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    Can't run games with bezel or update list

    Strange part is I had the backup gameex.ini from the previous setup. I dropped that into the directory and it now it works fine. Bezel loads up, doesn't keep asking me to reload games. Not really sure what in the config is messed up, but it seems to work.
  2. jadams

    Can't run games with bezel or update list

    Sure thing. Here you go. This was just me opening gameex and getting prompted to update roms. I aborted that and then went into my game list and tried to start galaga as an example. GameEx.ini log.txt
  3. Running into two issues. I just upgraded my cabinet and every time I exit and go back into gameex it asks me to update my rom list. Second issue is if I have the bezel enabled for vertical games half the games won't load. It will try to drop into mame and then kick right back to the rom list. In the log file the only difference I can see is on the games that won't work it looks like this: cmd.exe /c C: C:\Emulators\Mame\mame64.exe kchamp -rompath z:\mame -nowindow -joy -skip_gameinfo -ctrlr xarcade -volume -32 -artwork -artwork_directory artworkgameex Any game that is working has the same type of command, but nothing around the artworkgameex folder reference.