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  1. One of the reasons I uninstalled Pinball Arcade and Future Pinball was precisely this.
  2. I do not understand the reason for using the main media folders to put symbolic links instead of putting the medias directly. PinballX could search first in system folders (Media / Visual Pinball / Backglass Videos) if there is empty go to the main folder, if there is empty too the display default media. For the user it would be much easier to put the matching medias in the main folders and the specific ones within their corresponding system. The Backglass, Topper, DMD, Table Audio, Launch Audio and even the video table, can be the same for Visual, Future and Pinball Arcade. It would save several GB without complicating the user. I think it would be the best update of PinballX.
  3. thank you all for your comments
  4. Yes, that would be one way to do it, two separate systems. With the .ahk scripts it could be done, but it is also complicated to do so as to explain to a user how to modify and compile the script. What I'm trying to do is simplify it. A tag in the style database to: <RunFutureDMD> True or False </ runFutureDMD> or <LauchBeforeProgram> True or False </ LauchBeforeProgram> I think that would be the easiest thing for all users. ------------------------------------ Si, esa sería una forma de hacerlo, dos sistemas por separado. Con los scripts .ahk se podría hacer, pero también es complicado tanto para hacerlo como para explicar a un usuario como tiene que modificar y compilar el script. Lo que intento es simplificarlo. Una etiqueta en la database del estilo a: <runFutureDMD>True o False</runFutureDMD> o <LauchBeforeProgram>True o False</LauchBeforeProgram> Pienso que eso sería lo más sencillo para todos los usuarios.
  5. Thanks. I'm going to read it, look, I've been looking for several days ..
  6. Hello Tom. Is it possible to do something in PinballX to be able to call Future DMD only on the tables that use it? Currently Future DMD runs on all tables, use it or not, and we can not put a DMD image on tables that do not use it because it is covered by Futire DMD. I think it could be done in the following ways. 1- Database associated with launch before. Future DMD is currently configured in the Launch Before. PinballX could do the following: If HideDMD = True then Launch Before Program If HideDMD = False then do not run it. This would work, but it may be that someone uses the Launch Before for something else. 2- Tags in the database Add a tag with something similar to this <LaunchBeforeProgram> True or False </ LaunchBeforeProgram> This would be a good choice. 3- To be able to execute it from the tables that use it. This would be ideal, but I do not know if it can be done or how to do it, add some line to the table script to run FutureDMD. ---------------------------- Hola Tom. Es posible hacer algo en PinballX para poder llamar a Future DMD solo en las mesas que lo usan? Actualmente Future DMD se ejecuta en todas las mesas, lo usen o no, y no podemos poner una imagen de DMD en las mesas que no lo usan porque queda tapado por Futire DMD. Pienso que se podría hacer de las siguientes maneras. 1- Base de datos asociada al lanzar antes. Future DMD actualmente se configura en el Launch Before. PinballX podría hacer lo siguiente: Si HideDMD=True entonces Launch Before Program Si HideDMD=False entonces no ejecutarlo. Esto funcionaría, pero puede ser que alguien use el Launch Before para otra cosa. 2- Etiquetas en la database Añadir a la database una etiqueta con algo similar a esto <LaunchBeforeProgram>True o False</LaunchBeforeProgram> Esta sería una buena opción. 3- Poder ejecutarlo desde las mesas que lo usen. Esto sería ideal, pero no se si se puede hacer ni como hacerlo, añadir alguna línea al script de la mesa para que ejecute FutureDMD.
  7. Thanks Terry I had never managed to get it to work for this reason
  8. One thing to keep in mind is that if PinballFX2 allows images but not videos, it is because with videos, some tables fail, slow down or fire, for that reason ZEN does not allow videos. Some tables work well, but others fail.
  9. I have made the following uploads to the PinballX FTP main folders. Table Videos: Stranger Things (Original 2017).mp4 Target Alpha (Gottlieb 1976).mp4 Table Videos Desktop: Ali (Stern 1980) Avengers Pro (Stern 2012) BATMAN 66 (Stern 2016) Big Buck Hunter (Stern 2009) Big Game (Stern 1980) Black Hole (Gottlieb 1981) Dolly Parton (Bally 1978) Hawkman (Taito 1983) Medusa (Bally 1981) Nine Ball (Stern 1980) Paragon (Bally 1979) Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends (Data East 1993) Stranger Things (Original 2017) Target Alpha (Gottlieb 1976) The Rolling Stones (Bally 1979) WWF Royal Rumble (Data East 1994) Backglass Images Stranger Things (Original 2017) FS y SP Backglass Videos Dolly Parton (Bally 1978).mp4 Hawkman (Taito 1983).mp4 Stranger Things (Original 2017).mp4 Target Alpha (Gottlieb 1976).mp4 DMD Videos Stranger Things (Original 2017).mp4 Table Audio Stranger Things (Original 2017).mp3 Wheel Images Stranger Things (Original 2017).png To my custom Folder (/-PinballX-/Other Uploads/PcTeknic) upload some news Megadocklets Thank you for allowing us to enjoy PinballX and this community.
  10. I just uploaded these launch audio Barb Wire (Gottlieb 1996).mp3 (Don´t sure real) Dale Jr (Stern 2005).mp3 (The same of Nascar or GP) Diablo Pinball (JP Salas 2017).mp3 (Diablo 3 Final Boss) Duck Hunt (JP Salas 2017).mp3 Joust (Williams 1983).mp3 Mundial 90 (Inder 1990).mp3 (Not real, but good) Paperboy (Original 2017).mp3 Rocky (Gottlieb 1982).mp3 (part of song) Santa Claus (Original 2017).wav I think in my pincab I have some more and that the backup disk that I used is older than some files, I have to check it out. Then I have many that what I'm using is the audio launch of yours from another table.
  11. I will only upload the real ones, because I have many that I have used what I have wanted, but there are a few that if I have made a capture of the audio on the one hand, for the table audio and then I have cut it to take the piece chosen for the Launch audio. Then I'll tell you the ones I uploaded so you can review it and if you do not like it erase it. Let's see if I get a slot Tuesday or Wednesday. _------------- Subiré solo los reales, porque tengo muchos que yo he usado lo que me he querido, pero hay unos cuantos que si he hecho una captura del audio por una parte, para el table audio y luego lo he cortado para coger el trozo elegido para el launch audio. Luego te diré los que he subido para que tu lo repases y si alguno no te gusta lo borres. A ver si saco un hueco el martes o miércoles.
  12. I have done a few too, there are not many 10 or 15, but everything counts. Can I upload them directly to your ftp folder?
  13. Hello Tom. I have seen that certain VP99 and VPX table failures that fail to open with double click when using external dmd on monitor, if we first open VP994 or VPX10.3, load the table and give the play, no longer fail and it can Play with the external dmd instead of having to put VPinMAME for those tables. In others it is solved by changing the B2S mode. But I think it would be good if PinballX used this opening system for all executables since it is safer. For 994 I have just changed the database's alternateexe and open them all well, except for those specific cases that tell you and that fail externally. On the other hand I have seen in the new version, folders for backglass, dmd, audio, etc, directly on media folder, in addition to the systems. I thought they were to avoid duplicates and triplicates of equal medias of the recreations, but I've moved there Visual medias and do not find them, I guess either it's not yet ready or that those folders are for something else, like some start menu With lis systems or something. I searched for information, but I do not see any topic on the web.
  14. In that there is no thought, but you can add it as an extra
  15. jajajaja Yes, it's in the kitchen. My wife does not want it in the living room, besides there it does not bother if you are watching TV in the living room or whatever.