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  1. odie

    PFX2 Takes a few "esc" hits to exit table

    It is beginning to seem you need to be at-least a part time programmer to make things work well sometimes.
  2. odie

    How to get support to issues.

    That being said I have paid for the Lifetime Membership when I started using GameEX and it was well worth it and since PBX seems to be the preferred front end for pinball I would not mind paying for the product if it helps with support and resources. I do not have any programming skills and many do not. Would this potentially help in development and updates?
  3. odie

    How to get support to issues.

    No reason to apologize, unless it was sarcasm text is hard to interpret without voice inflection or physical cues. I was not trying to offend and I realize that this is a hobby and people have real jobs. I was just wondering if there is subject line, preferred forum, outside forum etc. to get attention or a response for support versus something that maybe viewed as just a discussion.
  4. odie

    How to get support to issues.

    I was wondering how we can get support for some of the issues that are being posted. I know I am a newbie and this is a free product (Paying lifetime in my case) but I have seen questions being asked and not being replied to by anyone with knowledge or affiliation to PBX or GameEX. Should look outside of this forum for issues with PBX?
  5. odie

    PFX2 Takes a few "esc" hits to exit table

    I too have experienced this. Sometimes I would have to shuffle thru other tables before it would let me Exit. Is their a way to flag this or should it be in a different forum?
  6. Thanks Freezy. I looked at the site some more and it is laid out wonderfully, it appealing to the user and the information about the history of the table is interesting. I downloaded my first Visual X table (Tommy) and it was very easy an intuitive for a newbie like myself. VPF on the other hand is not intuitive and is overly complicated and it makes no sense to a beginner. I did download Monster Bash and it showed as not being a VP X. For some reason I was under the impression on the tables were VP X, but perhaps my assumption was wrong. Thank you again Freezy.
  7. odie

    Pro Pinball Ultra and DMD-DMDext

    It is the Steam version. I am not sure how to proceed as I have tried the m2 and m3 setting.
  8. Freezy- I see their are options to download tables. If you down load are the needed files in a zip with it (ROM, dmd etc.)? Sorry I am at work so I couldn't test.
  9. I am new at at Vpin so please bare with me. I have Fx2 setup and running perfect with Freezy's awesome DMDext. But I am struggling with setting on Pro Pinball. I have a two screen setup plus a pinDMDv3. Issues- For the DMDext I see there was a mention of adding a .bat file but I am not sure which file that is or where to add it. Is it better to use the startup option via steam to add backglass and if so 2 or 3 screen? I assume DMDext needs to pull from something. Is the backglass that is provided the preferred or only option? Any chance that PinballX will add DMD mirroring within the frontend? Freezy thank you for the product!!
  10. Tom I do not think it is out of the question to add a nag screen if their isnt one. I paid Lifetime when I was getting into Mame a couple years ago and I think PBX is worth people paying for especially if support continues.
  11. Wow this looks very cool. Thank you Freezy!
  12. Noob Warning: IS there a way to have a DMD on a real DMD or even on the backglass?
  13. When I load PBX I have the nice PinballX video playing on my VPinDmd3. Once I select a FX2 game it leaves as it should and loads the tables DMD. But after exiting it is missing. Is their a setting that should be off or on to have the image come back when scrolling games? Thanks!
  14. odie

    Nice to see our work being used on other systems

    People are talking about using wheel art on the Raspberry Pi groups for Attract Mode.