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  1. Lord Zog

    Key from 2007 issue

    I've been a long-time user of GameEX and my arcade machine crashed.. Upon installing my key and setting up GameEX, it's telling me I need a subscription to download themes... Is my key outdated for newer GameEX's, or has something changed?? If I go to Client Area, it doesn't show any of my purchases either, or option to renew key.. (Or show I even bought it..) But I still have my key from June 2007..
  2. Lord Zog

    anyone running 3DO?

    Shame that Jag sucks also for emu. Everything is emu'd fine for me except but I can't pack away my Panasonic FZ-1 or Jag just yet.. As for perfect dumps, unless ya do them yourself, there are 3 versions of most of the games that have been classified as "perfect" but the checksums don't match.. Same with 3DO.. Even TOSEC isn't complete on this system..
  3. Lord Zog

    anyone running 3DO?

    I use it for some roms, but the emulator itself is garbage.. A lot of compatibility issues and bad sound.. One rom will be LOUD as hell, and another will have missing samples, but works fine on my Panasonic 3D0 so the rip is good.. MESS has a non-working "driver" for 3D0, just not working yet.. Lets see if this gets better once the driver is assigned to someone to work on..
  4. Lord Zog

    GameEx Setups & Emulators

    BUMP!! Been over a year! Can we get this pinned and a few other users setups added to this now? I am curious to what others are using now that its been over a year! Don't be shy!
  5. Make sure you ARE NOT running the LATEST drivers from nVidia (180.xx) as it no loger supports the 6xxx series of vid cards.. Uninstall your old drivers, and run DriverCleaner and install the latest supported by your card, 178.24. If you use anything higher, your vid card will run slower as these drivers are no longer optimized for the 6xxx series.. Ya should run fine with a 6600GT tho.. Ran that for 2 years before going to the 8800 series and never had issues with GameEx or any emulators I have installed.
  6. Lord Zog

    playstation 2 games in total

    Good luck rippin' them. Thats a lot of disks to rip. Also, ya can mod your .CUE's to relect the drives.. So, for example.. Collection A-J is on your D: drive, have your .CUE's say like "d:\PS2\A\AquaAqua.BIN", and then your E: would have like K-S so the .CUE's sould say like "E:\PS2\N\NeedforSpeedCarbon.BIN".. All your .cue's could then be in your C:\Program Files\GameEx\RomCues\PS2\*.CUE and your PS2 filter in GameEx would be to just look at *.CUE. Then the .CUE's do the work for ya.. Or just use Raid.. Easier to do and just sounds easier. But the .CUE option works.. Did this on a network drive for 3DO and Sega Saturn when I filled my PC case and had no more room for HDD's till I bought a server case to hide in the closet.
  7. Lord Zog

    playstation 2 games in total

    Complete collection is 3.2TB. 1541 Games. Thats just for the USA stuff and a few games are still planned. I could be missing a few things, but this is complete from what I can find.
  8. Lord Zog

    Cant get over the fact Vista blows

    Bah! XP SP3 Build 5512 is now RTM and is now avail at http://download.windowsupdate.com/msdownlo...2300ebfde4.exe... Go back to XP! I did.
  9. Lord Zog

    Backup Folder???

    Good Job MS! Now XP SP3 is pushed to April.. They can't even meet their own deadline..
  10. Lord Zog

    Backup Folder???

    Yup.. Works fine on my XPS m1730 with Vista Home Premium and SP1.. But, my main emu machine is XP as a few emu's don't play nice with Vista quite yet.. That and I find XP is a tad quicker than Vista and with SP3,, they say its even faster than XP with SP2. lol.. If I don't see a big improvement tho, I will be using Vista on my emu machine as soon as those broken emus (2 of them) are updated. I figured it was just a matter of copying the complete folder, but wanted to make sure.. Thanks fer the info.
  11. Lord Zog

    Backup Folder???

    With Windows XP SP3 around the weekend.. (Supposed to be Tuesday or so), do I just backup my "C:\Program Files\GameEx" folder to keep my settings after install or another folder? Can I just backup my "C:\Program Files\GameEx\Data\" folder?? I am doing a complete format and reinstall as with all SP's, we get Kernel updates not avail from patches, which means, possible speed increases.. lol.. Lemme know as I am backing up everything important from my boot drive and will be formatting as soon as XP SP3 is released and integreated into my XP cd for a new install. It's due anyways... Haven't formatted since XP SP2. Thanks!
  12. Lord Zog

    GameEx 2/22 update and DirectX 10

    Wow. DX10 on XP.. Didn't think it would install on an XP machine.. Either way, just uninstall her and install latest DX9.0c Nov 2007 Redist and it'll fix you up.
  13. Lord Zog

    GameEx Setups & Emulators

    Always happens with stuff like that. Don't feel bad. My Nvidia nForce 3 mobo isn't suppoprted by Vista lol.. Wanted to try Vista since I was a beta tester for it with MS Connect, and I had to use it on my lappy to be able to submit my bugs to get a free copy of her. lol.. And its still sitting on the HDD not burnt as I don't like it. lol... That and Pro-Tools doesn't work in Vista so no go for me..
  14. Lord Zog

    Windows XP SP3 Release Candidate

    Works fine so far.. Been pretty stable since last beta to this RC from Dec 18th.
  15. Lord Zog

    O/T - What Is MCE2005 Like For A HTPC Setup ?

    If no TV/DVR, you could always try MediaPortal. Thats what I use.. Great as a DVD player interface as well if you rip movies ot HDD. If not, just stick with GameEx as yur main frontEnd.. You can use MediaPortal and GameEx at the same time as well.