >? ill do another thread , thank you ,
  8. dam it works for pinballfx2 to grab a backglass shot , does not work for pinballfx2 table grabs tho ,but it works thank you , just have to figure out how to flip the tables now , and i wish it would make its own wheel docklets lol had help yesturday and discoverd gimp but need to learn how to use it ,
  9. awesome i hope it works as good with pinball fx2 like the one i had did , how can i rotate my table images ? tho ? ive tried to rotate them manully i tried gimp to rotate them i tried paint , and it doenst work
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