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  1. chris curran


    Ok thank you for your help.
  2. chris curran


    Yes I did I think I got it to work I tried metallica and it down loaded the wheel and the back glass. So I think I got it thanks.
  3. chris curran


    Yes trying to get it all I hope.
  4. chris curran


    [SETTINGS].log PinballX.ini
  5. chris curran


    Oops I forgot I got a wait till I get home though thanks
  6. chris curran


    Can’t import anything in game manager to pinball x The box that pops up is clear there’s nothing showing any help?
  7. I reinstall everything and know I have music in all games thanks so much for your help .
  8. Going to reinstall everything and try again what do you think?
  9. Yes and I did what it said to do still no music?
  10. sorry for the delay. no music in vp pinball either.
  11. Thanks for reply PinballX.ini log.txt
  12. acdc in pinballx starts fine it plays start up music then I start table then I don't here in game music any help? I do have all the music files untagged.
  13. Sorry I did not respond but yes table acdc is working in pinball x I have start up music but no music doring game play any help?

  14. ok I guess I got it thanks so much for your time.
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