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  1. I would love to see some kind of 'day/night' mode within Pinball X. My problem is - when I am playing pinball late at night the volume is too loud, as well as too noisy from the solenoids controlled by DOF. Whilst starting the game, would it be possible to add a sub menu to say: 1 - Normal mode 2 - Turn off DOF 3 - Turn off DOF and reduce volume by 50% 4 - Turn off DOF and disable all audio Have no idea if this is possible via Pinball X.....
  2. jukedock

    Better Arcade Mode (BAM) for Future Pinball

    I did try it with kenetix and it actually looked good, until you look away for a second and looses tracking. Plus as a 'spec' wearer it is a pain to get it to focus on your eyes. I found myself holding my glasses up and then putting them down again. It also did not pick up my wife who is shorter than me without messing about with it. The results of the 3d stuff is brilliant, but it has a long way to go! I am going to give BAM another go, but I found it worked standalone and not in Pinball X - plus it never seemed to remember if it was running fullscreen or not. Some things on FP are nowhere near as good as on VP - but FP has some excellent custom tables, and a few games that are not on VP so I will give it another go but without the 3D stuff. Give it a year or two and no doubt it will be improved.
  3. It is a great idea. The only problem I have with Pinball Arcade is the simple fact I can not get my VirtuaPin plunger kit working with it. I have gone into joystick options within Pinball Arcade and as Win7 sees the plunger kit as a 'HID input device' and not a 'joystick' it does not let the software 'learn' my controls. I guess some mapping software may need to be installed... The only thing I would say is you could be wasting your time a little as (apparantly) they are working on a cabinet version of the software. Having played Pinball Arcade in portrait in my cab using a keyboard, I do like it - and would like it included within Pinball X.