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  1. Lucky1, would you be so kind as to share the color DMD frames you are using for America's Most Haunted.  Now that UltraDMD has gone color, I suspect I can just replace the current ones with your color ones and have it work with PinDMD3.  I guess I could color the ones I have, but why reinvent the wheel....  Thanks up front.  I'm really hoping we can develop  full compatibility between your project and PinDMD3.  The more people swapping ideas and developments, the better for all of us.





  2. The implementation Tom made will only run starting with PIN2DMD firmware version 2.03 and higher which will be released next week. I had to make some changes to the xdmdnative dll because the picture was upside down. Here is a video of the Demo Thanks Tom for your work
  3. I have added pin2dmd support for pinballx real DMD logo display in full color by using a modified XDMD version Works fine in my cab and would look great on your cab Tom Feel free to contact me if you need any info.
  4. Search for PIN2DMD on youtube. You will lots of videos
  5. I´m talking about PIN2DMD interface which also supports color LED DMDs not the old pindmd2. You can connect your monochrome pinball dmd to it, as long as you wait for your RGB panels. You can find more information here http://vpuniverse.com/forums/forum/132-pin2dmd/
  6. Thanks for your support Tom. I´m currently playing around with your xdmd source, figuring out how PIN2DMD could be integrated with colors. Is there a newer source available ? As it is already running fine using pindmd2 protocol, there is no rush for me and the community. There are also some new things in discussion with the guys taking care of virtual pinmame source e.g. driverless support in windows. I will come back to you as soon as we found the best way. PIN2DMD costs about 30$ without the display panels and can also be used for monochrome pinball dmd and easily be upgraded to color. The support is done by the community. So I don´t see any reason to keep a pindmd1 either.
  7. Here is a video of pin2dmd in action with latest official pinmame build supporting palette upload. Here it uses modified ROM files colorized with Pinball Browser and SmartDMD palette switching. Here it is connected to a real Dr. Who pinball machine. Both can not be done with pindmd3 Here is a playlist with more videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCO4LbW2kIL5m2C5_EXPokThLR8YeTx-i
  8. That´s really bright. I thought it was a red LED DMD on the picture. BTW thanks for your work on pinballX. If you want to add support for my open source color DMD controller , just contact me. Already 100 participants in this project which would be glad.
  9. Looks great but what is missing is a full color DMD with PIN2DMD interface PinballX looks so much better with the flames in color
  10. Hi Tom, first of all thank you for your great products. I have developed a usb interface which uses pindmd protocolto send graphical data to chinese color LED dotmatrix panels. It is completely open source and free for non commercial use and already have a base of about 100 units ordered in a group buy. I had to add a few commands e.g. to upload palette information. Since UltraDMD and Pinballx is based on your XDMD library I was wondering if you want to implement these new commands to provide them to these applications ? I currently use a batch file to upload the information before I start a table which is also O.K., but it would be great if it could be done within UltraDMD. Here is the Topic in the VPU Forum http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/2219-pin2dmd-color-pindmd-compatible-interface-with-led-rgb-color-dmd/ Here is a video of PIN2DMD with pinballX animation and UltraDMD table Americas Most Haunted Regards Lucky1
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