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  1. So...now that I had some time....yes...after 3 years...the cab is shaking!!! I finally installed a real Stern Shaker Motor.
  2. Yah probably. Depends on what I was using with them...but if in doubt, it doesn't hurt. If I was trying to save on space...maybe not. You'll get people who say it's not needed, but you never know.
  3. Into the abyss of the inside of my cab...
  4. Progress is slow....but the plunger is done...
  5. Stranger Things: Stranger Edition! A video demo of ScottyWic's fantastic Stranger Things: Stranger Edition table for VPX..... featuring DOF, MX Leds, and PinUP Player awesomeness!
  6. Some long overdue cabinet upgrades are coming...
  7. Announcing my All-New Tron Legacy LE, VPX PinUP Player PuP-Packs. 3 different packs for almost any cabinet configuration. The Max Pack: PuP Backglass, PuP Topper, and real DMD or virtual DMD on their own screens. This is by far the best looking version. For anyone who has a real DMD or an LCD DMD screen. (Topper is optional). Has a brand new "framed" backglass with animated lens flares and colour changing neon effects to match the neon ramps and the gamemodes, other animations and new Topper videos. It makes the older PuP-Pack look very boring and simple in comparison. (2 Backglass video layers, 2 Topper video layers). 3 on 1 screen Pack: PuP Backglass, PuP Topper, DMD (PinMAME or DMDExt) are all on the Backglass screen. For those who MUST have their virtual DMD on the backglass screen (16:9) and don't have room for anything else. If you have a "square" backglass screen, then you can try the other two packs ("Max Pack" or "2 on 1") and have the DMD below the PuP Backglass. This Pack uses still image overlays for the new "framed" neon border. This overlay will change neon colours for game modes as well, but only has single colour transparency, and can't have animated neon or flares, or other animation on the border, so it's not as nice looking as the "Max Pack". You need to position your virtual DMD at the bottom center of the PuP Backglass. (1 Backglass video layer, 2 Topper video layers, virtual DMD Layer, 1 Overlay layer) 2 on 1 screen Pack: PuP Backglass, and PuP Topper on the Backglass screen. Real DMD or LCD DMD on a separate screen (unless you have a square screen that gives you space for it below the PuP Backglass) For those who want the Topper on the backglass screen (16:9) and don't have room for anything else. If you have a "square" backglass screen, then you can also try the "Max Pack" and have the DMD below the PuP Backglass (Topper is optional with Max Pack). This uses still image overlays for the new "framed" neon border. This overlay will change neon colours for game modes as well, but only has single colour transparency, and can't have animated neon or flares, or other animation on the border, so it's not as nice looking as the "Max Pack". A video demo of all 3 packs can be seen here: All 3 packs are now available at VPinball. Future Pinball version coming later...
  8. Here's a video (featuring my new Tron PuP-Pack) demonstrating PinUP Players' new WIP features such as Overlay and Underlay support both of which can be changed by any trigger (note the NEON colours change for MB modes,etc). It also shows the new Splash Video function (plays a new video then returns to previous video instead of stopping it), as well as using StopFile to stop only specific files that may be playing, or StopPlayer to stop all videos on a screen. So you have a DMDExt DMD overtop an Overlay still image, which is over top of two Topper video layers, and a Backglass layer which uses an Underlay still image as well. NOTE: this PuP-Pack is for those who don't have a 3rd screen DMD or real DMD. Until these new PuP features came along, this wasn't possible! Two other PuP-Packs will be made for the other setups!
  9. Here you go guys. My 3 part video for PinUP Player setup and install. I go through and show EVERYTHING you need to do for setup BEFORE you install PuP. Then I show the entire install and configure process. Then I explain the features and demonstrate a test for each system. I highly recommend watching the entire 3 videos to better understand how it all should be setup, and how PuP works. Part 1: Setup your System BEFORE installing PuP Part 2: Install and Configure PuP. Explain features. Part 3: Demo and Test of each Pinball system that works with PuP.
  10. I have been busy working away at helping with the testing and development of the new PinUP Player. Today I created a demo video showing off PuP's new features with a few different tables on different systems. One of these tables is Aliens Pinball FX3, and another is Future Pinball Tron Legacy DOFLinx: MX PuP Edition. The first table is Avatar VPX showing off a PuP-Pack created by NailBuster and xkane47. The last shows off my updated Tron Legacy PuP-Pack Edition of the VPX table. The very end of the video shows a special use of DOFLinx for MX Leds and PuP in a non Pinball game. The Aliens FX3 demo shows off the new PuP-Pack active Video Backglass and Topper I created for the table....but it also shows off DDH69's excellent MX Leds effects for the table in action as well! The Future Pinball Tron Legacy DOFLinx: MX PuP Edition demo shows off DOFLinx triggering MX Leds effects but also shows how DOFLinx is used to trigger PinUP Player for active Video s for the Backglass and Topper screens. The Aliens PuP-Pack is still WIP, but it has some cool stuff!
  11. This is a video demo on my new updated Tron Legacy (PuPCapB2S Edition)... I need a better name. :) It's a video preview of a new upcoming feature of PinUP Player, called PuPCapture that NailBuster's been working hard at completing. This feature basically uses DMD images (from dmdext) to trigger PuP videos. The last half of the video explains more about PuPB2S and I show how PuPCapture works. This version of the table includes all the previous updates by Dozer, DJRobx, Rusty Cardones, and Haunt Freaks....based on ICPjugglas VPX table. The table will be available when the new version of PinUP Player that supports this function is released (its still a WIP feature). Watch the entire video to get most of your answers.... :)
  12. Here is a demo of my PinUP Player mod, of my DOFLinx MX mod of SLAMT1LT's Tron Legacy (Stern, Ultimate) FP table running in desktop. While this is FP (and it doesn't use roms), you still need to create a PUPB2S to work with DOFLinx. So you still have total control from FP (through script) using DOFLinx PUP B2S calls. As a result, I'm able to have properly controlled videos and many more videos compared to the VPX PuP Edition. It's running in 1920x1080 windowed fullscreen. Since FP doesn't give this option, I set FP to windowed, and set the resolution of FP in the registry, and used a program called "Windowed Borderless Gaming" to force FP to Borderless Windowed Fullscreen. All the Upper Left Backglass videos are running at 1920x1080 30fps, and the middle left Topper videos are running at 1920x822 30fps. Looks so much nicer than the FP original videos in a cabinet, and also look stunning in 4K desktop too! The FP original videos are on the right.
  13. I present to you, the world’s first PinUp Player table mod, Tron Legacy VPX (PUP Edition). PinUp Player is a new program that allows for full video files to be played on your backglass, topper or dmd screen, when triggered from in table events. This basically means you can have a JJP-like backglass, Stern-like middle screen, or a SLAMT1LT FP-like table. This is not using a PinUp B2S (easy method that doesn't need any mod of the table), and was a complete mod of the table script. I created all the videos myself (1920×1080 for Backglass, and 1920×822 for Topper), inspired by SLAMT1LT’s FP version. Skip to 3:20 to get right to the demo and skip by rambling. Note: The backglass video in the upper right may seem to stutter…that’s because OBS wouldn’t record it nicely, whereas my cabinet shows that the videos all play perfectly all the time! Since this is a rom based table. I have no access or control over any of the game code or actions. I literally made A LOT of new code specifically for PUP that works based on only triggers / switches from the game, and the playfield lights and neon ramp colour logic. It’s a miracle I was able to pull this off, as this works with most MB modes, as well as the jackpots,etc all having unique videos with titles,etc. Because of this, I also wasn’t able to do anything for Sea of Simulation, End of Line MB, or portal, as they all use White for neon ramp colours, and I have no way to differentiate them. Enjoy….so cool! PinUp Player can be downloaded here: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=38979&page=1
  14. TerryRed

