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  1. This video is whit crop images "YES"
  2. Only the first execution becomes slow. The same thing happened with the new file, I gave it a little time and everything was fine. I'll record a video, I'll put it shortly. Now that you have this effect, the option "Increase selected game icon" would be interesting: 1- Large (Traditional) 2- Medium (Average term that I think would be the best) 3- Not increased (As in this executable)
  3. I gave it a time and it started. That has happened to me once when making some change.
  4. I guess it does not show because I put it back as before and I did it again, then it opened a problem. Attach Again. log.txt
  5. Now i change crop images option to YES and PinballX Crash. Change again crop images ti NO and PinballX Work fine. I guess it's experimental. I'm happy, I have a unique PinballX Well, almost unique
  6. It´s a good option. It looks the same size as the others, but at least it does not cover the video. This would be valid already, thanks tom.
  7. Crop images Option is practically imperceptible, at least using MegaDocklets. Photo 1 is off & photo 2 is on. For Pinball Games & Vertical Arcades, the effect of the active icon is very good, but for horizontal arcades, it covers part of the video area, at least with the videos that I made. I think it would be very interesting to add an option to choose icon effect: - Maximize and elevate to the center (current) - Increase and keep in a row. (wanted) It would be something like that photo 3
  8. PcTeknic

    FX3 StarWars Last Jedi Media Pack

    I can´t access to FTP or upload more files as reply. Table images, table videos and table audio, can be download from MEGA.
  9. PcTeknic

    FX3 StarWars Last Jedi Media Pack

    DMD Videos Spanish SpaceBear1.mp4 SpaceBear2.mp4
  10. Media Pack of 2 new Star Wars tables, Last Jedi and Ahch-to Island (provisional Backglass for this last table) Only can upload 7.81Mb more files in GamexFTP or MEGA Account https://mega.nz/#F!eN8Q2R7C!P7FC-5xowWkDSgcARSAj_A