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  1. [RESOLVED] In case anyone runs into this problem. I had VPMtoFront Hyperscript running from before when I was running Hyperpin. Once I migrated everything to PinballX, I forgot to remove this and I guess it has the opposite effect, sending the directB2S to the back.
  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. I've standardized on static backglass images and table videos since I was unable to find backglass videos for all of my tables. I'd rather have a consistent flow rather than some tables with backglass videos and others with just images. So I'm not sure if it's the same. I've decided to uninstall pbX and start again this weekend. I don't remember this happening when i first moved from HP, so hopefully that's the answer.
  3. I understand everyone's other responsibilities. The original post was about a month ago with no replies. I suspect that I might be the only one running into this hence trying to get it a little more visibility and if I'm still the only reply then I'll uninstall everything and try again. Just trying to save myself some cycles if this is a known issue.
  4. Bump. Anyone else run into this? I upgraded to 1.87 and have the same behavior.
  5. Not sure if it's a bug or just something I configured (or failed to configure). In the log BTTF displays the correct directtB2S and AFM's directB2S comes up and then is replaced by the static graphic or blank screen depending on the XML setting.
  6. When a table is launched from PinballX, I'll get the initial load of the DirectB2S server and then a second later the static image defined in the Visual Pinball/Media/Backglass Images will be placed over the top. I've tried using the hidebackglass feature in the database XML, however instead of the static image, I'll get just a black screen over the top of the DirectB2S. I can alt-tab and find it and then return focus back to the table if I so desire. I've also found that there are some tables, namely the ones where the backglass provides for scoring or other features that seem to work and are not covered up by the image, however I can't find any consistency between those that work and those that do not. Currently running 1.85 if that makes a difference. Thanks!
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