    No possible to play table video 4k

    Literally just talked about this with NailBuster. He seems to think it may be possible with VLC...at least with still images. I did something like that with MOTU Mastered on FP. A Text overlay on top of the Video Overlay. I'm not sure if JJP uses a text overlay for everything. I'm sure alot of it is also pre-rendered videos....but for scoring with VP, we really can't have a text overlay for all instances of every score (its just images...not PinMAME or UltraDMD). Yes, you saw that I created scoring over video on MOTU...but only for big significant events that always awarded the same points each time. I suppose for big consistent scoring events we could though. Though honestly you could just video edit scores or text on top of the videos or pictures for big events anyway. Nice thing about this program is you can just add more videos or pictures to a folder (which equals a playlist) all you want to remove repetition without needing to change the table script again. As for PROC, I tried to install that Evil Dead (when it was available) and it was not a simple process.... (I never did get it to work). This setup is easy by comparison....and if it somehow can tap into B2S calls....just imagine.
  15. TerryRed

    No possible to play table video 4k

    Yah, I think having videos on the playfield won't be happening for cabinets. Exclusive fullscreen is REQUIRED if you want VPX to play well in 4K in a cabinet view...and too many people don't want to give up silky smooth, stutter-free gameplay by going back to windowed fullscreen. For desktop though, I could see it being used similar to FP in borderless windowed mode. Yah, VLC doesn't seem to work with the Alpha channel of PNG. I just tried it. This would be a very neat thing to do...but it seems alot of people havew issues getting ALPHA channels to work well with VLC. As for reproducing event-driven toppers. It already supports that and it works well for an original table. (you can use it for any event you want, really) For a rom-based table, you would either have to get it to work with the script with another set of rules or commands, or hope it can get support via B2S. I would prefer the option of having both supported. If you see a table getting alot of videos with this...the nice thing is you can simply remove videos from an event's folder (which equals an auto playlist), unless the script calls for a specific filename. It would be possible to have a Jersey Jack like BackGlass with this. I would love to see it! Options are always a good thing.