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  1. Don't forget that some users will need to edit the location of PBX as we don't all have it living in the same place.
  2. I'll mark this one as RESOLVED as there is nothing that can be done. As Carny said, it's a Samsung hardware thing.
  3. Finally I can put his one to bed.... I forgot that I had a separate PBX system for PROC and it was running a VPX version created prior to the "window" script addition to VPX. I've got PBX now calling the latest VPX and the focus issue in now gone.
  4. I've now switched to running True Fullscreen full time (works perfectly for all other tables) and I still have focus issues for CCC. Basically it starts with a black playfield and I have to AltTab to regain focus. Tried both as Custom and VP in systems... * Custom: displays Loading Screen * VP: displays black Alt/Tab works for both. Will keep working on it. ps: Scripting ahk's to work around this is beyond me I'm afraid
  5. Bites Pizza>>Swills Beer>>Wipes mouth>>Burps>> yeah that should be about the same time that the OSD is up Seriously though, it looks like I'll be replacing my playfield monitor. Shame really, as this Sammy has an awesome picture and is good in every other way. True full screen is worth it though. I have another 40 inch Sammy on my race sim.... I could possibly swap them, but being an older model I would need to decase it..... hmm too hard.... more beer and pizza please!
  6. I have finally switched to VP's True Fullscreen and am loving the extra quality of the playfield image... but.... (there's always a but ) The Samsung has the annoying habit of placing a large banner OSD (on screen display) across the top of the TV (playfield) each time the resolution changes or when it detects a new signal. Now everything is set to 1920x1080 in VP and also PBX... and this problem never happened when using VP in Full Screen Windowed. So it's associated with True Full Screen... it's as if there is now a break in signal as PBX hands focus to VPX and visa versa, and this promps the stupid OSD. Is there anything in PBX that would allow a constant signal to be maintained during the focus shift? It's not a major problem, as it doesn't effect game play at all, but it is an annoying problem as it disturbs the "flow" of the cabinet by increasing wait times as new tables are selected. Sadly, there is no way to turn off this feature in the TV itself (even in the engineer's menu)
  7. Nice looking site and looks like it eases the effort needed to bring all the pieces together. Good work. I shall watch with interest.
  8. Here you go, Scott should be able to help...
  9. I'm not familiar with the lasted version of Kodi sorry, so I can't tell you if anything has changed. As for leds ... mine are all ambient audio activated. The visualisation on the playfield picks the actual audio feed however. See It can be linked to the leds however, as someone did it recently. Let me find the link. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. There are destructions online for DIY kits that allow higher lpm to be used. From memory, I think they were being run off an Audrino ...or was it a Pi? nah, Audrino I think. I'm going to chase that up, as I might build one for behind my BeerKeg MAME or race sim screen. EDIT: I just found the destructable and it would be cheaper to buy the one I linked.
  11. can be used for other addons too, but no need now that you have it working. re the cab lighting (and I know this is not what your thinking about, but I just find it really cool) is Using addressable LEDs to follow & match the colour that is being displayed on the screen. Imagine that chasing & matching the visualisations in real time. Would be awesome! EDIT: Oooooohhhh.... I just saw that it has a Music Mode that it creates from audio channels. Sweet!!
  12. Google "kodi" as you can tell KODI to start in an addon.
  13. Sweet. That seemed to work. Not the greatest quality, but you get the idea. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Let's see if that processes. The last video I uploaded to Vimeo failed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Hi GP, Kodi has been running fine and really there has been no need to change anything on the Jukebox side of things, as it does that well. Except that I have updated the Skin to include a 3rd topper screen, but the "operation" side of it is still the same. I continue to add "add-ons" to Kodi from time to time however, so now it also does things like Digital Radio, NetFlix streaming, YouTube Music Video, NASA images, CatchUp TV etc and I am currently working on it playing retrogames from online ROM databases. I will shoot a new video for you later today, as it's 6am here at the moment and the wife might not be too happy with the Jukebox blasting