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  1. I registered for GameEx back on 7/29/15 and have used it ever since. Best "set and forget" front-end with minimal setup. Unfortunately, I had a hard drive crash and during my recovery I found GameEx Evolution. Nice job -- works pretty well and the interface is much cleaner. I really want to use it going forward. However, I have a few nagging issues: 1). I can't seem to get the game to exit with the "Escape" key. It works in MAME just fine and also, oddly enough, when the "Play Random Game" is selected in setup (I love this feature). Just not in the app. 2). Some of my games didn't "scrape" over -- I only have about 2000 games. I have a 0.163 romset that I am using with my own install of Mame... it's worked flawless as a unit before and GameEx (which I later installed to test against) sees all of the games and plays them fine. The one I noticed is Marble Madness, but I have 4x's the number of games in GameEx vs Evolution... using the same process for identifying the Mame Roms directory, etc. 3). Is there any way to go straight to the Arcade Game list? This is for a standup cabinet that I have dedicated to MAME games only, therefore I only want that item. It will never have console games as I have an Nvidia Shield with a nice controller that makes sense for those elsewhere in the house. Since I am Mame-only, it takes extra time to select the system and wait for it to load. Thanks!
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