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    Couldn't be easier to get MAME set up in GameEX. Looking forward to the possibility of more system packs in the future.
  1. I would appreciate it as well if someone can upload the addon packs. Krakerman said it would be okay since he no longer has copies of them in this thread... http://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/15862-theme-gameroom-suspended/page-10#entry148292
  2. Sorry to hear this. Was really looking forward to using this theme. Can you possibly re-share the addon sets from the old GameroomEXv2 version so we can use that?
  3. That's probably why. There is a lot more variation in filenames with console roms than there is with MAME.
  4. I'm using the wizard app that installed with GameEX.
  5. In case anyone is wondering, the solution is to download the videosnaps manually and then find a tool called "Fat Match" over at EmuMovies or HyperSpin and use it to rename them based on your rom names.
  6. Why is there no option to download the 240p videosnaps from Emumovies? The utility only has an option for the high quality MP4 files and not the 240p ones. It seems there are a lot of games that only have videosnaps in 240p.
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