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  1. RIP: Harry Dean Stanton

    Ahh man that sucks. One of my favourite actors too (Alien, Paris Texas, The Green Mile, etc. Hell, even Pretty in Pink!) Forever immortalised as 'Brett' from Alien for me; one of my all time favourite films and favourite characters. RIP.
  2. Vudu, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon........and so on

    Plex here too, love it. As for content, I'm a member of a few private trackers so that's covered. I don't stream anything, ever. I'm old-school; I like to download it, watch it and (usually) delete it.
  3. Website builder for dummies?

    You could try Wix. Very easy to use (I'm using it to build a website myself and I'm no web developer!) and intuitive. Might be worth a look? The do free hosting (and paid) too...
  4. Steering Wheels For Games?

    As well as the DFGT in my racing cab, I've also had Logitech stuff in the past (a G25 and then G27) too. I've always found them to be well constructed and good value. I've never owned anything from Thrustmaster as I always percieved them as cheap-looking. I never liked that massive wheel and pedal set they produced either (was that the T300? I'm not sure..) That said, Thrustmaster now make a very high-end PC/PS4 wheel (a snip at £700!) but I don't know if it's any good or not. For 700 quid though, it better be! Short answer: Logitech.
  5. Steering Wheels For Games?

    Yeah, that's correct.
  6. Steering Wheels For Games?

    Well, I never managed to get an optical game to play nicely with the DFGT. That's not to say it's impossible though...
  7. Steering Wheels For Games?

    I was thinking of Wix actually as I really like their interface and I own both the 'arcadetimewarp.com' & 'arcadetimewarp.co.uk' domain names and can migrate them over.
  8. Steering Wheels For Games?

    Thank you! Nah, can't say I have. I keep trying to get around to doing a dedicated website (for the driving cab, pinball and videogame cab etc.) but haven't found the time yet. I will get it done though; a central place to document my madness!
  9. Steering Wheels For Games?

    I can vouch for the Driving Force GT! Really good wheel and at a bargain price nowadays too. I'm using it in my cab with MAME, DeMUL, Supermodel, M2 and PC (via Steam). Most MAME driving games play well. If a game was originally fitted with an optical wheel though, it can be difficult to get it set up correctly. Some pictures of it in my cab here that may be of help/inspiration to you.
  10. R.I.P. Mr. Landau.

    RIP Commander Koenig. Moonbase Alpha is a much emptier place now.
  11. This Thursday in the UK

    @stigzler Yeah, sorry mate. Went a little off topic there! Regarding your original post; I did vote and terrorism will never win... One Love.
  12. This Thursday in the UK

    I agree 100%. The US gets a choice of Clinton or Trump, the UK (currently, anyway) has a choice of May or Corbyn. I mean, talk about a rock and a hard place. I wouldn't trust any of the muppets above to walk my dog...
  13. This Thursday in the UK

    This has always cracked me up... pretty much true too.
  14. [RESOLVED] GameEX Attract Mode Video Problem

    Tom, I can confirm that you have fixed the issue. Many thanks!
  15. [RESOLVED] GameEX Attract Mode Video Problem

    LAV codecs are installed (see attached screenshot)