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  1. Rappelbox

    [RESOLVED] No videos in 2.04

    Run as admin and compatibility mode set to Vista
  2. Very short instruction: -install different versions of vp by going into the pbx setup tool and choose "other system" after vp, fp and fx2. You can define different versions by selecting nr. 2,3 and so on. There you can choose, which version of vp is needed...
  3. Rappelbox

    [RESOLVED] No videos in 2.04

    Thank you for your help so far! I found a solution... Very strange to me, but in the end it works. If I start pbx as a normal user, no videos are displayed. If I start pbx with "right click" start as admin also no videos are displayed. If I go to "right click" settings, compatibility, and then choose to start as admin, everything is fine. Is there a way to avoid that behavior? Greets, Dom
  4. Rappelbox

    [RESOLVED] No videos in 2.04

    Sorry, version numbering was wrong, it's already 2.06 and lav codec is also installed. It seems like pbx is trying to load the videos for some milliseconds and then refusing, there's a very short "flickering" after switching from one table to another log.txt pinballx.ini Greets, Dom
  5. Rappelbox

    [RESOLVED] No videos in 2.04

    Hi guys, I installed pbx on my virgin cab, vlc vp, vpx etc etc everything is working fine... Except the f***ing videos. I tried almost everything, from deleting, reinstalling pbx, installing the new codec pack... Nothing seems to work. Pictures are displayed fine, sound and b2s also. Also, I'm able to play the f4v in vlc, so i don't think the files are corrupt. Copying from my laptop didn't also seem to fix the problem As said before, it's a virgin ssd, before I had a normal hdd, and on that system everything worked fine. I think that means it shouldn't be a hardware problem... Do I need something else like flash or whatever? Maybe trying with an older version or installing shark-codecs, something that would help... Help would be very very much appreciated! Thank you very much! Greets, Dom
  6. Rappelbox

    Looking for input for USB LCD for DMD

    Hi! It's my first post on gameex, so don't be too harsh with me I'm organizing a group buy for the PIN2DMD project and we're way ahead of what the "comercial solution" can do In the near future all kinds of systems may be implemented, and we're not talking about VPins alone: WPC (beta works), Stern etc... Atm colored Pinmame roms work, Future pinball is on it's way and a lot of things will happen. I don't want to fight a war with russ, but what lucky1 and steve45 did is just freakin' awesome!!! Greets, Dom