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  1. Sounds like 'Ridge Racer' ???
  2. Same issue for me too; it'll get fixed soon enough, I have no doubt. In the meantime, I can just unplug the network cable...
  3. Carrie Fisher joins the ranks of celebs who have died this year. Sad times indeed. RIP Princess Leia F**k you 2016, go eat a bag of dicks.
  4. Yep, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all...
  5. Stigzler's correct! Party on dudes...
  6. Okay then, here's your next one... "Follow me". Clue 1: PS One game
  7. Sorted it. Running from the command line, the ROMs need to be in the root directory of Supermodel itself.
  8. Hi all, I'm trying to get Supermodel to work via the command line (before attempting to implement it into GameEx) but I cannot get it to load ROMs. It works fine if I use the Supermodel Loader executable. I am using Daytona 2 as an example. Loads fine from Supermodel Loader but not from the command line. Please see attached error message. Can anyone please advise? Thanks.
  9. You made it up? What sort of BS is this???
  10. Wing Commander? (grabbing at straws here! lol)
  11. Spec Ops??? Can't complete the line though...
  12. Winner! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk