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  1. I downloaded the latest version and tried to record with the game manager. The table video works, backglass still doesn't. Not sure how to record straight using PinballX. I've attached my log file and the two videos that were recorded. This is the backglass error I get: Thanks for any help. Jeff ACDC_-_Premium_(Stern_2012).mp4 ACDC_-_Premium_(Stern_2012).mp4 log.txt
  2. Whelp, I gave up on the videos for the time being. I just took screen shots of the broken/missing ones. Not sure what is the problem but Google has NOT been my friend. Many hours spent and many codecs later, to no avail. It has something to do with Windows 10 Pro Media Player/Movies & TV that won't play the file. I guess that Pinball X uses that even when I change the default player to VLC that plays them just fine? Weirdest thing I've seen.
  3. So I ditched the PBX Recorder for the Game Manager capture tool. I've recorded both tables and backglass fine. When playing straight from the folder, the table videos play fine but the backglass videos gave me a "can't play 0XC1010103" error. I switched to VLC media player and they play fine from the folder but the backglass videos still won't play in Pinbal; X on my second (2) screen. The table videos play fine on my main (1) screen. When I start a table, the backglass and table work fine. My LAV filter setup looks just like that above. I had hardware acceleration checked but unchecked it. Could having both the LAV filter and VLC Player installed (with another version of LAV) be a problem? Update - I added a few more tables via game manager. One one I used the video capture and the other I left the videos that were downloaded by the manager. The backglass downloaded by the manager played on the 2nd screen, the one I captured still didn't but is in the folder and playable via VLC.
  4. I just recorded a batch of videos (in both formats,MP4 and FFV, to check) using PBX Recorder for Visual Pinball. The videos went to the correct folders in Media/Visual Pinball and play fine on their own. I've installed LAV Filters and VLC Player. The problem is they no longer play in Pinball X. Ones that were downloaded by the Game Manager still work and I recorded one with Game Manager and it worked. The PBX Recorder is just so easy to use for all the tables (set and let it run) that I'm wondering what the problem could be? Thanks for any help,
  5. I checked the other thread. It's using rocketlauncher? I don't want to add more complexity, just launch straight from GameEx. I'm using Windows 10. Adultery - do you have a command line example? Thanks.
  6. Is anyone using RetroArch with GameEx? I really like the idea of having a unified menu within each emulator. It really helps for save states and settings using just the controller (XBOX 360 wireless) instead of having to break into a menu and use a keyboard. I just started messing with it a day ago, so I don't know how good it really is, but being able to adjust stuff with the controller just by hitting 2 buttons really caught my eye. It reminds me of some of the NES/SNES Wii emulators that were so easy to use with just the controller. The last post I saw looked like it was back in 2014 and I was just wondering if it works well now? If it does, I'd love to know what command lines to use to get it up and running via GameEx. Thanks for any info, Jeff
  7. Got it working now by using the database, thanks. This can be resolved.
  8. I have used the advanced emulator setup and removed "[bIOS*" files from appearing. I've tried this several times. If I go back into the setup program without starting GameEX, it shows that bios files should be excluded. However, once I start GameEX, the bios files show in the game list and are removed from the setup program list once I re-run it. Not sure what's going on right now..
  9. Is there a database for PS1 rom (iso) names? I am only getting a few snaps downloaded automatically and wondering what the naming convention should be. Thanks for any help. Jeff
  10. I have it working now. Some of the files had () leading and must have been causing the issue. Thanks.
  11. GameEX is not displaying all of my Playstation games correctly. The screen says "52 items", but only 3 are displayed as playable. I have the rom filter set to "*.cue;*.ccd;*.mds". If I don't put a filter on, the screen says "262 items" and still displays 3 games. I have display sub folders turned on and using the playstation database. I've cleared all the cache files from the DATA folder for the emulator, and still the same thing. Thanks for any help, Jeff
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