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  1. Viktory2k1

    PBX issues

    OK, got it, will see what I can do about the files you need soon. Thanks, Vic
  2. Viktory2k1

    PBX issues

    Hello, been awhile sincie I have been here and worked on the pinball, I started again a few days ago and it wanted an update to pinballx so I did it and then all screens were messed up, I got them working outside of pinballx running visual pinball and found a conflict with the backglass setting in the screenres.txt vs the pbx set up, I put both bg monitors to 4 and it worked except when scrolling through the tables, no BG but is I launch a table from pbx, all goo, I really don't want to re-record 267 tables so it there a setting I am missing in the pbx scrolling bg area? That woeked fine befor I changed the bg to 4 in pbx but now the games work fine but the scrolling through games has no bg. Hard to explain so may not make sense. Any Ideas before I re-record everything which takes 3 hours?
  3. I shoulda used a better example..
  4. I don't think I did but have set that while on a table and right-clicking the backglass.Maybe I could somehow pit it into the script for nondmd tables or something, anything is better then the desktop in the dmd window. I tried to add a non dmd pic that shows part of the desctop but it didn't work, or blank would be good. Wait, photobucket, which is unlocked if you want to see more of my pics.... I know this is a DMD table but see what I mean? If I play a non-DMD table, I will see what is in the first pic. Thanks. Vic
  5. Just wondering if there is a way to keep the pinballx logo running while playing a non-DMD table. Otherwise, my desktop shows in the DMD window.
  6. What are the sounds from when you go to pinballx.net in the video or 3 actually? I am going to try what is in the FTP and see if I like it.
  7. Hello, I finally got the FTP server to work, I was mis-spelling the name of client this whole time! Anyway, Is there a way to make that animated PBX logo to run in the DMD all the while you are browsing? I had it once but it stopped except 1 table which I don't have a BG or PF and that is 4 million BC I scroll through the tables, nice clean recording but didn't record DMD so I could just have that and that 1 table, it shows up on, also, is there a way to keep it running on non DMD tables? Thanks. Vic
  8. I love the recorder and just downloaded the pinxcheck utility, I am having many issues with my setup and this sit, for some reason, I cannot access the ftp. I don't know why, I had done it before but I want the sounds for scrolling and the pinballx logo seems to have dissappeared. I am recording on the pinball pc as we speak. I love it but my screenres keeps changing what it likes, yesterday, 2 was the BG, today it showed up on the DMD so I set it to 4 and it is back on 2, it's goofy. I want sounds for scrolling and the pinballx logo in the dmd but it went away automatically. I will post this soon, I just don't know why I can't get to the ftp. Vic
  9. The issue I am having is very strange, last night I recorded every table, BG and dmd I had and tested and worked great, even the pinballx logo appeared in the DMD when it was a non dmd table, actually, I would like that on all tables while scrolling. Today, I run PBX and BG is on DMD screen and dmd logo of pinballx was huge on the backglass. Is it possible to change settings with pre-recorded stuff? I can't stand this much longer as it takes 5 hours to record everything set at 15 seconds. I must be screwing something up somewhere. I am recording all videos now and looks great and if I launch a table it look like it should so why do the recordings keep messing up and where is the pinballx logo for DMD? I am a year into this and the cab is as far as I can go until I get this working, I want it to look like the pbx.net videos. I must have deleted the pinballx logo from something. I am lost. I can't even find the ftp anymore. I put the address in and brings me to the details page, not the real page. This project is really getting worse. here are some pics... This is what I want and it was there last night... Yeah, different table but if I am lucky, I get this. I am missing something and it has been 6 months working on the software when I can and I get to the first pic, and the next day I continue and its gone, that would not appear when I launched pbx.today. Is is possible to change recorded videos after their done recording? I must have recorded 20 times deleting all previous recordings, I think I deleted the pinballx logo in the process. Sorry for the rant but I have a weird issue. If I make any change, do I restart the pc, like pbx settings? They seem to take effect right away. I don't know. My brain is fried. It is always the DMD and BG, never the PF.
  10. 30 posts was too much and I made it to 19. Is this the sounds you hear on the pinballx.net videos? would you recommend recording images or videos? Still not sure about the DMD and the animated pinballx logo. I gotta try this out. Seems I posted here before but cant find it.
  11. A digital display on the top of backbox? Hmmmm I like that.
  12. Hi, been awhile since I posted and can't remember if I already posted it, I didn't see anything from me about this. Well, if you go to pinballx.net and watch the videos right when you log in, not even sure if thats where I saw it. What I am asking is, on a 3 monitor setup like I am trying to do, long story, I have alot of EM tables and I saw videos on vp cabs playing a non dmd game but in the dmd window, there is an animated pinballx video playing, I am wondering where to get it and how to set it up. Thanks, Vic
  13. Hi, I really like this but I cannot find the rotated version, it has been a while since I have been on here. I can't seem to find it in the FTP rotated. Nice! WOW, I can't even remember how to get to the FTP site to get the rotated download. I think my brain is fried from my 5-8 hours everynight working on the pinball scripts.
  14. Hi, is there a way to start the PBX recorder anywhere or do you always have to start over? I have 2 Star Trek games that it gets confused with and would rather not start from scratch.
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