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  1. Jeff, All my best to you and your wife. As stated prior, family comes first! C..
  2. Just installed this myself. I did notice a bit longer of a start the first time, but not noticed it starting remarkably slower since. I have not added any new tables yet, so I'll report back after I add a few more and see what happens. I'm liking the new features alot tho! C..
  3. Jeff, No worries man. Glad to hear all's well and congrats on the son's graduation! I'm actually starting the cab build today and once finished, I hope to be able to get you some videos of Nukelauncher in action! C..
  4. Not seen anything from Time299 in a week or so. I emailed him also from my paypal account for the link, but not heard anything. Regardless, Nukelauncher is a cool product and I hope he's doing ok and all's well. C..
  5. cfx

    Hi script

    Just follow this thread http://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/15201-app-nukelauncher-is-now-available-to-all-pinball-fx2-launcher/ and look at http://www.nukelauncher.com . Easiest way to get Pinball FX2 working. Time299 has done some amazing work! C..
  6. After getting 4 hours of straight sleep and the stress of being 24/7 oncall solving the worlds (well, our clients at least ) IT problems for the last week has now ended, I was able to tackle things with a semi-fresh mind. I got fed up with the problems I've had and simply restarted the whole cab project from scratch. Clean windows install, new pinballx, vp, pfx2, etc. and I'm happy to say things are working as they should now. No idea what the glitch was, but it's gone now. Thanks for the help! C..
  7. Sorry that was a quick edit this morning before heading out to the office and I obviously copied and pasted the wrong path - my mistake. Your Pinball FX2.xml is missing a bunch of tables. By my count you have 29 tables listed in your Pinball FX2.XML and you have 46 listed in your NukeLauncher.ini and a bunch of the names don't match. How did you get to this point? I got to this point last night after downloading horsey's database from the ftp - which allowed thngs to semi-work for the first time I've had 12 hours of sleep in 6 days and mistakes are going to happen. Horsey's database is the first one that worked loading tables since I started messing with pinball fx2 and pinballx. I'll go redo everything from scratch again and I'll get it sorted out. Don't want to take up your time unnecessarily in my sleep deprived delirium. Regards, C..
  8. Okay, progress has been made and it's a strange situation! GameManager recognises all my tables, I have the media from the FTP site and it all works, nukelauncher finds all the tables including football tables (after Jeff's help with that) and Pinball FX2 works without issue. Launching any table that has a single word for the name, for example Shaman, Biolab, Pasha all work perfectly from PinballX, any table that is more than one word for the title always defaults to launching Han Solo. How weird is that? Anyone have a working setup and can post up the exact table file names they are using? I'd appreciate it! C..
  9. I'm at the office atm, but I'm going to play with timings a bit more after I get home. If I continue to have any problems, I'll post up. I think you still have copies of all the files in pm's I sent prior. Thanks! C..
  10. No luck for me yet, it always picks the first table, but I'm still playing with it. Same for me in Firefox or IE. C..
  11. I'll try playing with the timings when I get back home this evening and see if that clears things up. I'm going to disconnect the mouse as well and see what happens. Agian, I appreciate your work and all the help and support! C..
  12. Jeff, On your site, I don't see the paypall link on the top right per the If you can afford it, please make a donation using the Paypal link in the top right. Regards, C..
  13. Well, as I was sending time299 the files he requested, I noticed something with my .xml that was outta whack. All my football tables were named zen - football but all had the proper descriptions. He confirmed and sent back a corrected .xml and I renamed all my media to match. I put a clean nukelauncher.ini in place and it successfully detected all tables I own, including footballs. Everything shows properly now in PinBallX and launching a table doesn't give me the second smaller "good news" window; however, I've got a new problem where only table 1 opens regardless of whats selected. I've changed the nukelauncher.ini to reflect my football tables location and tried starting at 1,10,11,12, etc and only table one opens. I need more sleep! Jeff, thanks for your help and patience, it's appreciated! C..
  14. Yessir, first thing I tried after I experienced the problem; even before reporting it here. I'm a systems administrator, so that's second nature for me when encountering an issue with a piece of software not working quite as it should. Thanks for asking tho, I'd forgotten to mention that in my response to Jeff. I'm 24/7 oncall this week and my brain is a bit foggy! P.S. How're things in good ole Jax? I moved from there back in '91! Jeff, I'm walking out the door at the moment to head into the office for the day. Once I'm back this evening (CST) I'll get you a copy of both. Thanks, C..
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