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  1. Hi Would it be possible to add an option to scan the PinballX media folder and delete any files that are not being used by the database? I have various systems set up on pinball X and every time a table comes out for VPX and I remove it from VP9.9 the files are left behind. I have hundreds of duplicate/unused files now and manually sorting them would be very time consuming. Thanks
  2. Mirkin

    Stuttering with VPX

    Hi draco Here are the files you requested. I've tried updating to version 2.12 oveer the top of my existing installation and also doing a fresh installation. All of tyhe problems that I've described in the two posts above still persist. If you need any more info just ask. Thanks for the support. log.txt PinballX.ini
  3. Mirkin

    Stuttering with VPX

    Hi Draco Thanks for the reply. I won't get a chance until later, but if you take a look at this topic you can see my files. I hardly used pinballx since then because of the issue described in that thread. I'm thinking a fresh install might be the way to go. If I do that which files do I need to copy back across to get it working the same. I really don't want to manually add 80 tables again ? If this info is no good I'll get more recent files later. Thanks again.
  4. Mirkin

    Stuttering with VPX

    Hi all. I have Demolition Man running on my cab in VPX creamy smooth. Until I play it through pinballX when it stutters like crazy. Also if I play Dirty Harry through pinballX (I didn't try another yet) without B2S running the flippers lock up. Again, why?? I never had any issues with PinballX before VPX but now I have a lot! I have no idea why this and any advise is very welcome. Cheers for looking.
  5. Mirkin

    [RESOLVED] Can't hide DMD

    That did the trick Draco. Thanks a lot.
  6. Mirkin

    [RESOLVED] Can't hide DMD

    Hi I,ve added Aqualand to pinballx and casn run it just fine. I can't hide the DMD though. I went into the script for the table and set it to hidden an when I run the table from VPX it doesn't show up. When I launch it from pinball x it does though, even though I have hide DMD checked. One or two other tables do this, I'm thinking black hole in particular. I've included the logs etc if anybody thinks they have a solution. Thanks for looking log.txt PinballX.ini
  7. Mirkin

    Start-up Problem

    Hi all I've just got my machine back after a few months of loaning it out an I came back to a wicked udate. The auto DMD positioning is GREAT!! I have an issue with pinballX not starting with the pc at the minute tho. I selected for it to run at start-up and I have an icon for it in my start-uo folder but it doesn't run. Does anybody have any suggestions? Many Thanks. log.txt PinballX.ini
  8. I'm habing the same issue. It's not a real problem but I would like to solve it,
  9. I also have more than one version running but it's a pain. When I try and import a media pack into PBX the table always gets added it to the main VP list. If I want ot add the table to the physmod5 list for example I have to import each file separately. Is this a bug that's just happening to me or is there a need for new feature to have the choice of where to add the new table? I also think we should have the option for multiple exe's on one system as jester82 suggested. Thanks for looking
  10. Mirkin

    Media pack import problem

    Yes it does seem a bit tedious. I never really used the import media back option myself for a long time and when i finally found it this bug occured. Now that VP10 is released all tables will need adding again and I have to go through the whole process once more as the tables are ported, and I didn't give all the files names that I can find easy lol. Anyway thanks for you help.
  11. Mirkin

    Media pack import problem

    That's exactly what I'm saying. I go to the system I want to add a table to, click import media pack and select the pack. It then adds the table to the default system with all media etc. going into the default system media folder. To add a table to any other system except default I have to click add game then seach for the table and all the media files individually. Playfield, backglass etc. I'm sure this can't be right. Could it be that I have all the executables in the same VP folder?
  12. Mirkin

    Media pack import problem

    Thanks for the help Carny. I'm still having a little difficulty working out what to link to what. I click import media pack and then select the zip file containing the files (this is in my downloads folder) and pinballX does the rest, except that as I said it always copies all files to the VP folder. Should I copy the zip file someplace else first and then link to it somehow?
  13. Mirkin

    Media pack import problem

    Hi I'm running pinballx with a few systems. Physmod, VP9.21 VP9.9 etc If I click import media pack it always finds them ok but then adds the table to the main VP section, no matter which system I want to add the table too. It means I have to add all the images manually each time to get them to stay on the correct system. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong? I'm not at home right now so can't upload the ini and txt files but just thought somebody might have a solution. Cheers
  14. Mirkin

    List by rating???

    Just a quick question. Is it possible to select games by rating? I mean the same way you can select by year or manufacturer etc! Thanks
  15. Mirkin

    Multiple versions of VP

    Thanks for the help everybody. I finally got this working.