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  1. How do new registered users claim their free copy of convert-it? Do we download the full suite and then use a key?
  2. earthprime

    Numerous errors during first-time Setup Wizard

    Thank you all for the awesome advice. I've transitioned to GameEx from Hyperspin because GameEx is the superior product in my option with no need to match 100,000 XML entries. I'm eager to learn more about how to squeeze the most out of GameEx and continue to browse the forums, which I assume is the central knowledge repository. I searched YouTube but couldn't find any tutorials, presumably because the system is so easy to use. Is there an easy tutorial or starting point I can follow if I want to integrate a system that isn't offered via the Setup wizard? Also (a noob question) is there an central location for the sound file that plays in the background so I can swap it out with my own custom music?
  3. earthprime

    Numerous errors during first-time Setup Wizard

    Thank you! That makes sense that the back-end file locations may have moved. I'll take your advice for the re-download. For the WinVICE error, I think it may be an error with the package GameEx uses for WinVice; it seems to not be able to properly extract itself. I'll just skip and manually install. Slightly off-topic - regarding the future release of GameEx Evolution, will it be an entirelly new product, or will I have access to it as a Lifetime Member?
  4. Hi everyone, I'm running the official registered version. I've experienced the following two errors while running the Setup Wizard for the first time. I've attached my LOG file but I don't think it has anything useful. Thanks for taking a look at the following! 1) The following themes download and install into the Media folder, but the process stalls and the Setup Wizard doesn't continue. The only way to move forward is to de-select the theme and re-download the theme list. While the theme downloads and stalls, I see "launched tron.exe" ..... (as an example), but nothing happens: Bubble Bobble.exe Soul Calibur.exe Tron.exe 2) The Emulator download screen appears to go into an infinite loop for WinVICE. Over and over I see the following (without end): Downloading Unzipping WinVICE.7z .... Unzipped WinVICE.7z Downloading Unzipping WinVICE.7z .... Unzipped WinVICE.7z The only way to stop this loop is to click STOP, which halts the GameEx installation. log.txt