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  1. Hi guys I have been on hiatus for a bit from electronic pinball.I was wanting to fix all the software issues with pinballx, pinballfx2,and visual pinball. I dont expect to be hand held I can usually figure things out with a little push. But I have a few questions. 1. Pinballx now supports B2BS backglas, Does this mean that I don't use the backglass settings in VP with the screen res file, I use pinballX to set up the B2BS backglass and Pinballx handles the settings in game and out of the game? Or does it mean that VP still manages in game and PinballX manages the B2BS in the front end? (The reason i ask is I'm having major issues with Nvidia and VP switching backglass screens. no problems with PinballX. this would fix my problem if PinballX managed the settings in game and out of game.)2.i am resetting up PinballFX2,I had nuke launcher. Now I am trying to set up using Jannek's method. I'm having a little trouble getting it to work. Does Jannek's method use new XML files to launch each table individually or are the individual tables launched another way? Thanks Jay
  2. jaharr01

    Interface Help

    I was wondering is there a way to have all systems ie: Mame, Model2, and Steam all on the startup page instead of emulated games. I want to remove Multimedia, Search, and Programs. For example: MAME Model 2 Steam Exit/Shutdown Jay
  3. Okay, this is a question for Tom or Draco1962. Realistically I can make this work as it already has. The part I want to Run by Tom and Draco is, this may be something that others may be interested in, and: 1.are you okay with me doing a mod and posting it on the site as long as you are given due credit? Basically changing the Pinballx logo to a DrivingX logo and etc? I know if I mod it and never put it on the net, you would be okay with that, as it's free software.I wouldn't repack the software just put how I modded it and the issues with it I ran into. I don't want to peev people off. That's not my intention. 2. If you are okay with it, is there a way Tom to change the # of tables text which is obviously dynamic? Also let me say this. PinballX is a stable frontend that I have used on my pincab for 1.5 years. The simplicity and the rock solid base is what makes this a great front end. There are many out there looking for bells and whistles and there are also some looking for rock solid software that has a light footprint. Also the simplicity of not worrying about a theme or theme related artwork to have to mess with, just the games themselves. I'm not saying that you should change your direction. just having that option is nice. To be honest with you I would like to set all my machines up with a form of pinballx. I like continuity, but that's me. Whether that will happen or not is to be said later. Sorry to be so wordy (I too many beers) Jay
  4. The my next obstacle is to get model 2 working. I think something in the commands has to be different. I could a wrapper though
  5. I tried joy to key no luck. Did end up using the paddles on the back of wheel and it worked..Left to go left and right to go right
  6. Do any of you know how to work around this problem?
  7. Well the only minor obstacles I have ran into problems mapping the steering wheel to move the games, the wheel maps like a joystick, when you turn the wheel it either doesn't work or is erratic. I have not tried to map the pedals yet, only fix I can think of is joytokey
  8. Another interesting idea i had (But I was not the first http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,137295.80.html ) is to put an ultra widescreen monitor for cycling marquee screen. this would be very easy to do just like setting up a backglass or DMD screen. much easier than the way they had to do it with scripts and workarounds.
  9. Well this seems to be doable. What I like about is the simplistic design of Pinballx. This appeal of a simplistic frontend is also desirable for a driving cab. the appeal to me is using the wheel to cycle through the games. Some one had said gameex, but it did seem that many of the features would not be needed.I have 60 or so games set up, which took a while doing screen shots of each game to make them high res.It was worth it though. the one thing I did change was using the marquees for wheel images. which didn't look right. so I found some logos for most on the BYOAC forum, in the driving section. Many I had to design myself. What I cant figure out. How to change where it says like "62 tables" to " 62 games" I was gonna make a logo and say RacingX a Mod of pinball X with a racing design. That is if its okay with Tom. I'm not gonna redistribute it, it's for my own personal use. When I'm done i'll do a video of it in my racing cab. For now i'm waiting on a new motherboard and power supply, so I can play newer PC games at high res Jay
  10. older Logitech driving force. Here is a pick of my cab
  11. Interesting, my wheel doesn't do that. I set up about 15 games so far pretty easy. I got around the low resolution snaps by by doing screenshots. Here are some screens from the front end still definitely a WIP
  12. found this in a document ."MAME also supports recording in several formats •To record an AVI/MNG/WAV: mame –aviwrite .avi mame -mngwrite .mng mame -wavwrite .wav •To take an in-game snapshot press F12 (configurable) You can control the size of snapshots and movies via the – snapsize and –snapview options. •By default, it is the native screen size"
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