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  1. The systems at the beginning is great, a long time ago that was being requested and I wanted to take hold of this feature. I only see a small detail that should be taken into account and if possible, add it in subsequent versions. We can put a video or image for each system in its folders for the backglass, dmd and table, also the audio of the table. Simply rename each file as - system - This is great. But we cannot do the same with the image of the wheel. Even if we put it, PinballX searches the system logos. If we put in our folder our circular logos, MegaBalls or MegaDocklet style, they will also be seen in the system information and they don't look good there. For the information of the system the rectangular wheels (Nuke type) are better and for the wheel of the systems the Megaballs or Megadocklets are better. Could this be solved? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Los sistemas al inicio está genial, hace mucho tiempo que se estaba pidiendo y quería agardeceros que se incorporase esta característica. Solo veo un pequeño detalle que se debería tener en cuenta y si es posible, añadirlo en siguientes versiones. Podemos meter un video o imagen para cada sistema en sus carpetas para el backglass, dmd y mesa, también el audio de la mesa. Basta con renombrar cada archivo como - system - Esto es genial. Pero no podemos hacer lo mismo con la imagen del wheel. Aunque lo pongamos, PinballX busca en logos del sistema. Si nosotros ponemos en esta carpeta nuestros logos circulares, estilo MegaBalls o MegaDocklet, también se verán en la información del sistema y allí no quedan bien. Para la información del sistema quedan mejor los wheels rectangulares (tipo Nuke) y para la rueda de los sistemas quedan mejor las Megaballs o Megadocklets. ¿Se podría solucionar esto?
  2. could you pass me the megaballs link please download one by one is deadly

  3. Acabo de ver que por fin podemos poner sistemas. Millones de agradecimientos a todo el equipo. ----------------------------------- I just saw that we can finally put systems. Millions of thanks to the whole team.
  4. There is something that would be very interesting to add to PinballX. When we run Future Pinball, we can configure PinballX to open Future DMD before and close when the table closes. But this affects all Future Pinball tables and not all use Future DMD. When we execute a table that does not use Future DMD, it opens equally, not allowing to see a DMD image from PinballX in these tables since Future DMD is above the image. As I have not found the way to make the table itself who start Future DMD, which would be ideal. I think it would be a big step forward to integrate PinballX with the <FutureDMD> True or False </ FutureDMD> tag. This would allow us to open Future DMD only in the tables that use it. -------------------------------- Hay algo que sería muy interesante añadir a PinballX. Cuando ejecutamos Future Pinball, podemos configurar PinballX para que abra Future DMD antes y se cierre al cerrar la mesa. Pero esto afecta a todas las mesas de Future Pinball y no todas usan Future DMD. Cuando ejecutamos una mesa que no usa Future DMD, este se abre igualmente, no permitiendo ver una imagen de DMD desde PinballX en estas mesas ya que Future DMD queda por encima de la imagen. Como no he encontrado la forma de hacer que sea la propia mesa quien inicie Future DMD, que sería lo ideal. Creo que sería un gran paso adelante, integrar en PinballX la etiqueta <FutureDMD>True or False</FutureDMD>. Esto nos permitiría abrir Future DMD únicamente en las mesas que lo usan.
  5. Avast was disabled
  6. Use 2 USB2JOY 2 Player interfaces. With the buttons connected to the Joy2 of the ineterface 1, I got the problem. With the buttons connected to the Joy1 of interface 1 it is already working correctly.
  7. In Pinball X folder i havent ximput file. The route is the same running FX2 manually or running FX2 vía PinballX
  8. I.m using 32bit files of XBox360CE in the Fx2 and Fx3 folders. (64bits files dont work because is a 32bit game) When i launch FX2 or FX3 manually, XBox360CE its running and working. When i launch FX3 via PinballX, XBox360CE its running and working. When i launch FX2 via PinballX, XBox360CE its running but not working.
  9. Again thank the help. Whether or not it corresponds to PinballX, is what we expect from PinballX, which will close all processes. Before that as it says, there was only PinballX, now there are several frontend and if we leave details like this escape, many instead of asking for help, choose to install another frontend. You install a frontend to open and close the tables, if you do not ...
  10. I have extensions visibles always
  11. Yesssssss, I can´t select with combobox, buy can write Kill.bat manually. Work perfect now. But is it as simple as executing those commands, because PinballX does not do it directly?
  12. With FX2 it only works for me from outside of PinballX. I created a .txt file with this powershell -Command "Start-Process 'taskkill' '/IM UltraVPServer.exe /T /F' -WindowStyle hidden -Verb runAs" powershell -Command "Start-Process 'taskkill' '/IM UltraDMD.exe /T /F' -WindowStyle hidden -Verb runAs" powershell -Command "Start-Process 'taskkill' '/IM pinupplayer.exe /T /F' -WindowStyle hidden -Verb runas" I renamed as Kill.bat But PinballX need .exe in LaunchAfter config
  13. First of all, thank you all for the help. The issue is that we expect the frontend to be responsible for closing all processes, not that users should create scripts.
  14. I see that the problem extends to more original tables with Ultra DMD. In some it closes well and in other Ultra DMD it does not close. For example, in America Most Aunted remains open when leaving and in Champions League closes when leaving.
  15. Running nothing as an administrator has not solved the problem, but while the rest is working well, it stays that way, which saves us. --------------- I tested in FullScreen and FullScreen Windowed. ---------------- The search with google had already done it, in fact I had already read that link before and all those who quote in it and in none comes the solution. ---------------------- With that LaunchAfter, it's still open because a window asks for confirmation. But I've changed pinupplayer.exe for pinupdisplay.exe and it works, but if you re-open another table with PinUp, you can not play it anymore.
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