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  1. Actually it does not work, and it is because of the incompatibility of 32bit and 64bit programs and plugins. DOF could be compiled 64bit but then VP and B2S will stop working when operating in 32bit mode. I suggest to install PinballX forced 32bit when using DOF or B2S plugin, unfortunately all 64bit advantages get lost then!
  2. Sorry for the delay, I had to extract them from my table videos! They are on the FTP now
  3. Weird Three first aid hints: (if not already done): Install LAV filters Install MadVR Apply 4GB patch to PinballX.exe (http://www.ntcore.com/4gb_patch.php)
  4. Yes, I tried with exactly this settings too, worked like a charm ! My BG videos do not freeze in both modes as described above. BTW: Did you try to run PinballX in mode "fullscreen windowed" ? (see my log)
  5. Well dark side magic, I guess I just checked it again, no animation freeze on every table in PBFX3. Here is my log: Don't worry about the starter exe, as written above, I tested it also without. Here are the settings, nothing special too, I think. The latest update OF PBFX3 was on October 3rd.
  6. I tried it without my script now, it makes no difference, the backglass video keeps playing. I also switched between full screen mode and frameless window mode in PBFX3, no difference either.
  7. Mysterious! I really do not know, why it works here. One further thing: I use an AHK start script, but nothing special, could it be this one? I will try to start FX3 directly tomorrow, maybe that makes a difference. Stay tuned, I will report the results then.
  8. I knew, someone would ask Please see: http://www.ntcore.com/4gb_patch.php You can try it, it is reversible (creates a backup).
  9. He writes, that it will work, when you start PBFX3 in full screen mode But I start it in borderless window mode and it works too.... Edit: BTW: In my cab I installed three software packages, which could have some influence on the video behavior: LAV filters (latest release) MadVr (latest release) The (in)famous 4GB patch on PinballX.exe (it really has a noticable influence on multimedia performance for me)
  10. Hmhh, strange. I run PinballX 2.42 together with PBFX3 (PBFX3 internal backglass system disabled) and my animated backglass videos (the usual ones from here) run flawlessly during PBFX play ! There is even no visible break in the animation during table start and table play. I had the same window! I do not know why, but it is the topper image or video window, although I disabled it in the settings. Then I set the topper display (monitor number) to a nonexisting screen (Display #4), and it disappeared. Maybe @Tom takes a short look on this.
  11. Here they are! Set hidebackglass to true, if you use PBFX3's built-in backglass system, gridposition has no effect here, when you start the application in cabinet mode (with table name).
  12. Thanks for the compliment guys No problem, stay tuned, I will post them here soon.
  13. I just uploaded table videos and animated backglass videos to the FTP (other uploads/ginsonic/Artwork/Pinball FX3/...), enjoy BTW videos: This is the command line to overlay an image in an existing videofile using FFMPEG (e.g. to change a PBFX2 logo to a PBFX3 logo in a backglass video), please see https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/18063-pinball-fx2-bg-videos-classic/?page=7&tab=comments#comment-172611 Just download and unpack FFMPEG, open a command line window, change paths and names in the command above and set values for posX and posY (positions, where the overlay image is placed in the video). Choose an overlay image with the same or bigger size than the logo in the video to hide it totally.
  14. Thanks Draco, I know this one! It is the one, I mentioned above, which is too slim to cover up the existing logo in the backglass images/videos.
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