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  1. That sounds awesome. Thanks again.
  2. I would need more time to try them all. I have at least 140 vp10 tables. I can start testing tommorow if you like. But the fact that the troublesome bbbb is now working properly, gives me some comfort that the issue is much closer to a solution. I will test tomorrow and respond asap. Again many thanks for working on it.
  3. Results for the third exe - big step forward. I tested a handful of VP10 tables and the ones that would not load their backglasses with the second test exe, no work properly withthe third exe. Plus BBBB is now loading its backglass for the first time. Your definitely on the right path.
  4. Results from the secon .exe. Looks like a step backwards. With "system type" still set to visual pinball. There are some tables now that are NOT loading their backglass properly. But they were loading them on the first test .exe.
  5. Okay, trying the second one now.
  6. Okay I just tried the above executable, AND set "system type" back to Visual Pinball. Most of the tables I quick tested had their backglasses load properly. However Funhouse would not NOT load its backglass, but the other handful did. Bugs Bunny still wont work no matter what. If I set "system type" back to custom, the FH will load its backglass propoerly. So this executable appears to me to be a step in the right direction, since now more tables are having their backglasses loading, with "System type" set to Visual Pinball - unlike the previous executable. Many thanks for working on this. I am eager to work with you to find the solution. Please feel free to send more executables to try. I will try them as promptly as possible.
  7. Yeah this was not a problem many many revs ago. Downloading it now.
  8. LOL so you have egg-balls now. I bet a lot of people will be getting egg-balls along with you after all the Hell I am raising on the matter. Ok, I added the default .exe in PBX settings - problem remains. I am now convinced that load time does not even factor into the issue. I turned off "force exclusive full screen" in VP10 video settings - problem remains. Unchecked "texture compression" - problem remains. Now I do believe I have stumbled onto something that "appears" to have greatly reduced the issue. In PBX setup for "other systems, there is a setting for "system type". I previously had this set to "Visual Pinball" for my two VP10 entries, and the DB2S backglasses would not load. I changed this setting to "other" and now every DB2S is loading correctly, except for one. I have tested about 10 VP10 tables and the backglasses loaded, but the one for BBBB would not load. Not too sure why that is, cause it will load through the VP10 editor. This is the setting I am referring to: So this setting is playing some role in the problem. Can anyone explain what this setting is really doing? I will do some more testing, but as of now, things appear to be much better. Hopefully I am getting close. I wonder if "other systems" is playing a role. The reason I dont use the normal "visual pinball" setup in PBX, is because all tables would be launched by the same executable, and I have 4 executables: -VP10 0 degree -VP10 10 degree -VP9 VP9PM Now if there were multiple normal "visual pinballs" that I could leverage, and be able to use different executables, then I would not need to use "other systems".
  9. The goal of the Modified" exectuables, is to eliminate "egg-ball" on all the tables in my cab. I much prefer to set the "ball aspect ratio" to a setting where if I play a table with 0 inclination, the ball is perfectly round. But if I play a table with 10 inclination, I get ugly and annoying "egg-ball". Just kind of impacts the experience playing pinball with a NON-round ball. So early on I figured - just have two VP10.x executables, and set the ball aspect ration under video options, to the following: In theory, this would achieve my goal. BUT I found that the two different executables would store their individual "ball aspect ratiio" settings, in the exact same location in the registry. So now all of the tables would use the BAR that was last entered in - so its back to egg-ball with one set of tables, but not the other. So what I needed now, was for each executable to store their BAR (as well as other) settings, in two different locations in the registry. So the two "modified" executables you are seeing, have had a single value changed using a Hex Editor that allows the settings for each to be stored in different locations in the registry . One executable is used for tables where "inclination" is 0 and used for EM and early SS tables - ball, and the other executable is used where "inclination" is 10 for more modern tables (88ish and later). So this process does indeed solve all of the egg-ball issues for all of my tables regardless if inclination is 0, or 10. But is impacting PBX somehow. Hmmm. When I get home, I will point the VP10 tables to the UN-altered executable that stores settings in the default location, and see what that does. I will see very quickly if my modified executables are causing this issue. BUT if this were indeed the issue, why do the DB2S backglasses work fine through the VP10 editor? If PBX is simply pushing the "button" to load and start the Vp10 table through the editor, I would think the Db2s backglass would load up in the same it would, if you did not go through PBX, but rather through the editor. Yes I am using exclusive Full-screen for the modified executables. I will disable that setting and see what happens. Is it NOT compatable with PBX? I will respond back with my finding tonight, about pointing to the UN-altered executable within PBX.
  10. Thanks for chiming in Tom. Just to be clear, I am only using table videos on the 40" TV. I am NOT using videos for anything else - but rather still images. Let me provide a bit of background. I have a 40" TV for the cabinet, and a pair of 23" monitors in the head. The two monitors in the head are in PORTRAIT orientation and are side by side, and of course I span the DB2s backglass across both of them. So by doing this, it gives me a very large display for the head, of course with an thin seam down the middle, but I never really notice it. Also have a PINDMD3 if it matters. So when I am in the browsing menu for PinballX, I show a table video on the 40" TV in the cabinet, a still image of the pin flyer on the left monitor in the head, and a still image of the pin rules card on the right monitor: I do this for all 200ish tables on the cab. And again, I show no vids on the backglass displays at all. So it now appears, that NONE of the DB2S backglasses for any of my VP10 tables will load at all, when launching a table through PBX. I did recently update to the latest 10.6 beta though. But as I have said before, ALL the DB2S backglasses will load when a table is loaded through the VP10 editor. Every single one without fail. But it does appear that the VP9 DB2S backglasses are indeed loading when launching VP9 table through PBX. So why would VP10 not load the DB2s through PBX, but the The Vp9 ones will? So I have noticed that when I launch a VP10 table through PBX, I see this when the "Loading appears" appears, and when the table is running: Note the area where the flyer and rules card was, have now turned black. I have also noticed that when you Alt/Tab with the table running, there is no "Form1" active which is the indication that DB2S server is active. But If I launch the table through the editor and Alt/Tab, I will see the "Form1" is active meaning that the DB2s is working propoerly. It just seems to me that PBX is eiter not allowing the DB2S server to load the backglass, or something is preventing it from loading like it should. I just dont see how this can be an issue with VP10 due to the fact that all of the Db2S backglasses will work through the editor. But it is super mind bolggling that PBX will alllow DB2S server to load for VP9 tables, but NOT VP10 tables.
  11. Checked for FsWaitTime. It does not exist in my registry. Logs are attached. I found some additional useful info and pics and will post them up in about an hour or two. Thanks log.txt [SETTINGS].log PinballX.ini
  12. I am still having the issue where when launching a table through pbx, the db2s backglass wont appear on many tables. But the db2s loads just fine when launching the table through the vp10 editor. I already installed the server mentioned server and that did not help. I just dont get it. I will spend some time troubleshooting here soon. But i really badly want this fixed.
  13. Tom, Would you also please consider one more desperately wanted feature, for the "ambient" sound function. How cool would it be if there were multiple sound files (songs) in the "ambient" media folder, and at PBX startup, a random sound from that folder would be played, as opposed to just the same single one over and over? This would give a very unique experience every single time PBX is run. And when the initially randomly selected file ends, the next sound file is randomly selected. I would love to have a folder full of 80's rock and roll songs, and have them play at random when PBX is active. This would IMO, be very big and noticable enhancement, to an already excellent front end.
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