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  1. Thanks for moving it over -- I will watch that close next time
  2. Yes -- I normally dont have problems -- SO I went to the site and I downloaded the software 2.21 from the site and it asked me to open or saved -- I saved it to the current location -- It started to save the folders and I then restart the computer and tried again and it said the same thing -- I tried to open it today and it said the same thing -- Current Version Expired.
  3. Need some help -- I tried to start up Pinball X on my machine this weekend -- I have a VPCabs Pinball Cabinet and when I went to load it up -- It tells me that current version is expired and that I need to download current version -- Now I have done this before and it was not too hard -- I just think that I am downloading the wrong one or I am not doing something correct. I tried downloading the 2.21 version and saved it to the computer and overide the current location where the older file was located. Can anyone give me some advise on this subject. Thanks - Richard
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