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  1. Carnivals And Legends Media Pack

    I guess they will be easy to get or you can even capture them yourself. I would have to change the language and make new videos that I will not use.
  2. Carnivals And Legends Media Pack

    Thank you all, and Happy New Year
  3. Pinball Magic, Evil Kenievel, Fathom, Golden Arrow, Jacks Open, Joker Poker, Joust, Nine Ball and Diamond Lady can be downloaded from my FTP Folder or my MEGA Account. https://mega.nz/#F!eN8Q2R7C!P7FC-5xowWkDSgcARSAj_A
  4. If you like another image from GIJoe MegaDocklet, post it here and i made one new. Keep in mind that it must be a large image.
  5. I recommend putting the labels after the name. You will avoid duplicates of matching medias like audio table, launch audio, backglass. dmd, etc. I before put the labels at the beginning and I had to change them all labels at the end to fix faults. Before: VPX_Ali (Stern 1980).vpx or VPM5_Name (Manufacturer Year) After: Name (Manufacturer Year)(Special labels) Special labels: (VPM5) - (VP921) - (SoundMod) - (LedMod) - (GoldMod) Database before with complete name, now, only when have 2 versions. But I suppose it all depends on how each one wants to have it organized, I only talk about the experience that I had when putting labels in front of the name.
  6. Table name in database and media pack Ali (Stern 1980). Description in database Ali - JpSalas v1.3. But if so this, when you update The table, you need update The description in database. I use for Attack from Mars VPX and VP9 for example. I have arround 20 tables y VPX & VP9.
  7. Un database description you can put the complete name. Description os the name ti show in PinballX.
  8. Only need complete name of file in database when you have 2 or 3 versions of the table.
  9. In the database put only name (manufacturer year). PinballX open the table perfectly and you will only have to rename the direct b2s, you will not have to rename files or the database in 1.4, 1.5 etc or when change to another author.
  10. I asked for it a while ago. I also fall short of having some MAME logos.
  11. Carnivals And Legends Media Pack

    All PinballFX3 files are now uploading to GamEx FTP to. Other Uploads/PcTeknic/Pinball FX3
  12. Carnivals And Legends Media Pack

    Yes, but exceded size limit. You can download from my MEGA account. https://mega.nz/#F!eN8Q2R7C!P7FC-5xowWkDSgcARSAj_A Now is Complete, except Backglass Videos. Backglass Images for 2 and 3 screens DMD Videos Table Videos and Images Table Audio and Launch Audio Wheels Nuke and Megadocklets Updated database
  13. Carnivals And Legends Media Pack

    I have table vídeos from Thomas, but I Cant upload more files on this post. Tomorrow I will try again and upload the MegaDockets