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  1. I made it. I'll watch to see if it worked. I checked the "prioritize performance" setting. I will observe. If it does not work I will check the BIOS options, just as you suggested.
  2. I just ran a test here and the problem still persists. Do you think there is anything that can still be done?
  3. Weird... This option was already disabled !! And yet the joystick is still stopping responding at times. The first part of his instructions I had already done. And yet the joystick stopped responding within gameex. Wow life !! One more thing to take my patience inside gameex !!!
  4. I can't find this option "USB selective suspend." Could you pass me a step by step? Thank you!!!
  5. After I upgraded the gameex frontend to version "16.10" a problem started to appear that I had not noticed before. I can not say well if it started in version 16.10 because it was a few months without using gameex. may have started the problem in earlier versions. I have always configured my XBOX ONE joystick to work within the gameex menus. The problem does not always happen. But it happens quite often. The joystick sometimes just stops responding. I press all the buttons and nothing happens. I quit gameex and open it again and the joystick works again. Ps..My computer used updated Windows 10. I am using the joystick connected through the wirelles receiver. I use gameex for several years. This is the first time I've seen this happen. GameEx.ini log.txt
  6. I can't answer that question. How can I find this out?
  7. Within the emulator itself I set the scale to 4.5. But when I enter through gameex this setting of 4.5 is ignored. Assuming scale to 4.
  8. Using the emulator I found that using the command "/ VideoScale = NUMBER" I can modify the screen size of the emulator. However 4 is a small value and 5 is a large value. What I need is the value 4.5. However when choosing this value the mesen emulator apparently ignores the values that are after the comma. Staying like it was only 4. Does anyone know how I could add the value 4.5 per command line?
  9. Sorry to have forgotten these files. There is a time that did not post here. Thank you very much. GameEx.ini log.txt
  10. Hi guys. I'm having a little problem with the Mesen emulator when I open it through gameex: As you can see in the two photos that are attached to this post. PHOTO NUMBER 1: It's the screen I see when I enter the game directly through the emulator. PHOTO NUMBER 2: It's the screen I see when I play the game using the Gameex frontend. If you look closely the screen size of the emualdor is not the same. When I use gameex the emulator screen gets a little smaller. I know that I could solve this through some command line. But I have no idea which command line to use to make the emualdor screen size take up the total space of my monitor. Just as busy when I open the emulator without gameex. my current mesen emulator command line is: Mesen.exe "[ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE]" /fullscreen
  11. Hello people. There's a detail in Gameex settings that I've always ignored. The Settings part of Layout. "C: \ GameEx \ THEMES \ PROJECT 1" In this place we can choose the layout of the information as: [Layout] Title = 706,284,274,144 Date = 43,86,116.56 Time = 43,125,124.56 List = 46,290,938,721 SelectLine1 = 615,900,301.56 SelectLine2 = 615,942,301.56 Image = 1087,70,767,555 Image2 = 1107,722,319,297 Description = 13,647,594,368 Scroller = 9891900,79895004,79825403,4882795 Weather = 338.87,262.82 Menu = 157888888,67888888,2000000,56 ListNum = 480,1004,215.56 The problem is as follows: As you can see in the "Menu" options, I added strange values so that this field would not appear. And it worked. However with this latest update of Frontend to version 15.70 a new field has come up (Scroller). And I honestly don't feel the need to use it, so I also added strange values so it doesn't appear to me. But I definitely wanted to solve it. Is there anywhere in gameex settings for me to enable or disable the information shown above? GameEx.ini log.txt
  12. Good morning, Adultery. I wanted to ask you something. You should already know that the Xpadder program after a Windows 10 upgrade has become somewhat incompatible. I remember that shortly after one of the updates of this OS the xpadder started although it was loaded properly the settings desired by the user, the controls did not work. I researched a lot about it until I found a partial answer to the problem. In my case when I am going to play a game of more than one player, the game must be started with only one gamepad connected. And inside the game the other is connected. Then everything works normally. But if more than one gamepad is connected, xpadder opens and loads the configuration normally, but for some reason I do not understand why, xpadder does not recognize when we press the buttons. It is necessary to minimize the gameex and the emulator, go in the window of the xpadder and click on it, and in all the tabs of the loaded controls, and only thus will the xpadder recognize again when we press a button of the gamepad. The fact that I narrated above, of keeping only one control on was the best I could get. Although it may not seem like it is very annoying to be reminded at all times if a given game uses xpadder or not. But we have an expression here in Brazil .... "bad with him, but worse without him". Even going through this annoyance I decided to keep using xpadder, due to the wide variety of possible configurations it provides. I've talked to the xpadder developer and in response there will be no update to fix this. What I would like to know about you is: Would it be very laborious to port the code of the xpadder plugin you made to another program to map buttons ?? Any other program that was as good as xpadder but with the differential of working fully within the Windows 10 operating system?
  13. I asked this question once regarding Gameex. And I would like to repeat it, but now it is Gameex Evolution. Is it possible or feasible to create for gameex evolution the possibility of playing games online with your friends? How does RetroArch work? Would it be possible to create a kind of environment that when we were to choose the game there was the option to call a colleague for a match?
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