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  1. Hi I'm just to test Gameex Evolution and for my fist action I want to add an emulator but this emulator is not by default in the standard list in the setup wizard menu emulator selection . I decide to use repository manager to add arcade winkawaks emulator I choose arcade winkawaks in available emulator --> no problem I download selected emulator --> no problem And after i see in installed menu that arcade winkawaks version 1.002 is here and at this time I push exit because nothing action to do the button configure is enable but no possible action after I go to setup Wizard and i go to menu emulator selection to search arcade winkawaks emulator but it is not in the standard list I don't understand why ( see hard copy sequence) question : how to add arcade winkawaks emulator in the setup wizard / menu emulator selection THANKS log repository manager
  2. Hi Tom, That's ok now the new download is ok and no message to update after ps : I had the same problem of gamebase in version 15.41 --> result flashing screen and finish to bock screen in 15.42 all is ok Thanks a lot
  3. i Know but When I download in the section download just now in this url and I install this in a new folder when I look the log afer launch gameex the version est 15.41
  4. Hi, I have tested with 2 méthods 1 ) manual download and install to the folder where gameex is intalled in old version --> result --> the install ok no fail appear but result ko i'm alway in old version 2 ) manual download and install to a new folder --> result --> the install is ok no fail appear but result ko Gameex give me a notification to update a new version --> I'm in 15.41 version here 2bis ) update the gameex version 15.41 create in method 2 but resultat is the same Gameex give me a notification to update a new version --> I'm in 15.41 version here I have launch gameex in administrator but no change result log et gameex in method 2 et 2bis to a new folder thanks for help log.txt GameEx.ini
  5. Hello When I've have launched Gameex I've have received à notification to upgrade Gameex . OK I accept this upgrade and this install is ok but now at each launch I have a gameex notification to upgrade !!!! Thanks for you're help GameEx.ini log.txt
  6. Hi I discover a minor bug in gameex explanation : in the emulator selection in the item selection number 2 the parameter background snap path value is the value of video snap path and vice versa this minor bug is just for the item 2 of the selection regards
  7. Hi That's OK now after this quickfix update Thank you so much
  8. Hi i just downloaded and install gameex in my current installation but I have the same problem with this method see files log.txt GameEx.ini
  9. Hi DRACO1962 I make the update when I launch Gameex and I ask to me update or not and I accept the update
  10. hi In GameEx 14.90 when I launch emulators all that right and I see the emulator and the game launching In GameEx 14.93 when I launch emulators gameex look a back screen and nothing happen and I don't know why gameex stay in black screen and when I click on key in my keyboard gameex terminate his session !!!! This problem is for all emulator thanks for you're help log.txt GameEx.ini
  11. Good evening. I'm trying to run the ps3 emulator also in gameex. But I'm having the same problem reported. Using this command line:

    rpcs3.exe "[ROMPATH] \ [ROMFILE]"

    The emulator starts but displays a white screen.
    Were you able to solve this problem?

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    2. 175650




      do you have load the firmware in the firt execution of the emulator ??

    3. Alan Ribas

      Alan Ribas

      I tested two different games. Both entered normally. But after the fourth boot, one of them simply stopped working.

      In the game called Dragon's Crow the first few times I entered the game ran normally. Now a white screen appears.
      And yes I installed the firmware before starting the games.

    4. 175650


      rpcs3.exe is not very stable at this time 


      you must be patient :-)

  12. Hi the parameters are Rom filter : *.lnk command line : rpcs3.exe "[ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE]" and you can rename the eboot.bin (no problem) and you create .lnk for each game (Eboot.bin) and it's okay
  13. I've tested some possibilities with a different filter *.bin *.lnk but all are ko A link of a directory game A link to an eboot.bin rpcs3.exe "[ROMPATH]\[ROM]" rpcs3.exe "[ROMPATH]"
  14. HI with an eboot.bin in usrdir directory of a game the command rpcs3.exe "[ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE]" is not correct and the second problem is that all the game have the same name executable (EBOOT.BIN) . how to custom ( snap ... ) with multiple games with the same executable under Gameex ?
  15. Hi, Do you know if it's possible to launch RPCS3 Emulator under Gameex and do you know the command line parameter ? version of RPCS3 : 0.0.2-5251 Thanks Regards
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