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  1. I don't FTP much these days, but in the past I've used UltraFXP
  2. nope, just need to find a cheap 19" 4x3 that'll fit my cab. Thanks tho
  3. I do like this game, unfortunately my cab is down, monitor needs replaced
  4. I have an LG 3d HDTV, and I enjoy it occasionally..not that it's the most important feature
  5. Merry Christmas everyone. Here's to an outstanding 2017
  6. Here's my attempt, not very good
  7. Exactly! some games just require a 4-way jostick
  8. GeorgeT


    thanks for the laughs
  9. I can't wait to try this out and see if it's right for the Barcade I want to build. Thanks Tom! Does this install over the top of GameEx or can it be installed in addition to?
  10. I've never been any good on the Pac-Man family of games. I haven't memorized ANY patterns
  11. slowly (VERY slowly) improving
  12. 34,750, improving little by little
  13. what kind of beer were you brewing?
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