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  1. tables listed twice and Exit issue

    Hi, The exit issue is okay now. Sometimes I have to press the exit key 2 times but I can live with that. For the double-tables I have attached the requested files. It happened after the update. I see all tables two times on the wheels, also on the "all tables wheel"... Thanks pinballx.ini log.txt vp10 favorites.xml
  2. tables listed twice and Exit issue

    Hi, I have two issues: First, since the latest update my favorites list that I created as group is listed twice. When I select this list, every table is not two times on the wheel. In game manager I also notice in the system list that all the list are listed twice in the dropdown box. Second issue: when I start a table from pinballx, the exit key is only working when I have started a game on the table. When I load the table, and immediately press the EXIT key it does not work. PinballX does not intercept that key then. Is this normal behaviour? Thanks
  3. 3-screen setup, backglass and dmd gets switched

    I tried 1080p first with sqme result but this 1360x768 is the ‘recommmended’ resolution in windows (‘recommended’ behind it) so that’s why I tested with that. i use latest version of pbx. You said you had same problem earlier. So pbx was changing screens randomly as well with you? And when did it stopped doing it? Just by luck? i am wondering if reinstalling my pc would make a difference... a bit drastic perhaps
  4. 3-screen setup, backglass and dmd gets switched

    Maybe the development team of pbx can let us know where they get the info from or what the logic is behind their screen numbering code. The fact that pbx sees screen numbers different than windows means that they have their own logic probably. Is it a registry key somewhere? If so, i could script it to change it automatically to the same values on each reboot or something so the monitor numbers stick... I do not care which number is assigned to which screen as long as it is Always the same each reboot... and for windows it is always the same, but for pbx it currently is not.
  5. 3-screen setup, backglass and dmd gets switched

    Both attached. Thanks ScreenRes.txt PinballX.ini
  6. 3-screen setup, backglass and dmd gets switched

    Hi, I followed above advise (thanks for posting that) and removed the 2 registry keys. After that I connected the screens one by one. Windows 10 initially named my playfield screen 1, backglass 2, but after plugging in my dmd monitor, windows numbered the backglass 3 and the DMD 2. So I than physically moved both screens to the other ports on the graphics card (I switched backglass and dmd) and started over. Now Windows has them numbered in the correct order: playfield = 1 backglass = 2 dmd = 3 my setup looks like in the screenshot attached. I configured windows to "extend the screens" on the 3 monitors. I configured PBX with the same settings, and gave the monitors there the same number (see screenshot 2). This initally worked when i tested it. But, after a reboot, pinballx changed the order of backglass and dmd again (sometimes!)... displaying the dmd on screen 2 (backglass) and the backglass on screen 3(dmd) as you can see in screenshot 3. After I made that photo, I just rebooted again, without touching any config files and as you can see in screenshot 4, pinballx displayed everything again on the correct screen. So it's completely random what screen pinballx picks for backglass and dmd. The order in windows stays fixed so in Windows, it does not change on reboots, only in pinballX. Also, in Visual Pinball, it always is correct. I configured B2S to use screen 1 for backglass, with an x offset of 1920 . So it is not configured to use screen 2 or 3. However, pinballX does not allow me to select screen 1 for both playfield and backglass (with an x or y-offset) because than the backglass is not displayed at all on any screen.
  7. 3-screen setup, backglass and dmd gets switched

    Thanks for your reply. I followed your steps. With playfield and backglass screens enabled only, pinballx seems to remain stable displaying them correctly each time. From the moment I introduce and enable also the dmd monitor, pinballx start to switch them around after each reboot randomly. My screen numbers remain stable in windows 10 itself, playfield is 1, backglass is 3, and dmd monitor is 2. This order and numbers remain the same and do not alter between reboots. In pinballx I had configured playfield as screen1, backglass as screen 2 and dmd as screen 3. This was displayed correct at the time I made the configuration. After a reboot however, the dmd and backglass got switched. Now I have the situation again that one reboot everything displays correct, other reboots the dmd is displayed on the backglass and visa versa. Its completely random although the config files remain unchanged. The playfield seems to Always be stable on screen 1.
  8. Hi, I have 3 screens cabinet, with windows 10. Windows assigned each monitor a number, and this is the same every time that I boot my PC, so that number does not change on reboots. I configured pbx to use backglass and dmd to a seperate monitor, however on each reboot, pbx seems to randomly assigns the backglass and dmd to either screens. So sometimes it seems to think that monitor 2 is the backglass monitor, other times it thinks that this monitor 2 is the dmd monitor. So sometimes the backglass and dmd are displayed on the correct monitor, but other times after rebooting, they are displayed on the wrong monitor (backglass is displayed on dmd monitor) while i did not change the pinballx settings. The monitor number that I need to select in pbx config are NOT the same numbers that windows assigned to the screens, but I read in another thread that this is normal. This would be okay for me, if the internal numbering in pbx did not change after each reboot. But it seems it does, since pbx is not consistent in displaying backglass and dmd Always to the same screen that was assigned to it in the config. The playfield (monitor number 1) is Always correct, so it seems pbx is only changing assignments for backglass and dmd (monitor 2 and 3). Anyone else have this problem?
  9. +1 for this. I like start table with "one click" but still want to access the filters.
  10. attract mode & ledblink

    but not a change I could implement on my own I assume? Does it need to be made in gameex or in the ledblinky plugin?
  11. attract mode & ledblink

    It seems that gameex does NOT pass the ROM name to ledblinky when it launches a game in attract mode. Is this normal by design? Or a bug?
  12. attract mode & ledblink

    Hi, I have setup my config with ledblinky and a pacled64. my control panel buttons contain leds and with the help of ledblinky, the correct buttons which are used in the particular game that i choose light up. This works fine when selecting a game manually. However, when the gameex attract mode (screensaver) start running (I have set it up to run a random game) than sadly enough the buttons don't light up. As if ledblinky is disabled during attract mode. It would be great if this also worked in attract mode because now, when I do an "insert coin" to start playing a game during attract mode, no buttons are lit at all. Is there a way to also enable ledblinky to light up the used buttons in attract mode? so that the buttons from the randomly selected game also light up? Thanks
  13. Hi, I bought an Ultimarc servostick that goes from 4 way to 8 way via a command file. I need to run this command file to let the joystick switch from 4 to 8 way BEFORE launching a game... Some games will need to run the command file to set the stick to 4ways, other games 8ways... I can find an option in GameEx that would allow me to run command files on a per game basis... There don't seem to be options settings for every game... Can this be done? perhaps through script or ini files? So before the game would run, it would need to run "JoyTray.exe -servo joy8way" for 8way games, and "JoyTray.exe -servo joy4way" for 4 way games... Thanks for any help on this Patrick