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  1. PcTeknic

    MAME MegaDocklets

    Gracias, me alegra que te sirvan.
  2. Timer=0.20 don´t work PinballX wait 1min Timer=0,20 don´t work PinballX wait 1min Timer=No don´t work PinballX wait 1min Timer=0 work PinballX wait the time user define in show for, but impossible exit from PinballX, exit menu show and hidde at exit button press.
  3. I tried it with 0,20 and with 0.20, but it did not work. I will try again, thanks.
  4. +1 for shorter attract mode timer. My table audio are 30 sec, I can select 30 sec in table view, but i can´t select 30 sec in attract mode timer
  5. I prefer the PinballX GameManager. You can also edit the databases by hand with the notepad, for certain things it is much faster. In fact, I have never used the GameManager, while with PinUp there is no other option and after two months the only thing I have achieved is to run VPX tables. PinballX I configured it to the first and in less than an hour I had it working with all the systems. PinUp after two months watching videos and doing tests, has remained as a video player for tables that use PinUp.
  6. MegaBalls Extra Original Future Pinball View File 88 MegaBalls, most of them for original tables exclusive to Future Pinball. --------------------------------------------- 88 MegaBalls, la mayoría de ellas para mesas originales exclusivas de Future Pinball. MegaBall.psd Submitter PcTeknic Submitted 06/23/18 Category Wheel Images  
  7. MegaBalls Pro Pinball View File Pro Pinball MegaBalls Submitter PcTeknic Submitted 06/23/18 Category Wheel Images  
  8. MegaBalls for Systems View File Sistems MegaBalls. Submitter PcTeknic Submitted 06/23/18 Category Wheel Images  
  9. PcTeknic

    PinballX 3.05 crach at startup

    Yes! After deleting those files I made a new installation without checking 32bits and this time it runs perfectly. ---------------------- Siiiii!!! Tras borrar esos archivos he hecho una nueva instalación sin marcar forzar 32bits y en esta ocasión si que se ejecuta perfectamente.
  10. PcTeknic

    PinballX 3.05 crach at startup

    I understood that it was to create systems videos, I misunderstood then. I have already deleted the two files, now I guess I would have to do a new installation without forcing 32bits Right?
  11. PcTeknic

    PinballX 3.05 crach at startup

    But now it works for me, I guess at 32Bit, but it works. On the other hand, I have seen a video and a new function of GameManager to create system videos, but I have not managed to create systems lists, I have reviewed the forum and I do not see anything about it. -------------------- Pero ahora ya me funciona, supongo que a 32Bit, pero funciona. Por otra parte, he visto un vídeo y una nueva función de GameManager para crear vídeos de sistemas, pero no he conseguido crear listas de sistemas, he revisado el foro y no veo nada al respecto.
  12. PcTeknic

    PinballX 3.05 crach at startup

    I have 1 flash.ocx in D:/PinballX and 1 flash.ocx in another folder from 1 old instalation in D:/New Folder/PinballX
  13. PcTeknic

    PinballX 3.05 crach at startup

    From 2.96
  14. PcTeknic

    PinballX 3.05 crach at startup

    I have made a new installation by selecting "Force 32bit installation" Now it works. ------------------- He hecho una nueva instalación seleccionando "Forzar 32Bit instalación" Ahora funciona.
  15. PcTeknic

    PinballX 3.05 crach at startup

    I have the same problem, PinballX 3.05 does not start. I have tried to uninstall it completely and reinstall it. I do not have anything starting with PinballX. I tried to install DIrectX9 Runtime, but it has been put in seconds, as if it were already there. --------------------------------------------- Tengo el mismo problema, PinballX 3.05 no inicia. He probado a desinstalar completamente y volver a instalar. No tengo puesto nada de inicio con PinballX. He probado a instalar DIrectX9 Runtime, pero me lo ha puesto en segundos, como si ya estuviera. [SETTINGS].log log.txt PinballX.ini