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  1. How many ways can Pup do a PUPDMD on a Future Pinball table if you have your PuP screens properly placed? LCD DMD (4:1 standard DMD size) Real DMD - only 128x32 dots FullDMD 16:9 fullscreen (Stern style) LCD DMD on the Backglass (for 2 screen users) Topper/Under above the DMD for split middle screens
  2. Jaws Ultimate Pro 1.08 PE (Future Pinball, PinEvent) PUPDMD 16:9 FullDMD wip. Here's a few screenshots of my 16:9 FullDMD option (Stern style Middle screen) running with the Ultimate Pro version of the pup-pack. The bottom half will display videos that visually show you what to do in the game, and changes depending on the mode or events happening. The top half is PUPDMD text and scoring that will run in realtime, and it doesn't interfere with the bottom portion. Works out really nice!
  3. Here’s a quick video preview that shows off (in my cabinet) some of the DOF and MX Leds I added to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (VPX) by Scotty Wic. I have effects for the potion cauldron, the wand Lock, shimmer / modes, Goblet Fire, Dragon Fire, particle effects for each mode and colour matched with the undercab lighting… and much more than I can show in this video. There will be more DOF updates coming. Sorry for my phone’s crap audio. I really need a high quality new video camera of some sort.
  4. This video talks all about reflections on your playfield and how to get rid of them using either privacy / security screen, or a custom glare guard. I also show gameplay demos to show how the games look with and without reflections using my crazy custom glare guard and privacy screen on my MX Leds.
  5. The pinball cabinet , PC, VR and simpit are all now working together... and after a few years, I finally have pinball cabinet glass! I also have some tinted plexi blades to cover the MX Leds on the sides to match the back panel. It's going to look real nice when it's all setup!
  6. Just another video showing you my big progress with my PinCab while you can still see inside of it. Now I have a Fire Button on the lockdown bar, and Apron LCD Screen, a 16:9 Middle Screen, a working tilt bob and analogue nudge, SSF... and more!
  7. It's still the same 16:9 TV I was using before (19 inches).
  8. Halloween (Ultimate Pro): "PinEvent - PUPDMD - Pup-Pack - PUPSSF" mod. After weeks of work on both integrating and updating PUPDMD framework to PinEvent... and completely updating Halloween with a new PUPDMD and PuP-Pack update... I'm happy to finally be able to show it off! This video shows the 16:9 FullDMD option and the Backglass pup-pack videos working together very nicely. All text and zoom / flashing effects are done with PUPDMD in real-time to completely replace the FP DMD functions. All game modes are shown. Lots of cool stuff! I updated the table itself significantly to fix bugs and make all modes complete (it was released early by SLAMT1LT to be out for Halloween...more updates will come from him at some point). I also added an "end" objective (clear all modes to kill Michael and start over). I'll be trying my best to get the table ready for tomorrow. I need to now work on the RealDMD settings and 4:1 videos (if there will be any more). This table uses a brand new version of PinEvent... so I also need to update RetroFlair - BAM to be compatible as well. I think we are going to see more and more cabs with Stern style backboxes now
  9. Here's a quick peek at my PinEvent PUP FullDMD update to Halloween Ultimate Pro. I've created the attract mode to mimic the opening to the movie, but I'm using PUPDMD's features to display all the text in realtime. I have complete DOF, MX, SSF, PUPDMD (4:1 and 16:9) and a complete pup-pack done for the table. This is a HUGE update! I have completely updated the table...fixed A LOT of bugs (SLAM said it wasn't complete yet, but he posted it for Halloween)... and made all modes completable, and also added and "end" to the game. I'll have a "gameplay" demo video soon enough, and I "hope" to have it available to download and test by tomorrow. Words cannot describe how friggin cool this table now is with the complete PinEvent experience in a cabinet!
  10. Retroflair (original table on normal Future Pinball) vs my updated Retroflair (BAM Edition) mod. This is a video of my first attempt at taking an older Future Pinball table (made by the talented rom), and updating it to modern BAM features. You can see the drastic difference in not only how much better it plays (and I don't really know much about physics)...but also how stunning it can look with the following changes: BAM dynamic physics new controlled g.i. lighting using hardware nano flashers BAM RGB flashers (that look so cool!) BAM shadow maps BAM ball texture BAM ball and flipper shadows BAM global lighting and post processing BAM controlled brightness of light inserts This looks and plays so much better....and looks so cool in BAM Open VR! I already have DOFLinx support on the table, but I may update it to use the new iCOM BAM plug-in (thanks Nailbuster and Ravarcade!), that allows FP to use DOF directly without needing DOFLinx. Link to 4K 60fps Youtube demo video:
  11. Star Wars DSA (Ultimate Pro 1.03 update - Future Pinball). Awesome Attract Mode! (Gameplay and TerryRed Lights mod test) SLAMT1LT added in my Lightsaber mod to his excellent Star Wars DSA Ultimate Pro 1.03 update! He also added new options for changing Lightsaber colours. On top of that, he also added a sweet attract mode! (with one specifically cool moment) I decided to add some more additional updates myself to see how they would look. (shown in this video) '** TerryRed Updates ** (these may or may not be included in SLAM's next update. I did this for fun) - increased brightness of white saber blade light (when using lower post processing gamma settings it wasn’t bright enough) - slightly adjusted angle / size / position of holograms for a better view of glow in all camera views (adjusted mini-playfield to match) - updated lights (Lightsaber hilt, Kickback, outerlane left bulbs, Defense Bonus Lights) to change colour to match the Lightsaber colour change - added user option in script to adjust the brightness of playfield insert lights and some bulbs (for GI on and GI off) - added Vader Red Ring Light to Light Inserts Brightness option (makes hi voice-overs much more noticeable when GI is off) - Added option for SLAMT1LT BAM Light Preset settings to be used automatically on table start. - Added some amusing voice overs for the excellent TerryRed Saber mod special mention - adjusted the attract sequence (GI on and off) for a more dramatic effect Youtube link for 4K 60fps video demo (when YT finishes processing): https://youtu.be/MXMDJvSOhEg
  12. Let it glow... let it GLOW! This video demo is a test of my mod to Star Wars: Death Star Assault (Ultimate Pro - Future Pinball). I updated the Lightsabers to use new beta features of BAM, and now we have a kickass glow effect! I replaced the saber blade "toy" models with a "bulb" version instead (SLAMT1LT did the same after I showed him the new features). Now the blades can be used as lights. However, instead of lighting the blade as a colour, I have it light up as white for the "core", and then I also used holograms to only display the coloured glow effect, as well as some adjusted lighting! It worked out pretty good! ...and another video showing the mod with different colours... ...and SLAMT1LT asked to add the mod to his table...yay!
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