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  1. I present... the world premiere of BEZ BALL! For my 20th Anniversary, I decided to do make a funny pinball game for my wife... about her! This game has many modes, and a main overall objective. To defeat THE BEZ! (my wife ). She actually plays and completes the entire game! Definitely worth watching through the entire video guys. You've never seen a table quite like this before. It has a funny and cute build up to the final battle! You'll be amused... Featuring: - funny and cute Pinup Player videos from our 20 years together - amazing voice acting from...myself! I did the voices of The BEZ, my kids, my dogs, and my mother-in law! - full DOF feedback, lighting, and MX leds - many modes including: Bez Ball, Ba Ba Ball, Zack Attack, Emily's Magic Trick, and Bez Battle! - completely new table built from scratch (table, coding, sounds, music, videos, graphics) in less than 2 weeks. My first complete pinball table creation.
  2. Yes its still there. You get a bunch of different quotes for everything like that throughout the game.
  3. Tron Legacy (Stern Ultimate) DOFLinx: MX PuP SSF Now updated to support my new PuP-Pack with new videos and SSF (surround sound feedback). A Future Pinball first! Video preview:
  4. Aliens FX3 PuP-Pack! DOFLinx, SSF, and optional Movie Soundtrack! I've updated my Aliens FX3 PuP-Pack to have more videos, use newer PuP features, and it has optional SSF (Surround Sound Feedback) and Movie Music! Video preview: This FX3 table can run on a cabinet and have excellent hardware, lighting, and surround sound feedback, and an active video backglass using the combination of the following programs: - DDH69's DOFLinx will trigger all cabinet feedback related functions. This includes solenoids, shaker motor, blower fan, RGB flashers, RGB undercab, strobes, beacons, MX leds,etc . It also will trigger the Pinup Player SSF (surround sound feedback) actions. - Freezy's dmdext (DMD Extensions) will render the FX3 DMD to real DMDs or a new virtual DMD window with nice clean "dots". It will also output the DMD images to Pinup Player for PuPCapture. - NailBuster's Pinup Player will create an active video Backglass and Topper. It monitors the dmdext DMD output and will play videos on your Backglass or Topper screen when it sees specific DMD images. It also plays movie music tracks in the same manner. For PuP SSF (surround sound feedback), it relies on DOFLinx to tell Pinup Player when to play the SSF sounds. -TerryRed is the poor sap who created this Aliens FX3 PuP-Pack.
  5. TerryRed

    Need help!

    Agreed. I won't go on here going on about Popper either...and none of my cabinet build posts on here will have any of that. I have friends here...and the last thing I'm going to do is crap all over PBX. Just because I'm using a different front-end doesn't mean I should act different. Well we assume you are...it's in your name!
  6. Whatever would make you want this all of a sudden...
  7. Coming Soon... SSF for FX3! Once the new DOFLinx is released, I will upload 2 sets of "FX3 SSF" PuP-Packs! The "DEFAULT TRIGGERS" PuP-Packs set will work for all tables with the standard Flippers, Slings, Bumpers, Drain, Ball In, Launch, and Nudge for SSF. These will use the same sounds and 3D positions for every table. You simply setup DOFLinx for PUP SSF, and then copy these pup packs into your PinUPSystem folder. For a more Complete SSF Experience: Now, if you want more than the default sounds and positions...well this will require some editing of PuP-Packs from yourself or others. I will make available, the "ALL TRIGGERS" PuP-Packs that can be a more table specific and complete SSF experience. HOWEVER, these need to be COMPLETED! You would only copy over one of these PuP-Pack if you intend to edit them! You simply need to play the game (using this version of the pack for the table), listen to the "numbers" you hear (and note where you heard it). Then you edit the PuP-Pack, find the trigger using the "number" you heard, and then change the sound file to what kind of action it is, and edit the 3d position of where the sound should come from. It may sound complex...its not. Its very easy. Just watch my entire video and you will see me explain everything.
  8. So after almost 3 years it finally happened. I now have a lockdown bar.... as well as a new 1 player - 2 stick control panel (instead of the monster 2 player - 3 stick 1000 button panel). The 2nd stick is still great for MAME 2 stick games, but is awesome for pinball games like The Getaway! But there's a twist! Presenting the world's first control panel blower fan vent. This works so much better for me than having it come out through the coin return or on top of the cab! Is all of this goofy and different than everyone else's cab? Yup...what else would you expect from me?
  9. So...now that I had some time....yes...after 3 years...the cab is shaking!!! I finally installed a real Stern Shaker Motor.
  10. Yah probably. Depends on what I was using with them...but if in doubt, it doesn't hurt. If I was trying to save on space...maybe not. You'll get people who say it's not needed, but you never know.
  11. Into the abyss of the inside of my cab...
  12. Progress is slow....but the plunger is done...
  13. Stranger Things: Stranger Edition! A video demo of ScottyWic's fantastic Stranger Things: Stranger Edition table for VPX..... featuring DOF, MX Leds, and PinUP Player awesomeness!
  14. Some long overdue cabinet upgrades are coming...
  15. Announcing my All-New Tron Legacy LE, VPX PinUP Player PuP-Packs. 3 different packs for almost any cabinet configuration. The Max Pack: PuP Backglass, PuP Topper, and real DMD or virtual DMD on their own screens. This is by far the best looking version. For anyone who has a real DMD or an LCD DMD screen. (Topper is optional). Has a brand new "framed" backglass with animated lens flares and colour changing neon effects to match the neon ramps and the gamemodes, other animations and new Topper videos. It makes the older PuP-Pack look very boring and simple in comparison. (2 Backglass video layers, 2 Topper video layers). 3 on 1 screen Pack: PuP Backglass, PuP Topper, DMD (PinMAME or DMDExt) are all on the Backglass screen. For those who MUST have their virtual DMD on the backglass screen (16:9) and don't have room for anything else. If you have a "square" backglass screen, then you can try the other two packs ("Max Pack" or "2 on 1") and have the DMD below the PuP Backglass. This Pack uses still image overlays for the new "framed" neon border. This overlay will change neon colours for game modes as well, but only has single colour transparency, and can't have animated neon or flares, or other animation on the border, so it's not as nice looking as the "Max Pack". You need to position your virtual DMD at the bottom center of the PuP Backglass. (1 Backglass video layer, 2 Topper video layers, virtual DMD Layer, 1 Overlay layer) 2 on 1 screen Pack: PuP Backglass, and PuP Topper on the Backglass screen. Real DMD or LCD DMD on a separate screen (unless you have a square screen that gives you space for it below the PuP Backglass) For those who want the Topper on the backglass screen (16:9) and don't have room for anything else. If you have a "square" backglass screen, then you can also try the "Max Pack" and have the DMD below the PuP Backglass (Topper is optional with Max Pack). This uses still image overlays for the new "framed" neon border. This overlay will change neon colours for game modes as well, but only has single colour transparency, and can't have animated neon or flares, or other animation on the border, so it's not as nice looking as the "Max Pack". A video demo of all 3 packs can be seen here: All 3 packs are now available at VPinball. Future Pinball version coming later...