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    I love all pinball but always seem a bit more intrigued by some of the older machines from the 70's.

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  1. Fulltilt

    Mega Docklets Style Pinball FX3 Wheel Images

    Thank you, nice work
  2. Fulltilt

    Pinball FX3 - Universal Pack

    Awesome! Thank you
  3. Fulltilt

    Pinball FX3 Setup?

    Still trying but everything else seems to work in PBFX3. Also ..it seems all tables I try and load up from PBFX2 now only go to the main menu. I have read that the command line loading of tables was removed for some reason in PBFX2 ..that true, and why if it is?
  4. Fulltilt

    Pinball FX3 Setup?

    Here is my log file if you would like to look at that too. Hope this helps log.txt
  5. Fulltilt

    Pinball FX3 Setup?

    These are the settings I am using and most of the tables load fine from PinballX ..there are a few I found that go to the main menu. Still checking to see if there are any others. Plants vs Zombies MS. Splosian Man South Park Butters Pinball South Park Super Sweet Pinball The 8 Football tables also only go to the main menu
  6. Fulltilt

    Pinball FX3 - Universal Pack

    Wow! Nice work, thank you I have purchased this pack but I still need to get the database entries for these tables to add them to my setup
  7. Fulltilt

    pinball fx3 with a real DMD

    Thank you Freezy ..your work is amazing! Thanks hlr53 for sharing this ..works perfectly
  8. During the attract mode it might be nice to have the Tutorial and Gameplay folders included. So when the wheel stops on a table it will randomly pick from a table video, a gameplay video or a tutorial video to play for that table. Also saw some videos on different pinball techniques ..got me thinking it might be helpful to have another folder in the media folders called Skills. Just like the Tutorial and Gameplay folders only this folder would have videos that would help you with your pinball Skills. Hope you consider, thanks.
  9. Fulltilt

    [ATTN TOM] Pinball Arcade GUI Change

    Here is my log file and my PinballX.ini Draco .. maybe there is something in there that can help you PinballX,ini Logfile
  10. Fulltilt

    [ATTN TOM] Pinball Arcade GUI Change

    After looking over the xml I found the 2 errors. Made sure my media matched the xml and tested out AFM and it worked! nice work TOM I did notice if you try and load a table you have locked ,, it will just stay at a black screen, I tried with The Addams Family which I don't own. So I guess now since they are all on sale I can change that. Anyway .. so far so good. I took a quick video to show the loading of the table ..and exiting back to PinballX.
  11. Fulltilt

    [ATTN TOM] Pinball Arcade GUI Change

    I tried and had the same problem with Pinballx crashing .. I thought I looked over that whole xml for errors and still missed one. Will give this another try, thanks.
  12. Fulltilt

    Zaccaria Pinball Gold 50% Off for Steam Summer Sale!

    Finally got this working ..had a problem where program can't start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. Try to re-install to fix. Trying to re-install only failed ..so after doing the Service Pack 1 update for windows 7, then I was able to install the VC redist package and complete the install. Now the game is running
  13. Really enjoy this style ..thank you for making them
  14. Fulltilt

    Zaccaria Pinball Gold 50% Off for Steam Summer Sale!

    This looks good and with cab support coming ..why not go for the gold. Will give these settings a try too