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  1. Draco, i think i caused some confusion. I was speaking to if the industry would ever develop large square monitors to replace the hack job i have with the two smaller monitors. Sorry i was not more clear. No charmin squeezing intended. I am confident Tom can creat a script that will hide the icons like i need. He has helped me quite a bit in addressing the weird issue i see that are related to my more unique setup.
  2. Will do. Its really nice having a larger display for the backglasses. Even though its a major hack from two monitors. But until they make a 22" square monitor, I am shit out of luck. Gotta a feeling I will continue to be shit out of luck.
  3. Yeah I understand that. Mod would be best. Many thanks.
  4. Dont really want to hide the desktop icons. Also running W10 home. I am running two monitors in the backbox that are in portrait mode side by side. I simp[ly span across them to create one large backbox display. So when PBX is running in the browsing mode. I am showing "backbox" image on the left monitor and thisd shows the tables flyer. On the right side, I run "topper" and this shows the tables play card. Now for each image on each monitor, it is NOT full screen. It is a "cropped image" that allows the desktop icons to show. So I am running something out of the norm. Best thing for me would be to force black screen or an image on all displays when PBX starts up. FIles attached and thanks. PinballX.ini log.txt
  5. Okay when I launch PBX, I can still see desktop icons on my backglass screen. I would prefer for those to be blacked-out when PBX is booting up. Or maybe even force a selected image so the desktop icons are covered. Is this possible?
  6. That sounds awesome. Thanks again.
  7. I would need more time to try them all. I have at least 140 vp10 tables. I can start testing tommorow if you like. But the fact that the troublesome bbbb is now working properly, gives me some comfort that the issue is much closer to a solution. I will test tomorrow and respond asap. Again many thanks for working on it.
  8. Results for the third exe - big step forward. I tested a handful of VP10 tables and the ones that would not load their backglasses with the second test exe, no work properly withthe third exe. Plus BBBB is now loading its backglass for the first time. Your definitely on the right path.
  9. Results from the secon .exe. Looks like a step backwards. With "system type" still set to visual pinball. There are some tables now that are NOT loading their backglass properly. But they were loading them on the first test .exe.
  10. Okay, trying the second one now.
  11. Okay I just tried the above executable, AND set "system type" back to Visual Pinball. Most of the tables I quick tested had their backglasses load properly. However Funhouse would not NOT load its backglass, but the other handful did. Bugs Bunny still wont work no matter what. If I set "system type" back to custom, the FH will load its backglass propoerly. So this executable appears to me to be a step in the right direction, since now more tables are having their backglasses loading, with "System type" set to Visual Pinball - unlike the previous executable. Many thanks for working on this. I am eager to work with you to find the solution. Please feel free to send more executables to try. I will try them as promptly as possible.
  12. Yeah this was not a problem many many revs ago. Downloading it now.
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