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  1. Is PinballX version 2.31 supposed to reach out to the internet on startup? I see traffic like this in startup... 33974856oeocfn.spesoft.info/gameex/checkpinballx.asp?c=VpCabs1012 I have the following lines in the PinballX.ini file, and according to a previous post on this topic, version 2.30 and higher no longer checks the internet for a specific version. [Partner] DontDisplayUpdateMessage=True Code=VpCabs1012 Anyone know why the startup of version 2.31 still appears to reach back for version information? I just want to make sure this is not going to stop working a year from now. Thanks,
  2. Had to use waybackmachine to snag the LAV codecs file but was able to install it and test clean. https://web.archive..../20160415000000*/http://www.pinballx.com/codecs.exe
  3. Upgraded PinballX and not having any luck getting the Table Videos to work. All other videos work just fine. Running version 2.31 PinballX (latest) and just get a black background. I have tried F4V and MP4 formats and both do not work. PinballX worked 100% using these same files, same setup, same everything (just different version of PinballX) Any ideas?
  4. All fixed now! Turns out I needed to change a setting in PinballX to fix this issue. [backGlass] UseB2S=False This needed to be set to False (I had it set to True which prevented backglass videos from being displayed when using directb2s) Thanks guys, David
  5. Is there a way to run PinballX in some sort of extended/verbose mode to get better logs than what comes as default? I am trying to troubleshoot problems with backglass videos not displaying properly (only showing static image) when navigating in PinballX. Backglass works fine when table is selected for game play, just not during navigation. Hopefully extended logs will help show where the problem is so I can fix. Thanks, David
  6. Hey guys, I am also having a problem here very similar to what is described above although slightly different. I am running the latest version of pinballx on Windows 7, visual pinball 9 is also running the latest version, and have approximately 20 tables defined in the system. For each table I have wheel, background, back glass image files, and I also have table videos and back glass videos for each table. All of the descriptions in the xml file match exactly the file names for each video or image files. However, when navigating between tables in pinballx there are only 5 of these that show correctly the backglass video - The rest of them show static image for the backglass - no video backglass at all. All of the tables work correctly using visual pinball directly, so I know they each work - ie the dynamic b2s is fine during game play, just not displaying the backglass in pinballx. I should also point out, that some of my tables are running the b2S and others are running directb2s. But there seems to be no correlation here with my problem. Any suggestions on how to get the back glass videos to work correctly would be appreciated .... David
  7. Success! I decided to go into my router configuration at home and perform an "IP Address Renew" ... which seemed to keep the same outward facing IP, but reset something inside the unit. Now vpforums comes up just fine. Go figure! I would have thought a power cycle on the router would have done the trick. Back to table configurations... (thanks for the suggestions and moral support!)
  8. Good idea, tried both (after each change, I performed a "ipconfig /flushdns", cleared browser caches and restarted IE) -- same result. Next I took fiddler to watch packets going between my PC and vpforums. (see attached) vpforums is answering with a 503 in all cases. To me this seems to be an issue at their end? This thing is really weird. Tried all three browsers and no-go. (IE, Firefox, Chrome) -- all same result. Open for other ideas. I think if I ask my ISP, they will look at me with 2 heads. The website answers as a 503 which is "service unvailable" Something is happening at the server end based on my ISP or specific IP.
  9. Just tried power cycled on the router ... and retested. Still failed.
  10. works ok at work, still fails from home. at home, attempting from multiple PC's and even a Mac and all fail with same error even after clearing caches and cookies,
  11. ok I tried your suggestion at the work computer and it now is fine, was able to post to the forum. This is really weird!
  12. Even worse, now the site won't come up at all from work.
  13. I just tried to post (from my work network) to ask for help, and get this same error from work when attempting to do any post to the forums on the site. Maybe the account is corrupt?
  14. Tried multiple browsers, even an iMac computer. Same error from home network. Only works from a different network.
  15. I still fail with same error on a different computer (still on my home network) So for kicks, I logged into my work computer and tried it. Works like a champ. Did something happen where my home IP got blocked? I was only downloading a few items. Not sure who to contact here.
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