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  1. Alan Ribas

    New plugin for key mapping

  2. Alan Ribas

    New plugin for key mapping

    Good morning, Adultery. I wanted to ask you something. You should already know that the Xpadder program after a Windows 10 upgrade has become somewhat incompatible. I remember that shortly after one of the updates of this OS the xpadder started although it was loaded properly the settings desired by the user, the controls did not work. I researched a lot about it until I found a partial answer to the problem. In my case when I am going to play a game of more than one player, the game must be started with only one gamepad connected. And inside the game the other is connected. Then everything works normally. But if more than one gamepad is connected, xpadder opens and loads the configuration normally, but for some reason I do not understand why, xpadder does not recognize when we press the buttons. It is necessary to minimize the gameex and the emulator, go in the window of the xpadder and click on it, and in all the tabs of the loaded controls, and only thus will the xpadder recognize again when we press a button of the gamepad. The fact that I narrated above, of keeping only one control on was the best I could get. Although it may not seem like it is very annoying to be reminded at all times if a given game uses xpadder or not. But we have an expression here in Brazil .... "bad with him, but worse without him". Even going through this annoyance I decided to keep using xpadder, due to the wide variety of possible configurations it provides. I've talked to the xpadder developer and in response there will be no update to fix this. What I would like to know about you is: Would it be very laborious to port the code of the xpadder plugin you made to another program to map buttons ?? Any other program that was as good as xpadder but with the differential of working fully within the Windows 10 operating system?
  3. Alan Ribas

    Gameex Evolution replacing the old gameex

    I asked this question once regarding Gameex. And I would like to repeat it, but now it is Gameex Evolution. Is it possible or feasible to create for gameex evolution the possibility of playing games online with your friends? How does RetroArch work? Would it be possible to create a kind of environment that when we were to choose the game there was the option to call a colleague for a match?
  4. Keep the settings same as the photo shows. You're right. One setting does not depend on the other. even erasing configuration number 1 the specific loading was done the same way. Thank you once again for adultery !!! When you come to Brazil I pay you "beer and Bloody Marys"
  5. I just had a question. Why does the second setup depend on the first one? I thought they were independent things. And the new feature would only be used when the first one fails. But when I deleted configuration number one, number two was disabled too. Thank you again!!!
  6. I tested here and everything worked perfectly !!! Thank you Adultery !!! You are the man!!
  7. Something is happening wrong. I tried to update using the repository manager and when I click on PluginManager the version I find there is 1.3.7. I went to take another look and look what I found. It says that version 1.3.8 is installed but when I click on configuration what it opens is version 1.3.7 ps. I tried performing the update procedure manually as well. But no results.
  8. I thought the word "congratulations" fit the context well.
  9. LOL !!! I do not think people working on the gameex are any bit lazy. I am very grateful for everything they have already done and still do. Congratulations!!
  10. All my emulator games are compressed in .zip files. I did not understand what that expression means: Your Saturn archives are "junked up too" But if it's worth anything, all my saturn games are also packed into .zip files. I currently use mednafen as an emulator for the video game sega saturn. And from what I know of him, he needs the iso to be unpacked. I did the test here and actually compressed it does not work ...
  11. I understand Adultery. If the gameex does not give you the information is really complicated. I'll unzip the roms from the Saturn video game. But will it be that if I leave each game in a respective folder with the different name of the file will there be the same problem? Regarding what I said about adding a button in the GUI I did not understand anything you said.
  12. I followed your suggestion and changed the name of the rom. And the specific xapdder configuration was loaded. You were right Adultery. But the Master System games are also with different names. For example: Monica at Dragon Castle.zip Monica at Dragao Castle (Brazil) .sms To make a test I made the specific configuration of this game also yesterday. And the specific configuration was loaded. In the past I had problems with the games because I renamed them. So I took the habit of not changing the original names of the roms I get. It's strange that on most systems I have. All except SATURN different names of roms do not interfere in loading of specific configuration. Could this issue be solved in any way with an Xpadder update?
  13. good morning people. With xpadder finally running on my computer (Thanks Adultery and Draco1962). I started to use it. However the specific settings I make for the SATURN system are not loaded at the time the game is started. Instead of the specific settings, the general settings are loaded. I have already checked, and re-marked these options and simply do not load the configuration files made specifically for the game. Can someone help me? ps. in other systems the specific configuration is normally loaded. GameEx.ini log.txt settings.temp.xml settings.xml xpadder.log
  14. Alan Ribas

    Advanced Gameex Setup

    Regarding Your Suggestion Adultery. Although I use the Xpadder program it does not work very well on my Windows 10. Some bugs do happen. I was thinking of enabling the function of the xbox joystick guide button. From what I saw the function is enabled when we press the button for 5 seconds. However, when the guide button is held down for three seconds, the control is turned off. How does this button function work? Please explain to me ... I have changed the escape key. I pulled out the "ESC" button and put the "1" button on the keyboard in its place. Even so, when I press the Esc button even after removing it the game closes and returns to the gameex. What am I doing wrong? In summary: I thought about enabling the number 1 button as an escape key for emulators and enabling the xbox one tab button to escape computer games. Is that possible?