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  1. Okay. Gonna be a few days. But I will do that. Thanks
  2. Okay did the upgrade. Problem remains.
  3. Okay I mentioned that the backglass was not loading for VP10 DE Star Wars. I changed the "DMD" vale in the DB2S properties, from "standard" to "hidden". And now the backglass APPEARS through PBX. Also Blacksad has made a new DB2S for Funhouse, and it seems to be working now with PBX. But the DMD proprieties in the DB2S, shows "standard". So who knows? If I can find some other problematic backglasses, I will try the trick I saw above. But I have to assume there must be some small issue with PBX and some backglasses...considering all backglasses work perfectly through the editor.
  4. I will try it again. I also just found that Data East Star Wars VP10 has the same issue. Backglass will not load if launched through PBX. But will load every single time, through VP10 editor.
  5. Draco, Attaching the files. I only have 1 table out of 221, that have this issue. And that table is FH. Every other table in my collection has its backglass operate as normal. I really think its related in some way to the very long load time of this one table. Its size is the only thing that makes it rteally different than other table. And the fact it does work through the editor. Outthere: I copy pasted the two file from the link below, and registered it. Now I have no backglasses at all, even through the editor: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RpQiokTC_yYw1nAxaAF9NCpTVro9BQ0Y/view Carny, Did not work PinballX.ini log.txt
  6. Okay I am still having the issue with some backglasses not loading for very large VP10 tables. For example, my latest Funhouse rev 2.0, is extremely large, and takes more than 3x time to load up, and be ready to play compared to nearly every other VP10 table. So when I launch FH through PinballX. The table loads and is playable, but the backglass never loads at all, just blank screen. The two hundred plus other tables on my cab have their backglasses load perfectly fine, through PBX. No issues at all. Its just my FH table I assume due to its long load time. The backglass was indeed loading on my previous rev of FH, which was smaller. But the latest 2.0 version, is much larger, and now the backglass problem popped up again. And as before, if I launch FH through the VP editor, the backglass loads every single time without fail. So for some reason, PinballX does not seem to like the very long load times, of this table. Can the devs please download FH from Vpinball.com, and try to replicate this issue. And if there is an issue, can it be looked at. Here is the link to the table: https://vpinball.com/VPBdownloads/funhouse-williams-1990/ Thanks
  7. wrd1972

    PBX wont launch MAME games. Stuck on loading.

    Will certainly take a look in a bit. Thanks.
  8. wrd1972

    Can I run Gameex AE in WINDOWED mode?

    Thanks draco. Obviously i am looking for the best system for my three monitor pincab. Is there a way to force ae to appear on monitor 2, rather than monitor 3 as it is now? Mame appears on the large monitor 1 in the lower cab. If i can force ae to monitor two maybe in the ini, that would be desirable.
  9. I would very much like to run Gameex AE in WINDOWED mode, on my Pincab. I have a pair of monitors in the backbox of my Pincab, that sit side by side to create a very large picture area. And I want to rune AE in windowed mode si I can span monitors 2 and 3. I have the dual monitor mode setting tunred on in the settings. But his causes AE to go full-screen on monitor 3. This leaves monitor two blank. So if I can simply run AE in windowed mode, and I can select the size of the window to span monitors 2 and 3, I may be good to go. Thanks
  10. wrd1972

    PBX wont launch MAME games. Stuck on loading.

    Perhaps there is a different gameex version that I need. Fo a quick start function.
  11. wrd1972

    PBX wont launch MAME games. Stuck on loading.

    Tom, Let me switch gears just a bit. I currently have have Gameex AE working. With that said, What I really want is a way to very quickly start the game, once it is selected from the menu. I dont want any other option, Just select the game, and it loads on the screen. Can AE do that? I have various items/options deselected, but I still dont have the quick start that I really want.
  12. wrd1972

    PBX wont launch MAME games. Stuck on loading.

    Sorry. I am not very good at CMD line. Will need some assistance.
  13. wrd1972

    PBX wont launch MAME games. Stuck on loading.

    Precisely. ROMs are likely dated. But they run through the mame interface just fine.
  14. wrd1972

    PBX wont launch MAME games. Stuck on loading.

    Any other ideas? Again mame runs perfectly through the mame interface. Must be some small thing thats off.
  15. wrd1972

    PBX wont launch MAME games. Stuck on loading.

    Can having two PBX's installed be the issue?